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  1. Won't help until you own these, but there are kml/kmz files inside the regions folders of your installed regions.
  2. OpenLC Asia should cover Asia. Since a large portion of Russia is in Asia, you will find it there. I don't know why you are expecting OLC Asia to be restricted to specific countries. None of the OpenLCs was.
  3. In the northern hemisphere, summer will end on 23rd of September in 2019.
  4. Well in this case I'd rather suggest you ask the developer of these France VFR regions to manage a release for Xplane as well Anything from Orbx should benefit both tribes. You don't want to start a war here, right?
  5. Since we have now two OpenLC to happily look forward to, logic demands another list. These are airports within the expected OpenLC Asia area, which are covered by payware for P3Dv4 RCKH, Kaohsiung, Taiwan RCTP, Taoyuan, Taiwan RKPC, Jeju. South Korea RKSI, Seoul 인천, South Korea RKSS, Seoul Gimpo, South Korea RPLL, Manila, Phillippines VCBI, Colombo, Sri Lanka VHHH, Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok VHHX, Hong Kong KaiTak VIDP, New Delhi, India VQPR, Paro, Bhutan WIII, Jakarta, Indonesia WSSS, Singapore ZBAA, Beijing, PR China ZKPY, Pyongyang, North Korea ZSPD, Shanghai Pudong, PR China There are more, feel free to report. Remember that we expect to see the Middle East with OpenLC Africa, not Asia.
  6. observed entries since last post: GMMN, Casablanca, Morocco HEAX, Alexandria, Egypt HESN, Aswan, Egypt DIAP, Abidjan, Ivory Coast DNAA, Abuja, Nigeria DNKN, Kano, Nigeria
  7. Well then I can totally understand your confusion
  8. where was a statement claiming that they are?
  9. Thank you very much for this news! what a relief... I never would have hoped to see also Asia this year already. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Orbx guys!
  10. Just no. There is a lot more to a flightsim than scenery. Wheather, seasons, aircraft of acceptable fidelity, connectivity to existing controller hardware, support by addon developers and communities and community based tools, to be continued... Regardless what 2020 brings, neither P3D nor Xplane, not even FSX (which should be dead already but still survives), will be dead. 2020 could deliver 100% of what was seen. My P3D installation is feature complete with all the nice working addons I put on top of it (well it will be after Orbx released OpenLC Africa and Asia). No ortho scenery could make me abandond this working setup anytime soon. I don't think many people would. Unless the scenery is all they care about (which is totally ok, since its a question of personal preference).
  11. I don't want to hide this screenshot any longer, leaving it open for discussion...
  12. Yes, I go pretty much with what Dominique said. Also I am not sure we can be so certain that really everybody will jump on the FS2020 train of streaming ortho scenery. Just think of the requirements. Repeatedly we have threads around, where people suffer from rather slow internet. They may not deem streaming high res scenery the best solution. Then there is the quality of the ortho scenery. Reportedly there are and will be huge differences in the actuality and quality of imagery. If people fly over their home area or a nice airport or whatever, but instead in the sim they see a construction site at the place or some blurry low-res grounds, an "artificial" scenery (as we have it now), peppered with a bit of our imagination, might be the better way into immersion. The same for mesh terrain and buildings. Have you seen the Chicago skyline in the announcement trailer? It's clearly visible that several (all?) buildings are no objects but part of the mesh. So in fact there are no objects but the skyline is appearing by interpreting SRTM or alike data. Not everybody will want to rely on that for beautiful cities, let alone stream that all the time and face all the empty flat gaps in the world.
  13. There are Orbx projects in the line, unreleased, since long time ago (years), announced way before anybody even had heard of TrueEarth. Regarding Orbx releases, TE and especially Xplane got remarkably much attention by Orbx in the last few months. I have no problem with that. But I also don't exactly see a valid ground for xplane users to occupy an impatient posture at this time. Why not be happy for the work done so far by Orbx? Products other people around here are eagerly waiting for, were slowed down in development, to bring Gourls some TE for his Xplane. Calling this situation a "shame" is a bit off for my taste.
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