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  1. Great replies, keep those news coming, we may gather them here. Regarding the Canary islands, GCFV, GCRR and GCTS and GCXO are also already covered by payware for P3Dv4...
  2. If you wait for the nearing release of openLC Africa as eagerly as me, you are probably also on the lookout for some African destinations and therefore airport sceneries, which may then serve as points of entry for your upcoming ventures into this great continent. Recently the number of destinations for P3Dv4 is increasing steadily and with gaining momentum, which is growing excitement towards the oLC Africa release even stronger. Looking up the usual scenery vendors, I so far found: DTTJ, Djerba, Tunisia DAAG, Algiers, Algeria GMAD, Agadir, Morocco GOBD, Dakar, Senegal GBYD, Banjul, Gambia GABS, Bamako, Mali DGAA, Accra, Ghana DXXX, Lome, Togo DNAA, Abuja, Nigeria FACT, Cape Town, South Africa FAOR, Johannesburg, South Africa HECA, Cairo, Egypt HESH, Sharm El-Sheikh HEGN, Hurghada, Egypt HDAM, Djibouti The eastern coasts are yet to be discovered, though there are some island bodies available in the eastern vicinity of the Indian Ocean: Mauritius Réunion Seychelles Let's hope for a soon release!
  3. In most cases I reduce speed, switch the Autopilot on, take hands off the controls for a quick meal and hope for the best. Sitting at the dinner table, I can watch the cockpit mirroring in the window's glass of our living room when bending a bit in my chair, so I have a chance to notice unwanted flight attitudes. Not sure if she has an idea about me doing that. If I'm flying IFR, I simply try to finish meal before reaching TOD.
  4. Thanks for the pics, I am actually surprised how similar they both look.
  5. Keep in mind that calling OpenLC a "scenery" may be somewhat debatable. It's an upgrade for the landclass files. OpenLC NA repaints the ground textures across NA, nothing else. All 3D-objects in NA remain the same, unchanged stock scenery. So yes, it might be disappointing to miss a full scale replica of a bridge you expected to be there. Just don't blame the Orbx OpenLC. It is the stock scenery which is disappointing and it disappoints all of us, no matter where we fly. Luckily Orbx Vector provides at least some generic bridge. The rest is up to our imagination. Give imagination a chance, Not only does it work pretty well. You also save lots of frustration. The flightsim world will always confront us with shortcomings. This is Manhattan...the way it looked when I first flew across it in a sim. You might claim you can't see the Broadway, not even a street, any cars. Well, I see them. I remember very well, in fact I saw everything. And I loved it...
  6. From what you explained, I can only guess that you didn't in fact create your own airport but rather edited an existing one. And if I understand you right, you have airport buildings reappearing, which you deleted in ADE on that airport, some hangar buildings in this case. Now, what might be the problem, is that you edited an airport, which also is addressed by Orbx Vector. Vector includes some corrections for airports of the stock scenery. You are not required to uninstall the Orbx addons for testing this, by the way. Unticking the Orbx Vector lines in your scenery library would be all what's needed to test if Vector is conflicting with your creation. If this turns out to be the problem, look for files in the Vector data folders, which contain the ICAO code in their name, of that very airport you edited with ADE. Then you would have to rename their file ending and reactivating Vector will stop interfering.
  7. Hey there, I am one of the guys eagerly waiting for the next Orbx OpenLCs. And I wanted to provide some thoughts open for discussion. Enjoying the flightsim experience since the beginning of the 90s (FS3...), I in hindsight always did the same (well, mostly). I flew across the US and across Europe. Occasionally I even made the jump across the pond. This was all I wanted to do. The addon markets soon started to support this. Most of scenery addons increased the beauty of the US and Europe, be it some kind of regions or major airports. But throughout all these years, going through each new release of FS and later P3D, the sceneries I flew in (and purchased) stayed mostly ever the same. JFK, Frankfurt, London airports, some landclass addon for North America and Europe, maybe a photoscenery for Germany or some region in California, you know the list, we all know it. By heart. There was nothing to complain about. Scenery designers weren't always as numerous as today and they offered exactly what most of us wanted to see. Meanwhile the amount of scenery design studios as increased immensely and of course the technical possibilities to create stunning results have improved very much. Today we can enjoy a competitive market, providing us not only a nice density of nearby places in all our favorite areas, but also an increasing number of spots around the globe. Yet the market is still heavily dominated by destinations across North America and Europe. Which is totally ok, since most users (and potential customers) live in these regions and arguably will be pleased to receive addons which pretty up their very home inside the sim. If you studied the recent Navigraph survey, you will find that as a scenery designer it may make best sense to have your next scenery title addressing some place inside North America and Europe, or even better, the US and Western Europe. But is that really all? I think we have visited all those US and European destinations over and over again during the last 3 decades in our simulators. I would like to say, we have seen these places enough, but of course, that is a matter of individual interest and taste. But, dear reader, be honest, don't we fly ever in the same area also because the market simply doesn't provide inviting destinations outside of it? In my perception, Orbx naturally always had one foot outside this mainstream. Naturally, because they deliver Australia/NZ content. Their obvious focus on that region let them no choice but to stray in areas remote to the mainstream sphere of NA and EU. And their success allowed them to keep venturing outside the usual destination clusters. Papua New Guinea, Norway or the freeware piece of Jan Mayen are examples. And, forgive my European view, the whole idea of Australia and Oceania is simply exotic and out of this world. Meanwhile Orbx also delivered us numerous beautiful content in North America and (alltogether now:) Europe! Still, their approach somehow differs from the mainstream. And their commitment to the OpenLC series (set aside the release order, which is the boring normal but economically makes total sense) is due to the brilliant Orbx quality already a strong appeal to finally leave the New York-Los Angeles and London-Ibiza regions for good and eventually see the so much more of the world. Now, what really made me write this up, were the usual threads containing user request regarding future regions and airports. The current invention of TrueEarth regions and the CityScape might increase the activity in those threads very likely. Which is good. But remarkably, the recent suggestions again don't point towards that new places at all. Please don't think I criticize my fellow forum participants for voicing their suggestions. On the contrary. I am happy we have the possibility to interact with our favorite developer and give him ideas about our interests and I hope, that all the suggestions may lead to products for the happy customers who suggested them. Right now we have TrueEarth providing content for the UK, a region, which already "existed". A new version of Australia is announced, Australia already "existed". TrueEarth in the Nortwest Pacific... Cityscape on Orlando (ok, didn't exist before, but USA! of course...). All these new titles certainly will be beautiful and surpass their predecessors. Yet from the global perspective of coverage, it's a stagnation. Do we really need the next version of a Germany region soon? Wouldn't we be happy to see other regions first, which don't even exist so far? Netherlands was absolutely the right thing to do. But now, the UK? Why not France? Greece? Austria, Portugal, Sicily, whatever... Why do we seem trapped again in the never ending recycling of areas we have already flown across when we were half our today's age? If you see recent suggestions for Cityscapes and regions... Northeastern US, London, New York, Sydney. Really? Is that really all the world has to offer? I would probably buy all this. Orbx quality is a guarantee for enjoyment. But wouldn't I prefer other content? Very much so! My hopes are lying heaily on the OpenLC right now. Of course, that is nowhere near the appeal of a Orbx region or some well designed airport. But it's a start. And badly needed. I really hope Orbx continues to advance further into the so far uncharted territories of Africa and Asia. There a uncounted beautiful places and vast regions of interest hidden there. In my opinion - and please take the following lines with a grain of salt - the Anglosphere and the rest of Europe have seen enough attention. No, we don't "need" a Northeastern US region. We also don't need another version of sightseeing in London. We have seen enough of these. We need stuff outside! Every release, regardless its beauty and excellence, in an already somewhat covered area meanwhile also feels like a missed chance to eventually get content outside the typical areas of North America and Europe. And if you aren't sure what I mean, try to fly somewhere in Africa and Asia in its stock scenery. I can tell you, these vast continents will leave you terrified if enjoyed with stock scenery. And as long as these huge regions didn't got any improvement, I don't see how Australia or the northwest Pacific coast "deserve" their next version already. They don't! The upcoming OpenLCs are urgently needed and a long awaited step into the right direction. Very likely this will also encourage other developers to create airports, local regions and other stuff there. So far, the market for asian and african scenery is very sparse. But as the release of Orbx OpenLC South America noticeably sparked an increase of central and south american airport sceneries, we can only hope to see the same for Africa and Asia. Who knows what will happen then. Maybe the whole sim community might finally discover, that there are so much more other beautiful areas to visit. It might even open new markets in let's say India or China... Maybe we can witness even a shift of gravity away from the current interest centers, to a more equally dispersed addon market. Which would reflect the nature of global flying pretty good, don't you agree? It is totally understandable that we will see the majority of future releases still in the "western parts" of the world and I get it that economical requirements will demand developers to create addons for the majority of paying customers. Yet, what I can't believe any longer, that a Orbx region (South?-)Korea, or Vietnam or a Orbx region Namibia or Victoria-Lake (Tansania/Kenya) wouldn't sell that well, only because basically none of their customers actually lives there. It's the quality of Orbx regions, that we love to enjoy. And frankly I don't live in most of Orbx regions, didn't even visit most of them in real life, yet I purchased them happily and enjoy their beauty. So, dear fellow customers, lets' dare to suggest places outside our mindset of those ever the same destinations and dimensions. And dear Orbx people, please maintain to create wonderful places astray the mainstream. In case you didn't know, everything Orbx ever touches, is gold for us customers. You create it, we purchase and install it. Unfortunately there is no way for you to witness how we enjoy all your work. You don't just create scenery files, you create the uncounted hours of our enjoyment. Dare to create something new, something different. Let the next Cityscape be something like Seoul or Haifa/Jerusalem. The next region Japan or Ecuador. We will buy it and we will love it. Thanks for reading!
  8. Probably the fix contains visiting the aerosoft forums...
  9. Just in case it might help somebody who's not already aware of it: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/aurora-30-minute-forecast and the 3 days forecast... https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/node/114
  10. YES! You will be fine with the academic license for 60 bucks though. Expect discussions on that statement. Ignore them. Purchase "academic" and everything will be great.
  11. While I agree that we are in need of African destinations, I think it is working the other way around. The market for quality African scenery will only start to open up after Orbx openLC Africa release. For example, there weren't really significant South American airports before. Now that openLC SA is there, it clearly shows in the usual online stores, with South American destinations popping up everywhere.
  12. I agree though that even the order in the shop can be confusing as for example you will find European airfields in the Europe section AND in the Global section. The shop works as follows: GLOBAL - global addons like Global Base, Vector, openLC and airports which don't require a FTX region as a precondition to work (but may require Global Base) EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, OCEANIA - FTX Regions which belong to the named region and airfields which require one of these FTX regions as a precondition.
  13. Simply deactivate (untick) the four FTX_EU_ENG entries in your scenery library and your done. FTX regions don't exactly "overwrite" other sceneries. They are just loaded as a top layer. Deactivating them reveals all the other scenery available in your library for that current area you are flying in, including Vector, OpenLC and the Global Base textures...