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  1. If anyone stumbles across this post having similar issues and having the same problem where Orbx seems to have stopped responding and offering ideas, I solved it, somewhat by accident. Today, I (finally) updated to the latest hotfix (#3) for p3dv4.5. I updated the client only using the prescribed method. I also deleted my cfg and my shaders to let p3d rebuild those after the fresh client install. Then, after a short flight, I closed the sim, applied a PTA preset, and was off flying again! After a flight, I decided to try the various airports (KBVS, PAJN, PAVD, PAWD) I noticed the elevation/texture issue at because I had read that sometimes, if there are scenery issues, it could be related to the cfg or the shaders. Well, all those airports are working wonderfully again! So, I don't know what the actual solution was in that process but it worked. If I have this issue again, I'll probably delete the cfg and the shaders and let p3d rebuild those on it's own. For the record, I love Orbx! You offer great products and, most of the time, great support! Nick was very quick to respond and offered help often early on. I am just a little frustrated that no one has responded since March 31... no ideas, no things to try, nothing.
  2. I also have this issue in the broader Southern Alaska Region: Seward, Homer that I know of for sure. These are default airports in the Southern Alaska Region... Any thoughts or ideas to try? Thanks!
  3. Any ideas? Anyone? I flew into PAVD yesterday and the same issue is going on there.
  4. Okay, I deleted the empty space... Attached is my current "add-ons.cfg" and "scenery.cfg." Neither KBVS nor PAJN are displaying correctly. Still the elevation issues. add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg
  5. I can do that. Do you think that has an effect on how the file functions and might be a cause of the issues at KBVS and PAJN? I'm doing a flight right now, so I'll change it when I land and close P3d.
  6. Hi, Empty? Really? Hmmm... That is the one that is attached above. When I open it, the first bit is empty, but if you scroll down, the addons are there... Do you see that or is it completely empty for you? Here's my most recent one after trying to reinstall KBVS and PAJN. add-ons.cfg
  7. Any further insight here? When I open "Add-ons" on the main P3dv4 menu, KBVS is not listed there. But it is when I click "Scenery." I just tried uninstalling KBVS and the re-installing it. When P3dv4 started up, it asked if I wanted to add KBVS to the add-ons and I clicked "yes." Or whatever the wording is. I don't remember exactly... I also am having the same issue with PAJN. Same problem as above. Listed in the scenery library but not in "Add-ons" on the main P3dv4 menu... All the other Orbx airports I have flown into and out of lately work perfectly... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Correct. It is the Orbx version of KBVS. The buildings are there and even the airport markings are there on the tarmac but the ground textures and the elevations are just goofy. Also correct, it is supposed to be in an Orbx Central Library. When I look in my scenery library, isn't KBVS item #36? Attached is my current add-ons.cfg Thanks! add-ons.cfg
  9. I am definitely a novice when it comes to the scenery library so it doesn't stand out to me. But here it is! One thing I noticed is there seems to be some duplicate sceneries/paths... is that normal? scenery.cfg
  10. um... no 100% sure. It was an auto installer, so it just did it's thing. It basically updated the waypoints, sids, stars, etc in the sim and in all the fms's of the various aircraft. One thing I know is when I installed navigraph for the Carenado aircraft, it created a "CarenadoNavigraph" folder in the root Prepare3d v4 folder...
  11. Hi Nick! The only thing I can think of as far as navigation data was 2 months ago, I did a 1 month subscription to Navigraph and updated all that data. I used their programs for a month and downloaded the navdata for my fleet and then cancelled the subscription. Is something like that what you are asking about?
  12. I did a flight into KBVS and on approach something looked goofy. Once I landed, I saw this... I tried turning the vector elevations on/off and both show the same texture problems. I also just tried verifying files. Suggestions? Thanks! Tim
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