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  1. a couple of beauts Filou!
  2. These are some beautiful shots zinj!
  3. Thanks Iain! Thank you! What little I have seen so far, it sure does look great! haha, yep you are right, Martyn! Many, many windows! Yes, I have never been there but it looks lovely in the sim. Agreed Jack! I still really like the look of the tomcats! haha, yes, very quick! Very easy to get a bird's eye view and dive back to earth as well! Thanks John!
  4. Very nice shot TTM!
  5. Flying one of my favorite birds and having fun around a great new scenery!
  6. Some great shots! It looks like a beautiful area!
  7. Beautiful shots Adam!
  8. Thanks John! Thank you Iain! Thanks John! I appreciate it! Thanks Jack! Unless you are from here, most people probably don't fly here because it's just a lot of fields, some trees, and lakes. But I like it because it's fun to fly in the home area! Thank you EEM! Thanks! Thanks! Yep, you speak the truth! Thanks Adam! I appreciate it. Those lovely P3d addons sure help!
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