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  1. Beautiful shots Adam!
  2. Thank you carlos! No I have not. I will have to check it out!
  3. Thanks jean marc! Absolutely it is!
  4. P3dv4.5 Orbx global, vector, open LC NA In my opinion, one of the best features of Orbx Global Vector is the many inland bodies of water. They add so much realism to the flight! Many lakes reflecting the morning sun near the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota, USA More lakes about 15-20 miles south of Alexandria, MN, USA (KAXN). I have done this exact flight in real life and the look and layout of the lakes is spot on! The biggest lake is Lake Minnewaska.
  5. If anyone stumbles across this post having similar issues and having the same problem where Orbx seems to have stopped responding and offering ideas, I solved it, somewhat by accident. Today, I (finally) updated to the latest hotfix (#3) for p3dv4.5. I updated the client only using the prescribed method. I also deleted my cfg and my shaders to let p3d rebuild those after the fresh client install. Then, after a short flight, I closed the sim, applied a PTA preset, and was off flying again! After a flight, I decided to try the various airports (KBVS, PAJN, PAVD, PAWD
  6. I also have this issue in the broader Southern Alaska Region: Seward, Homer that I know of for sure. These are default airports in the Southern Alaska Region... Any thoughts or ideas to try? Thanks!
  7. Any ideas? Anyone? I flew into PAVD yesterday and the same issue is going on there.
  8. Okay, I deleted the empty space... Attached is my current "add-ons.cfg" and "scenery.cfg." Neither KBVS nor PAJN are displaying correctly. Still the elevation issues. add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg
  9. I can do that. Do you think that has an effect on how the file functions and might be a cause of the issues at KBVS and PAJN? I'm doing a flight right now, so I'll change it when I land and close P3d.
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