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  1. Thanks for your comments Adam. Over the weekend the rural fire service in NSW officially declared that the fires had all been "contained". I believe some are still burning but under control. No more need for all the aircraft ...for now anyway. Still have about 6 weeks of potential heat. We haven't as much rain as we got for about 2 years at least. Shame to hear about Auckland though..... I feel your pain Adam. Yes the fires have been tragic ... but the images I took tried to show what a great job all the emergency services did for us, amongst the pain.
  2. I was watching these fires evolve over November and December and thought .... is there a program that can replicate fires like this? I found firefighter x...so I bought it. Relativly inespensive. These images are FSX but it works with P3D. This is ORBX Canberra cityscape and Wollongong on the south east coast. You can download fires directly from NASA with what's actually happening on the day where the fires are. It allows you to set the fires, location, size, even lets AI fly with you as a spot plane or as a plane that dumps water. I downloaded some paints and the only photoshop is some contrast, brightness, a little bit of sharpening and some minor saturation adjustments. Its a bit different but fun as well. I have heaps more images And the "V" key is just about broken on te keyboard...LOL RIP to the three guys from Coulson who gave their lives helping us Aussies.
  3. To say this Aussie summer was tough is an understatement. Here are a few from around Canberra and the south coast near YWOL.
  4. Here's my entry...been a few years since I did one. With all the horrific fires in Aus this summer, I felt the need to pay my respect to the three U.S. crew that lost their lives last Thursday while away from their home helping us. They gave their lives between Canberra and Cooma, and this screenshot shows one of the Coulson aircraft, similar to what they were flying at the time. Canberra is in the smokey background. R.I.P. fellas...... Absolute heroes in my book.
  5. And we have a winnner . What would have caused that issue Graham? Must say thanks for the assistance though.
  6. Downloaded the fix and followed the instructions. it fixed the terminal issue, but created another issue where I have grasses coming through what looks like a default apron.
  7. I do have AUV2. I havnt applied any fixes as yet, as I thought they were mainly fixed terrain,and mesh issues. I will apply the YPMQ one and let you know Nick.
  8. Hey Guys, I was hoping someone can help me. I am pretty sure YPMQ didnt look like this on my last visit. I decided to do a flight from here this afternoon, and when I started the flight this is what i saw. From what i can see, the ORBX building is under, what looks like a default terminal. Ive had a look on the forums but couldnt find anything relating to a similar issue. I have included my YPMQ files from a search I did on my FSX folders and the image of what I see. I've uninstalled and re installed YPMQ twice to no avail. If I have missed a topic elsewhere I apolgise. Any ideas?
  9. Hi Ross, There are some anomalies with the scenery sine AuV2, but a lot of them can be rectified below. Make sure you use the latest version. Most of my fields are ok using the fixer, but some of them the colouring is off with the new Aus. Some other modifications are here as well.
  10. That would explain it. I could not find a post relating to the issue.... Thanks
  11. More a question out of interest and for feedback...does anyone else get this over the river? Apolgise if I have missed an existing post on this. Doesnt affect flying just the explosions. Looks like I have hit something but it doesnt show anything. FSX, ORBX AUv2 , and I also have crash detection turned off.
  12. H1. Shane The first one, if you have a look at the link below, Rob has done some preliminary work on it. It will be a case of looking at the 2 versions for a particular airport, and removing / turning off the one you dont like..There will be more information as people check all the airports out. The other two, I dont know for sure... I have Tampa Sydney so I assume its the same as OZX. I think Tampa Sydney will blend ok.
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