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  1. I would buy TE Canary Islands instantly. Or Cape Verde. TE Korea, TE Senegal or TE Mesopotamia would be wonderful too though.
  2. Hey Carlos and Michael, that's indeed the most mysterious question of them all. While I understand that customers are pleased to visit their home and those countries/vacation destinations they are used to in the simulator some times, why is everybody so fine with that already? Why seem to be there so few that at least in the simulator want to visit foreign places which they may never see in real life? I think this is one of the most remarkable benefits of flight simming, to freely go ahead and explore regions which seem unreachable for most of us during a lifetime. Yet so few people are intere
  3. Ken, I share your interest for more care given to fine places across South America, Africa and Asia. Don't see the connection to Orbx OpenLC releases though. Unfortunately most of the major addon developers seem to only produce stuff for the US and Europe, Orbx is not alone with this. They somewhat break the rules by caring stuff for Oceania, which is clearly based on the roots of Orbx. I will never understand how most people apparently only ever again and again fly in the US and some European adventures, since several decades now. But if you check the regular request threads, sadly
  4. Can somebody please confirm whether nights are now dark/black in v5 or is there still some illumination all across the ground and skies like in v4? Any change at all?
  5. I guess so. Let's bookmark the thread here: 4 months before, Asia was still very much in the game though: So lets just hope for the Skipper to turn the ship around again, since some more months have now passed...
  6. As far as I know, Orbx has no direct hands on Vector, they got it assembled by some kind of external contractor.
  7. I added FOOG Port-Gentil, Gabon, which surfaced only yesterday... entirely disregarding diverging levels of quality, this is my current summary (I don't own all of these though): DAAG, Algiers, Algeria DGAA, Accra, Ghana DIAP, Abidjan, Ivory Coast DISP, Abidjan San P├ędro Local, Ivory Coast DNAA, Abuja, Nigeria DNKN, Kano, Nigeria DTNH, Hammamet, Tunisia DTTJ, Djerba, Tunisia DXXX, Lome, Togo FACT, Cape Town, South Africa FAOR, Johannesburg, South Africa FCBB, B
  8. I did heavy investments (4 digits...) into purchasing addons this time with P3Dv4. I guess the only thing making me jump to v5 soon would be built-in night time darkness finally appearing as dark as in reality and (of course!) an Orbx release of OLC Asia for P3dv5...
  9. It's not mandatory to pick up P3Dv5. How can you do that unless you know for sure that P3Dv5 works perfectly?
  10. If your current computer isn't exactly fit enough to cope with P3D (which it apparently is not), I would be cautious to place much hopes on seeing it handle FS 2020... I know we are all restricted by our financial resources, but dropping your computer (instead of a specific simulator) might generate more benefit for your flying enjoyment after all.
  11. Hey Carlos, what kind of aircraft did you use? Always the same or which ones mostly? Don't you feel the need to do it all again now, regarding the gravity of OpenLC beauty coverage we've received since 2014?
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