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  1. KOSH Wittman airport in Oshkosh WI home of EAA would be great
  2. I would like to see my home airport Calhoun Tom B David Field KCZL
  3. I'm planning on taking the Lancair 4P to all of the airshows in the US and Canada this year in N87AT and N444LF
  4. I'm still running the boxed version of FSX and it runs great on my dedicated FSX rig
  5. Today I make my way out to Seattle from Chicago Midway in N927JB a beautiful OrbX Lancair 4P Which I keep down at 8000 to 10,000 feet cruise altitude I'm really liking 26/2400 15.2gph cruise settings But I'll play around with the cruise settings till I find the one I like
  6. I want to take the Lancair 4P to some airshows but the only two airshows I can think of is Sun N Fun in April and Oshkosh in July what are some other good airshows that I could take the Lancair to and could someone do a custom repaint with a Custom N number?
  7. Phil I'm sold on the T50 but I can't stop flying the Lancair
  8. That may be one of the planes I buy this year along with their King Air 350I how is the Bobcat on frames?
  9. I'm at normal cruise 26"MP 2400 prop rpm I am leaned to 15.2gph but I really don't know the actual fuel flow for that power setting
  10. I got a full plate of flights tomorrow Lakeland FL Franklin SC KLHZ Oshkosh WI KOSH Calhoun GA KCZL tomorrow and Thursday morning
  11. I fly from Calhoun to 8A1 all the time every second Saturday they have a fly-in breakfast
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