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  1. With regard to P3Dv4.4... I too experience an aircraft crash detection when starting a P3D v4.4 scenario at YTYA Tyabb Airport parking and runways and when attempting a landing on the runways. In addition, to a similar experience at NZGS Gisborne Airport that I resolved by deactivating the “3D Grass around runways” option. Furthermore, I empathise with "paddler" and "sloppysmusic" regarding their reasonable expectation that developers (particularly commercial ones), will ensure crash boxes are not applied to inappropriate objects or applied incorrectly to objects. Unfortunately, I'm not an experienced developer and can't comment on how much time is required to ensure the correct application of this P3D feature. However, the P3Dv4.4 SDK has instructions about how to use the collision detection function and the FSDeveloper forum has many discussions and solutions to ensuring these collision detection features are implemented correctly. So, the workaround usually offered to the ordinary user is to “turn off crash detection”. This indicates a reluctance to address the developer’s incompetence or lack of diligence because of commercial restraints to resolve these issues. The reluctance also shows that they don’t understand that there are instances when operating our virtual vehicles in the virtual space that we may not know we’ve “hit” something that requires a consequence. Therefore, we don’t experience the consequence and the “reality” of a consequence goes unnoticed. (It's not about the reality of a vehicle's damage.) In all cases, I think these “object collision” issues should be directed to the developer for investigation and recommendations to “turn off crash detection” be considered a workaround, not the solution.
  2. To the crew / team at ORBX, I've been using the new FTX Central ver 3 and reading the issues it has caused going to ORBX Direct. Sometimes it seems really bad when poor old John V has a bit of a tantrum, but you can understand the pressure they're all under to make this work and to keep their business viable. I know they've come from humble beginnings and John V is the driving force to give us the best products for our hobby. (At one time they did all these for FREE), but John saw the commercial opportunities and to his credit has made it work. Actually, there's a whole NEW free proto-oxbx starting again at OZx, so don't forget to support them too. Never know where that will lead... The new ORBX DIRECT web site is very professional as is the FTX Central interface to make our lives easier. Just wanted to say well done and keep up the good work. I'll be supporting you, particularly with P3D into the foreseeable future! Wayne
  3. Hi guys at ORBX, This issue needs to be officially resolved. How about an update of the airport on the Support page with an installer to fix it... Please Wayne
  4. Ok now I feel like a real nong! On checking FTX Central (which I thought I hadn't changed for sometime), I discover it's set to "North America". Too many late nights flying in the dark and not realising the scenery wasn't right, until yesterday when it was daylight for a change. Thank you Ian. User error again! How could I even think that it was an ORBX issue, you guys are quality all the way. Cheers Wayne
  5. I was flying from Darwin NT to Port Headland and then to Paraburdoo in WA. The scenery around Port Headland and most of the way to Paraburdoo consisted of residential roads and buildings. This is very different from the aerial images I've seen for the area, which shows mostly barren red landscape with some open cut mines, long roads and very very few small towns. I'd like to know if you think this is a problem? Also, I think it is peculiar to my set-up, as searches of the forums haven't revealed any similar issues. I'd also like to compare images with what others are seeing. So I'll get some screen images and post them in this thread too. If anyone thinks I should get more info about the FSX scenery I've got configured and post it here as well, please let me know. You might need to explain how to get the info as well. Thanks Wayne
  6. Everyone's opinion is important, especially in a public forum. I don't want my request to the team to be unreasonable. They have already made the best FSX scenery in the world and I know we're just quibbling over very minor detail that others would never even know about. I'm unfamiliar with the techniques FTX need to deploy to achieve the enhancement I suggest, however I think they have already done it in western Queensland. There I notice that seasonal flooding seems to be simulated in that region. Perhaps a similar technique can be used for the lakes and rivers in the region I'm highlighting. The Norseman area is very close to the AU RED/AU BLUE region boundary, so the developers are more likely 80% right in their rendition of the area. Anyhow, I'd like to know if the FTX team would consider enhancing these areas to reflect the seasonal changes. I'd love to see the Norseman airfield disappear underwater every now and then as I'm sure it does in reality. In the illustration below, (click on it to enlarge) I've selected an area north of Norseman, right on the AU RED/AU BLUE region boundary so you can see there are dry lakes next to full lakes. I think their modelled this way due the the FTX region in which they are located. The picture shows a Google satellite image at the top in the same scale as the FSX top down screen image on the bottom and a small overview in the top left of the FSX image. You can see the colour difference between the FTX regions very easily. So, I'm not just referring to one lake but several hundred in this area of Australia. Hope this helps! Cheers Wayne
  7. Dear FTX, I'm currently touring around FSX world in Western Australia and when I go to a new location such as Norseman in this case, I usually check out Google maps, and look up other information to get an idea of the place's history and current situation. So I was very surprised to find that FTX had rendered the Norseman lakes as "wet" when they are (according to Google), in fact very dry (almost) all the time. This fact is supported by the Norseman Airfield being constructed on the dry lake itself and that there are roads without bridges crossing the lakes everywhere. Can you please update the textures to remove the water and make these lakes dry - at least most of the year anyhow. Thank you Wayne />http://http://lh3.ggpht.com/_fSqI8E1JWWY/TImVo4fKhQI/AAAAAAAAJiA/HMpHKrjSM3E/s144/FireShot%20Pro%20capture%20%23042%20-%20%27Norseman%20WA%20-%20Google%20Maps%27%20-%20maps_google_com_au_maps_client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg_mozilla_en-GB_official%26hl%3Den%26tab%3Dwl.jpg http://tinyurl.com/33eqaou
  8. There is a real world airfield at this location... But not in FS, at the moment. :'( The actual crescent Moon looked exactly like this and it was a clear night. I thought it was a pretty cool image Cheers Wayne
  9. I thought I'd share a very nice experience I had with Fernando and the crew at Carenado. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a problem with the Virtual Cockpit lighting of the Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II that I bought from Carenado in late July 2008. Below are the emails that we exchanged and as you can imagine, this is a really good outcome for me. So, I'd like it to be a great one for Fernando as well! [shadow=red,left]My initial inquiry...[/shadow] De: Wayne Enviado el: viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008 11:37 Para: contact@carenado.com Asunto: Problem with CARENADO "C U206G Stationair 6 II VC LIGHTING Hi Fernando and the crew at Carenado, Can you please advise how to fix a problem with the VC lighting of the CARENADO “C U206G Stationair 6 IIâ€. The Problem The VC panel is “illuminated†when the plane is “cold and dark†i.e. all electrical power is turned off and all light switches are off. (Click on the link to view an image of the problem.) My Installation The aircraft was installed to a temporary folder with the installer, then moved to the FSX simobjects, gauges and effects folders I have also tried updating the installation with the “PATCH CARENADO FS9 TO FSX (ALL CARENADO´S AIRCRAFTS)†application, but the problem was not fixed. Purchase Details I purchased the product from “The FlightSim Storeâ€. ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 8XXX Date Ordered: Wednesday 23 July, 2008 Products ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x Carenado - Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II (CAR-003) = $20.45 Delivery Option Instant Download ------------------------------------------------------ [shadow=red,left]And their response the next day...[/shadow] From: Support Carenado [mailto:support@carenado.com] Sent: Saturday, 23 August 2008 1:02 PM To: 'Wayne' Subject: RE: Problem with CARENADO "C U206G Stationair 6 II VC LIGHTING Wayne, we just uploaded a C206 full FSX. You can get it from here: "a hyperlink was provided...." We have this product for sold and also it is the full package. Please consider it as a gift for you. You should not have any problem with this. Carenado [shadow=red,left]And my response...[/shadow] Dear Fernando and the guys at Carenado, The gift is very much appreciated and I am humbled by your generosity, thank you very much. As with all of your products the full FSX C206 is another masterpiece, which you can be proud of. Also, I will be informing my simulator community at FTX and OZx of the excellent service I have received from you. Cheers Wayne Brisbane, Australia
  10. John V, I don't think my PC is up to doing YMML, :'( but I'm seriously thinking about buying it in appreciation of the great packages, such as PORT MACQUARIE and LAUNCESTON AIRPORT that you're giving away, not to mention all the others on the production line. I'll check with the "finance manager" and get back to you soon!
  11. Hey Mango, great work. This place has sure changed since I learnt to fly there in 1989! Look, I don't mean to be pedantic (but I can't help it, sorry). It's the double story red roofed house just outside the airport on Nathan Road, it in my opinion, just doesn't look right! I "Googled" the place with Street View and there is a red roofed house! Except it's not as elaborate ( 2 story) as your depiction. Please feel free to ignore this minor observation, because you make up for little inconsistencies with the airport's rendition. Thank you for you wonderful talent and for giving these gifts to us who are only mortal.
  12. In my honest opinion. As for my others well............. Go here and type in the acronym http://www.acronymfinder.com/ Just remember that using that acronym finder it may well give you a nicer meaning or a cleaner version to your going to have to fill in the blanks. I know how you feel, I was a bit over whelmed with all the unintelligible language as well! But there are lots of places on the internet to refer to. Another good acronym and initialism finding resource is "The Free Dictionary".
  13. I have been real flying for many years and when going virtual flying I think the yoke for GA is essential. Your priorities in my opinion, are correct. Go for it and enjoy the ride. I guarantee your first solo will have your heart pumping, skin sweating and mind racing! The landing will be one of the biggest thrills of your life. Don't forget [glow=gold,2,300]any landing you walk away from is a good one[/glow]... Best of luck
  14. No, there are at least two of us. What is the "DA Piper Cheyenne" and is it he same as the "Cheyenne X"? I MUST get one! Excellent images! Cheers
  15. And Wow again! I still can't get over how realistic these images are. The FTX background looks "exactly" like it does when you're really there... Amazing stuff! Thanks BugDani for sharing. Cheers
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