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  1. Thanks John! Thank you Iain! Thanks John! I appreciate it! Thanks Jack! Unless you are from here, most people probably don't fly here because it's just a lot of fields, some trees, and lakes. But I like it because it's fun to fly in the home area! Thank you EEM! Thanks! Thanks! Yep, you speak the truth! Thanks Adam! I appreciate it. Those lovely P3d addons sure help!
  2. GA cross country from WI to Worthington, MN (KOTG). I flew many flights out of this airport in a C172. Climbing out over WI. Approaching the mighty Mississippi! Open LC North America is probably my favorite Orbx Scenery because I grew up in the midwest and no product made a greater improvement here than Open LC. Cruisin' over Iowa Shadows getting long Turning to downwind leg. The lights of Worthington coming on Final, Runway 17. Shutdown on a beautiful spring evening Time to relax and get a beer after a beautiful flight.
  3. Gorgeous shots here!
  4. A couple of fantastic shots Adam!
  5. Fantastic shots! Love 'em.
  6. Thanks EEM! Yes, it was a beautiful takeoff and even though I only have Orbx global and vector there, it was neat to see in the morning light. Thanks Jack! Easy on the eyes is always a good thing! Thanks lars! I appreciate it! Thank you!
  7. A Qantas 787 morning departure from Hong Kong. Headed for Sydney. Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!
  8. Great shots carlos! Thanks for sharing! Are you using PTA? If so, which preset are you using? It looks great!
  9. Tim K


    Wow! These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing! 4k? They are so sharp!
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