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  1. Ahh, makes sense. I was doing some "reckless" slewing around before playing around EGNM, had a long pause and do remember a text message saying SODE wasn't loaded.
  2. I have these pink 'X's near the Leeds Heliport (located just north of EGNM). This is with FTX England. I'm assuming I'm missing some dependency, or is this indicative of something else?
  3. Try this file as an interim fix to add that channel into the sim. Place it somewhere above Vector in your scenery library. Note that it doesn't remove the several roads which will now cross the channel and which don't appear to be present in the Google imagery; I didn't mess with them because I have trouble getting the SBX Builder library loads to match the Orbx roads. CVX_5621_SBX_CMS.BGL
  4. Somehow I missed this one when I was going back and fixing all the other instances of Vector errors that I've noticed. And of all of them, this was the simplest fix, just 4 extraneous hydro polygons to exclude, no edits otherwise needed. Insert the attached file above the Vector entries in the Scenery Library to fix this error. CVX_8735_SBX_CMS.BGL
  5. It looks like you have an airport background polygon still active, that your 3rd party airport isn't excluding. I'm assuming it's a default airport, but check your Orbx folders (particularly Vector) for any files named "ABP_DGAA.bgl" and disable those and check. If it's a stock airport, load it up in ADE and follow the first few instructions here (https://scruffyduck.screenstepslive.com/s/help_docs/m/20268/l/331650-how-do-i-remove-a-stock-airport-from-the-sim) to remove the airport background.
  6. To back up my argument for using FTX Scotland, here is an example of EGPB Sumburgh both default (with my shoreline fix) and with FTX Scotland. FSX/P3D Default + fix FTX Scotland Now, multiply this by every airport in Scotland!
  7. This is a Vector problem - for whatever the reason, many coastal airports have their default FSX background polygons incorporated into the hydro polygon/shoreline CVX data. See my thread linked below for more examples - you can thank the vector inaccuracy of stock FSX/P3D for these problems as the airports themselves are typically misplaced. This is corrected in FTX Scotland (and presumably TE Great Britain North, which I don't own). If I'm being perfectly honest, you're cheating yourself by not owning one or both of those if you fly in that area with any frequency! Usually I don't make these fixes for areas that are improved in another scenery package (by Orbx or anybody else) but I had already started a fix before the light went off in my head. As such, I didn't make any improvements to the airfields themselves beyond fixing the airport background polygons so there aren't any elevated sections of water. And, as is usual, I found similar problems at a few other locations. I did not make an exhaustive search though; I'm certain there will be many others. See the attached file for corrections to the following airports. Again, these fixes should not be installed while using FTX Scotland or TE Great Britain North,. EGER - Stronsay EGPB - Sumburgh EGPN - Dundee EGQL - Leuchars AB To install, place them somewhere above the Vector entries in your scenery library; the subfolders in the zip can be combined or kept separate in any order, as long as they are both above Vector. You will also want to disable the file ABP_EGPN.bgl in the FTX_VECTOR_APT folder or else you'll get an elevated platform in the water just west of the runway at EGPN. This also fixes a broken (outline) island in the tidal flats southwest of Dundee near Newburgh. Additional Vector Fixes 6.zip
  8. I just want to add that I was experiencing a similar issue with textures in and around Phoenix (KPHX) that were behaving similarly. They we're "morphing" per se but just loading incorrectly - mostly black with some night textures; occasionally a "daytime" texture that looked out of place. Verification, uninstall and reinstall, and re-sync all did nothing, but putting the OpenLC NA in the P3D folder did the trick.
  9. It's a couple of busted water polygons in the Vector data - a relatively easy fix. And, as usual, when you see one problem there are usually others lurking - there were quite a few (200 or so) ponds missing in that area and in the surroundings. Try the attached file; place it in your scenery library anywhere above the Vector entries. It worked on my setup with no apparent problems. CVX_4327_SBX_CMS.BGL
  10. If somebody can land a 747 at TNCS in the sim, I'm sure you can get an NG down at CGX!
  11. Testing out the new A333 on a late afternoon approach into CYYZ last night I found a few small canyons in and around Toronto - specifically, Mimico Creek (in Etobicoke), Highland Creek (in Scarborough) and Petticoat Creek (in Dunbarton). None of these are too extreme, and the area does have a fair amount of deeply incised creeks, but not to the extent depicted in the sim. Indeed, they had the same errors as canyon creeks I have fixed elsewhere. Attached is a fix, to be placed above the Vector layers in the scenery library. Below are sample before/after shots. Note that while it now looks almost flat in places (shown is Pilot's FS Global 2010 Mesh), there is still significant relief which is especially evident where the valleys are crossed by Vector extrusion bridges. CVX_2616_SBX_CMS.BGL
  12. With Vector only (current version anyway). I can't imagine a world without it!
  13. While fixing some airports I found some significantly busted water polygons around San Blas, Mexico: Attached is an interim fix that corrects this: CVX_1924_SBX_CMS.BGL
  14. Here is an updated file that carries the fix farther to the west - OK to overwrite the previous version. CVX_5307_SBX_CMS.BGL
  15. It's been a while since I posted this, but since I've been on a Vector fix kick, here's a fix for Fishkill Creek. Place somewhere above Vector in the scenery library. Note that the area is fairly hilly, so the creek might look a bit silly in some places as it now follows the slope (which I would assume would be rapids in real life) but it should look far better than the canyon. CVX_2817_SBX_CMS.BGL
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