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  1. Hi Carlos, After I uninstalled Orbx Central, I deleted the scenery and addons files then launched Prepar3d and confirmed the scenery was back to defaults and addons was empty. After that I installed FTX Central and updated the scenery, which all looks correct now. I will once again delete the scenery file, let Prepar3d rebuild, verify the installs (although the are freshly downloaded) then I’ll run FTX Central again. Will let you know the result. Thanks! -Dan
  2. I uninstalled Orbx Central and re-installed FTX Central. Downloaded the global products, NA OLC and San Diego & Santa Barbara airports. Scenery looks normal now and my library order is correct. Something with Orbx Central was messing my library order up really bad. So I flew out of SBA and into some random area to find black empty scenery patches now. I made some progress but now a new issue. I guess I just can't catch a break here.
  3. I've tried syncing the simulator from Orbx Central, reordering insertion points then back to normal (Airports & Regions on top & Global OpenLC underneath that), verifying addon files, uninstalling/reinstalling Orbx Central, but my scenery order is still out of whack as you can see in my screenshots above. I have no idea what's going on. Here's a screenshot of how horrible Santa Barbara looks. There are airport objects but the city is flat and low res. This is a scenery I purchased and installed. I also uploaded a copy of my central.log file for review. Is something going on with this version of Orbx Central where it is not prioritizing the software correctly? central.log
  4. Hi Carlos, Unfortunately this did not fix my issue. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling Orbx Central but same issue. I can see my scenery order seems incorrect compared to how it used to be, but most entries are greyed out and I can't prioritize them correctly. Very frustrating. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm open to any other ideas you may have. -Dan
  5. Hi Carlos, Thank you for being so helpful. I will try this tomorrow and post my results. I had the same experience as you, I opened my sim the other day to find everything a mess. Kinda a bummer because I just bought a couple more Orbx add-ons, but now I’m focused on fixing my scenery before I enjoy flying. Thanks again! Cheers -Dan
  6. For reference, this is how my scenery was prioritized. Some of it looks a bit weird to me but I don't know which order it should go in. Much of it is greyed out and can't be re-ordered anyway.
  7. I should also mention, I have FS Pilots Global Next Generation installed. No other addons aside from Orbx. This is a totally clean install from scratch. I ran the Vector config tool for airport elevations, check the configurations for other Orbx addons and nothing jumped out that would fix this.
  8. Not sure what happened, I took several months off Preapr3d then coming back noticed a major version update to ORBX Central and some scenery updates. I updated everything, launched Preapr3d and started a flight out of San Diego. Something was very wrong with the scenery now. It seems like Vector is no longer installed, the roads are just low res satellite imagery and I thought there was more building and tree density, even the cars were missing. I switched to another city and looked similar. The satellite ground imagery looked a little weird and low-res as well, maybe only because nothing else was covering it. I checked my Graphics settings and they're mostly at the top if not maxed out, which my system can handle. I decided maybe time for a clean install with Prepar3d v4.5 and fresh Orbx package installs. I uninstalled everything, deleted any remaining folders for Preapr3d in Program Files, AppData and ProgramData. Nothing was left except Orbx Central. Started fresh and got it all installed, sadly my scenery looks the same, way off. I'm not sure if my scenery is not ordered correctly, I let Orbx Central arrange it and I even tried legacy mode but same issue. Any ideas? Thanks!! -Dan
  9. That’s outstanding!! So excited to see what’s to come. Thanks John!!
  10. I know Hawaii region was scrapped a while back due to complications, but perhaps it could be revisited now with TE? Hawaii would be a hot selling region!
  11. Matteo, I'm so excited for this update! I love the scenery already and welcome any improvements/enhancements. The only feedback I would like to throw in, as others have mentioned, the green around the runway could be more vibrant. It's not only true to reality but looks really cool as well. Thanks for spending time on making this product even better! Cheers
  12. Thanks for the great suggestions! I also live in San Diego and love sim flying this area. I was considering Oculus as well, now I want it even more!
  13. Big sale this month. I guess I have to get something! I already have a few like KPSP, KMRY, KSTS, KTVL & L70. Any suggestions on other North America airports that I must have?
  14. I purchased this and yes it's very white. I was really surprised because I live in SD and it doesn't look all white washed. There should be a lot more red roofs and green vegetation. I'm a bit disappointed honestly. I had high hopes for this one.
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