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  1. Oh good! Than happy landing also to you. @Nick Cooper thx for your help and patience
  2. may try the troubleshooter.exe ***\ORBX\Troubleshooter \ i have the same problem on FSX... may a bit harder... i didnt have any waterpleaces/seas, just landclasses. i try a look to my FSX for seeking the issue... didn´t start for a long time i remember same with switching textures by passing, i reinstall fsx. ( The hard way )
  3. so here some pictures, but i think they look as they have to. 463 at EGAA / 464 at EGAD
  4. Hello Nick, yes yes! i also found it! I found it yesterday evening in the German-speaking forum!! Now i remember, I have played with the function, but did not know why this attitude is to be done. But unfortunately, you can not use it for Northern Ireland ... I searched directly for recruitment possibilities, but unfortunately nothing to find. @ccaughey565 i try to fly there and drag some pictures here... maybe it will look twice....
  5. i agree, nothing.... first delete one (GES) and reinstall/repair, than delete all install-info.txt and repait. @ccaughey565 may try to deactivate the Ireland CVX libary, if this will help to "fix" the problem... the reason -> no photoreal textures... it is a problem with this CVX file. Or a bug in P3D. So ORBX could help with an update, but it does not seem to be so reproducible either. I don´t fly so often in northern ireland, where do you find the problem. Maybe i can find the same problem by my installation. ... If you have germany south, go to airport ES77 and take a look to the mountainside. @Nick Cooper it´s really funny... or it´s a problem of P3D 4.1?!? Or hardware...
  6. Maybe some help, always i activate the FTX_EU_GES_06_CVX, this issues will be shown. May a same Problem by North Ireland. Is it a file-error by downloading/installing?!?!
  7. of course, i try so much inside this folder i put a shortcut into explorer.... i also attache the terrain.cfg.... safty first scenery.cfg terrain.cfg
  8. Hello Nick, thanks a lot, but dosn´t work. I delete terrain.cfg and texture.cfg. All variations... This is also a clean install because i thougt it´s an problem of the old installation. So, all new. But it sounds so possible... why it dont work?! The picture is the reaseon of all trying now.... Greetings from germany.
  9. I have the same problem with South Germany.... Houses on mountain and lakes all over the mountains, blurry and washed textures. I try (i think so) all and averything, change lib position, deactivate parts of it. Deinstall and install again and again... but nothing helps. By the sample i also use a lower textureresulution too, but just for loading faster. See results of changing.... without waiting for to long time. Also change texture by fly-by....
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