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  1. Just curious, I'm in the midst of a full PC reinstall and I'm wondering if anybody has tried installing the full package via the addon.xml method. Particularly the effects, sound and world/scenery and world/textures portions. I know there are some packages where that won't work due to hard-coded paths, etc.
  2. I spend a lot of time flying up and down the US east coast and Caribbean, so, yeah... If you're willing to put in the effort, there are a lot of sceneries from some good developers already covering much of the Caribbean, or at least the Lesser Antilles. Between pay- and freeware I believe I have something covering airports if not LCs for every major island between the USVI and Grenada. That said, I'm still very much in the market for a unified Cuba to Trinidad, if not also including the ABC islands and the lesser-known islands off the Central American coast. I was starting to have trouble keeping all my add-ons in mind so I decided to map them.
  3. Let me guess, you dropped 50 or so feet instantaneously onto the RWY 10 threshold just when preparing to flare? I just hit this issue last night (same route but with the CS 757) and diagnosed enough to suspect it was an issue with the add-on. (It also happens with the FSoftware payware version.) The thought crossed my mind that altering the mesh complexity might be something to try. Talk about an annoying way to conclude a 5 and a half hour flight! I wonder if creating a slightly larger airport polygon would solve the problem. Hmmm...
  4. Would I be correct in assuming "Asia" is both "Asia/China and PNG" and "Asia Major incl. Russia" as indicated in the documentation for the other OLC regions, or just one or the other? This in theory would just leave Oceania (which aside from AU is still needed) but we'd finally have something resembling global coverage, and not a minute too soon!
  5. The switch over to XML add-ons is excellent news! With this, once the next P3D point update comes out (assuming there will be one) , I'll only have 2-3 minor scenery products (FSX holdovers) that will need to be partially reinstalled. A couple minutes, tops. Another one bites the dust! (I do still transfer add-on.xml scenery entries into the scenery.cfg however as I find the current layering/sorting implementation to be horrific at best.)
  6. All global products, openLC and all FTX regions. No TE; it's beautiful but not really interested. After that, close to 40 of the "lesser" offerings such as airports, cityscapes, etc. and just about all of the freeware. The number goes up a tick or two with each sale, although I've yet to even fly to a significant number of them!
  7. I could post pictures of any number of roads around me right now that would put that one to shame! It is sunny now, at least.
  8. My girlfriend (a Disney nut) also informed me of this and that the EPCOT World of Energy closed a few years ago. In any event, even a slightly outdated version will be a vast improvement over the barren wasteland we currently have, to say nothing about the rest of the package. Question - will the scenery include the abandoned Disney World Airport? (i.e. Lake Buena Vista Airport/STOLport) https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/singing-runway-at-the-abandoned-disney-world-airport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney_World_Airport
  9. Being that my flying tendencies put me squarely on the "FTX+OLC" side of the "argument", I second the concerns that those lines will get put on the back burner, or worse, abandoned with the advent of TE. Especially OLC, when it's oooh-so-close to global coverage. I'm not saying such has been said nor am I intent on speculating, but just the same I feel it's a legitimate concern. TE just isn't for me. That said, if you were to offer a TE of Western half of NY State (an area roughly 1/2 or so of TE Netherlands), I would snatch that up in a heartbeat, seasons or no seasons (though such an offering would be sacrilege without snow on the ground)! Of course, I also understand that such a project would probably have a priority such that its release date would fall somewhere in the mid-2300s! In the end, to each their own and I respect the decision regardless. Looking forward to the 2019 offerings!
  10. I typically strategically wait for sales, but I see 4-5 day one buys in this list, let alone whatever is else is in the list of the heretofore unannounced. Aside from the anticipated Africa and Australia releases, perhaps my most pleasant surprise comes from Orlando, one of my primary VA destinations. How will ORBX KMCO play with and/or replace the currently capable, albeit somewhat P3D4 handicapped Taxi2Gate version? Also, any word on the "Auroras" package? I also appreciate the buzz for a TE Caribbean possibly in subsequent years. While the islands are covered by a hodge podge of various quality sceneries (if you're willing to put in the effort), a unified package by somebody (and why not ORBX?) would be wonderful. Very nice!
  11. Northern France and the Low Countries would be a logical extension to the current offerings. Of course I'd also be quite partial to New England (especially northern) and/or the Canadian Maritimes, the eastern Caribbean, or anything in the Great Lakes, upper or lower.
  12. France and the remainder of the Low Countries (plus Denmark?) would be a logical extension to tie the extant European offerings together nicely. As for the US, I'd love to see all of Maine get the KBHB treatment, and of course I'd also be partial to something in the Great Lakes. And of course an FTX Caribbean (Leeward Islands at least) on par with Pago Pago would be my ultimate wish. Either way, I promise to be happy with what I'm given!
  13. I'm cheap, so I typically wait for newer releases to eventually go on sale, but this (along with Buildings HD) looks like a first-day purchase to me. Only seen them for real just once myself, again sometime in the early 90s. Apparently there was a really good show which was visible quite far south (relatively) in the late 90s that I still occasionally kick myself over missing - we had clear skies that night!
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