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  1. If I can be patient for the continuation of OpenLC since 2 years, so can you for AUv2!
  2. It is even harder to wait for releases which were put on hold for the TE dawn...
  3. That map seems outdated. Sale or not, you are missing even more: LOWI Innsbruck LDDU Dubrovnik, LDPL Pula, LIEO Olbia, NSTU Pago Pago, AYPY Port Moresby, and probably others I forgot.
  4. I think you might want to visit either one or all of these threads: Otherwise, try to be more specific what your exact problem is...
  5. If you went far enough west of the current western regions, we would end up in East asia. And I couldn't agree more that East asia really deserves some attention. It's a truly exciting area containing a mix of sparkling Megacities and beautiful nature.
  6. Since TrueEarth was mentioned above, I can confirm not having the least bit of interest in TrueEarth nor any Ortho product. I don't see the point to invest huge amounts of hard drive space only to receive rather tiny spots of the Globe, especially since these spots are the same scenes we get ever again and again and again. Flightsimming for me is some sort of exploration simulator, SimEarth or whatever. I am aiming to get the whole globe in one constant quality so that I can seamlessly wander across the continents. The OpenLC product line is the only one aiming for this. TrueEarth on the other hand seems to be the successor of Orbx regions in some way. I did get all the Orbx regions and they are superb. Yet they only feature very small portions of our beautiful planet and therefore don't help much. Yet they perfectly match the style and artwork of the surrounding OpenLC areas. That is where TrueEarth fails. TrueEarth may look almost like the real thing. Yet crossing into the non-TE area kills the immersion of a globally continuous world to explore. Of course this is only my perspective.
  7. Including your replies and recent releases, here is the current list of explicit P3Dv4(-capable) payware airports for the African mainland and the Middle East (assuming the area will also be included): clockwise around Africa: GMAD, Agadir, Morocco GMME, Rabat, Morocco GMMX, Marrakech, Morocco (included in the Orbx freeware-collection, needs Global base, therefore rated payware for this matter) DAAG, Algiers, Algeria DTTJ, Djerba, Tunisia HECA, Cairo, Egypt HEGN, Hurghada, Egypt HEMA, Marsa Alam, Egypt HESH, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt HDAM, Djibouti HTKJ, Kilimanjaro, Tansania FACT, Cape Town, South Africa FAOR, Johannesburg, South Africa FKYS, Yaounde, Cameroon FTTJ, N'Djamena, Tchad DNAA, Abuja, Nigeria DNKN, Kano, Nigeria DXXX, Lome, Togo DGAA, Accra, Ghana GABS, Bamako, Mali GUCY, Conakry, Guinea GBYD, Banjul, Gambia GOBD, Dakar, Senegal GQNO, Nouakchott, Mauretania and the Middle East: OIIE, Tehran, Iran OJAI, Amman, Jordan OJAQ, Aqaba, Jordan OMAA, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. OMDB, Dubai, U.A.E. OOMS, Muscat, Oman OTHH, Doha, Qatar
  8. How I am yearning for flights like yours. But I have to obey my self-imposed rule not to touch the Asian and African landmasses until the corresponding OpenLC's are released. I want to enjoy the full beauty when arriving there for the first time. Yet your pics are strongly stimulating the wanderlust already
  9. How is this an answer to Dave's question? Dave didn't exactly ask for a link to the topic he was actually referring to. Instead that very thread was named as the basis for his question. In post #62, (which your quick search actually doesn't spit out), Mr. JV responded to preceding similar questions It doesn't get any closer. Frankly I don't get how lecturing people to use the search function can be seen as the solution to every question. Dave's question is rather simple. A simple yes or no is all what's needed. Instead you send the reader into a topic containing 250 replies and a potentially ambigous answer in between somewhere. That's not what I'd consider helpful.
  10. Sad to see no answer to this question after three days. It seems TrueEarth is the only thing this place currently cares about. The obvious shift away from the "traditional" and yet incomplete product line of Orbx OpenLC feels disquieting. The release of OpenLC South America happened in July 2017. Those of us who don't really care about TrueEarth are basically waiting since almost two years now for the continuation of OpenLC releases, hoping the coverage to increase with Africa and eventually to complete with Asia.
  11. Ok guys, bottom line: I understand half of the Orbx community is currently celebrating TrueEarth up and down across the forum but still we need OpenLC Africa and Asia badly!
  12. Great replies, keep those news coming, we may gather them here. Regarding the Canary islands, GCFV, GCRR and GCTS and GCXO are also already covered by payware for P3Dv4...
  13. If you wait for the nearing release of openLC Africa as eagerly as me, you are probably also on the lookout for some African destinations and therefore airport sceneries, which may then serve as points of entry for your upcoming ventures into this great continent. Recently the number of destinations for P3Dv4 is increasing steadily and with gaining momentum, which is growing excitement towards the oLC Africa release even stronger. Looking up the usual scenery vendors, I so far found: DTTJ, Djerba, Tunisia DAAG, Algiers, Algeria GMAD, Agadir, Morocco GOBD, Dakar, Senegal GBYD, Banjul, Gambia GABS, Bamako, Mali DGAA, Accra, Ghana DXXX, Lome, Togo DNAA, Abuja, Nigeria FACT, Cape Town, South Africa FAOR, Johannesburg, South Africa HECA, Cairo, Egypt HESH, Sharm El-Sheikh HEGN, Hurghada, Egypt HDAM, Djibouti The eastern coasts are yet to be discovered, though there are some island bodies available in the eastern vicinity of the Indian Ocean: Mauritius Réunion Seychelles Let's hope for a soon release!
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