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  1. Seeing how beautiful these images look, it is impossible for me to kill my hopes for OpenLC Asia following. Hopefully the Africa sales figures will convince the Orbx decision makers to take Asia back into the possible future. I hereby promise to purchase Africa (and Asia) on the day of release at full price. Thumbs pressed.
  2. I guess the Skypark is a beautiful place well hidden somewhere within the vast ranges of OpenLC Africa/Asia
  3. Yes, and their TE product line are merely region-limited demos of FS2020 landscape which they are siphoning off their FS2020 work pipeline...
  4. Why not enjoy that your continent is at least covered by an Orbx OpenLC product? People flying across Africa and Asia are not that lucky.
  5. google the problem, you will find news related to that site dating back to at least around August or so...
  6. There are indeed some nice Orbx items I should get while the sale is on. Yet I just can't really convince myself to purchase right now. The disappointment over the recent OpenLC news has left me feeling sad and empty inside... Yet I probably should at least buy Australia v2 or Kiruna maybe...
  7. I guess it is called "Base" for a reason. From the Orbxdirect webshop...
  8. Why not get it on your Android-smartphone? Here you go: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudappreciationsociety.cloudaday
  9. I had the idea of replacing my TrackIR setup with the Tobii tracker. I am not a fan of having to wear a headset or a cap all the time while sitting in front of my flightsim, so the eye tracking Tobii promised seemed to be the logic alternative. Unfortunately it never turned out to be as fluid and intuitive as TrackIR. Maybe I should have bothered longer for adjusting the setup but I soon lost patience. I never got Tobii to react as fast as TrackIr. Regarding turning the viewpoint, it often lagged behind my eyes, following them somewhat too slow. Tobii also didn't really help with leaning closer to any spot in your cockpit (think reading instruments or the FMC monitor...). I also use a 2 monitor setup, with 2 monitors bordering vertically, which seems to be quite unusual in the community. Tobii couldn't handle that as well, as it hardware seems to lack vertical sensor range for this and also its software restricts the sensor readouts to one selected monitor, meaning Tobii doesn't adjust your view when your eyes rest on the "wrong" monitor. This actually the biggest issue I have with Tobii, effectively putting me off of it. Coming from TrackIR, I personally have to add that it feels quite weird to train your eyes for commanding view directions. Turning your head is just way much more intuitive.
  10. Won't help until you own these, but there are kml/kmz files inside the regions folders of your installed regions.
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