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  1. That's true! I only use P3D but not having seasons alone is why I probably won't be investing in the TE series except for maybe in places that don't have too many seasonal changes...
  2. These are some fantastic shots Jack! I too LOVE the seasons in P3D!
  3. WOW!! This is stunningly real!
  4. Beautiful shots Adam!
  5. Looks great TTM! Fantastic shots! I'm amazed at how much better TE looks in x-plane than it does in p3d! Everything is so much sharper and crisper, especially the roads! Beautiful shots!
  6. a couple of beauts Filou!
  7. These are some beautiful shots zinj!
  8. Thanks Iain! Thank you! What little I have seen so far, it sure does look great! haha, yep you are right, Martyn! Many, many windows! Yes, I have never been there but it looks lovely in the sim. Agreed Jack! I still really like the look of the tomcats! haha, yes, very quick! Very easy to get a bird's eye view and dive back to earth as well! Thanks John!
  9. Very nice shot TTM!
  10. Flying one of my favorite birds and having fun around a great new scenery!
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