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  1. Hi Ross, There are some anomalies with the scenery sine AuV2, but a lot of them can be rectified below. Make sure you use the latest version. Most of my fields are ok using the fixer, but some of them the colouring is off with the new Aus. Some other modifications are here as well.
  2. A lot of the OZx airports can take those aircraft. See the posts in the scenery addons threads...maybe something in there to try.
  3. Have a look here Macca for OZX...Most of its there for the taking. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/165-community-scenery-addons/
  4. Ah yes Nick...it does do some strange things sometimes...actually a lot of the time
  5. Seems to be ok for me. Last post was approx 50 min ago, and I clicked that post and it took me right to it.
  6. Hi Tim, I have an I5 3670k(3.4ghz default), which I have overclocked to 4.0ghz. One setting I had to change in the bios was the legacy setting for USB keyboards and mouse so I could use both while in the bios. There should be a setting somewhere there to let you adjust the settings. I have an Asrock extreme 4 motherboard.....not sure what you have. Maybe that system setting memory profile needs to be changed from auto??...have a look, and let me see what you find.
  7. You dont have to go the long way at all..... You may wish to look closer than that. Its all on here ..... all the way to v3.5 and all the libraries...plus if you look in the scenery addons threads, there are many more AU airports that weren't included in OZX.
  8. Talking about extreme weather...we have 40+ degrees in areas of Aus, bushfires in Tasmania and Victoria, and a 100 year monsoonal flood event in Queensland with over 1metre of rainfall in the area in the last week. https://www.9news.com.au/2019/02/04/05/32/rising-floodwaters-put-more-homes-at-risk-as-the-crisis-in-far-north-queensland-worsens
  9. From my recollection, Mackay wasnt done by OZX, but I could be wrong. Townsville is included in the OZX downloads, which is in this community addon thread. I dont know which version it was in though. If you have your ozx documents, check each version's instructions as it may have the airports listed for each version. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/166374-ozx-v30-v31-v32-v33-v34-v35-and-libraries/
  10. Bankstown airport is available on the community scenery add on forum and if doesn't cover some surrounds as well. Worth a look if you like.
  11. Thankyou Holger. Thats what i was thinking, so that clarifies it nicely.
  12. So how will these interconnect with OZX, both existing OZX airports and other files developers have done around Aus?
  13. Watch you don't slip on the onions Graeme:). ..(Aussie joke over a recent customer who sued Bunnings because he slipped on the onions from a sausage sandwich)
  14. Send one of the admin's to move the thread ...they will do it for you. Maybe ask Nick.
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