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  1. When using the flight planner, it takes a very long time to load or sometimes it doesn't load the flight plan at all and the sim becomes unresponsive. Prior to opening the Flight planner, if I uncheck the three Orbx vector files in the scenery library, then there is no issues. Once the flight plan has been loaded and I'm back to the main menu, I then have to check the three Orbx vector files prior to flying. Is this a known issue or is it just with my system?
  2. So, I went and removed all my ORBX scenery and deleted my scenery.cfg file so that it would create a fresh one, which it did. Gustaf III still does not show a hill in front of runway 10. Is this not included in P3D v4? If so, I'm fine with that and will not rack my brains out anymore trying to figure it out. Stewart, I may look into that from FlyTampa, thanks.
  3. I currently have all the ORBX software installed with the Prepar3D v4 and when loading TFFJ, there is no hill at the end of runway 10. I have reinstalled the ORBX software and cannot figure out why the hill is missing only in this one spot. I've attached a photo show what I see. I'm not even sure if this is an ORBX issue or and issue with P3D v4, maybe someone here can direct me to the issue. One other item, when I go into the ORBX vector for the airport elevation correction, TFFJ doesn't even show up on either side. Not sure why? Thanks, Rlb
  4. I can't be the only one having this issue with KACK add on.
  5. That's fine I disabled crash detection and it worked fine. I enable it and same thing happens, it immediately crashes. The plane is just sitting on the runway with nothing around it, out in the open and it crashes.
  6. Installed KACK today on Prepar3d v4 and every time I load the airport, the plane automatically crashes. Doesn't matter if I choose a runway or a parking spot or gate, the plane crashes. I've tried other aircraft and the same thing happens. I go to another nearby airport no problems. Any suggestions?
  7. Seems to me that a lot of these list prices have been increased than slashed 50%. I was just looking last week to purchase something and a lot of these prices were not this high prior to the sale.
  8. Having installed the following: Base Pack / OpenLC Europe / OpenNA / Trees / Vector along with the Bar Harbor add on, I am seeing the following and not sure what is causing it. When flying the Bar Harbor add on with just full graphics, I am getting over 150 fps using the Cessna 172. I then move to any other airport out of that add on region and my fps drops down to around 50 fps. Would anyone know what would cause this drastic drop in frame rate from the Bar Harbor add on to any other location?
  9. Thanks guys, I may bite the bullet and purchase it. I shouldn't have a problem running a I7-4790K overclocked to 4.7Ghz and although it does slow down a bit when flying around New York City. For the most part, I average around 50 - 60 fps in most regions. I hope they do the same for other parts of the US, I like flying up around New England and bought Bar Harbor add on.
  10. I'm thinking about purchasing the Southern California region but would like to hear from those that have previously purchased it and see what kind of frame rate hits if any from this? Looking at the pictures, there's a lot of detail and I'm afraid that I will lose a lot of FPS's due to it.
  11. Never realized it ends so abruptly! But looking at it through Google Earth it really does just end about 10 miles out.
  12. Flying into KMIA last night and it seems that all the lights and roadways just stop about 10 miles west of Miami. Has anyone else flew into Miami (Runway 12) in the evening and noticed this?
  13. Now that NA Open LC is out, I was thinking about purchasing the California sections that have been available for some time. My question is, will it further enhance the NA Open LC or will it be redundant?
  14. Great news, I've been checking everyday for the release of this.
  15. Yes, it really has added to the enjoyment of the sim.
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