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  1. Hi Andy Thanks to you I have added my options progressively to your options and have posted in FTX Payware Support Forum. I will see how it goes over London when times permits. Again thanks for info included in your post and great screenshots. Noel Southam noels7 YPAD
  2. Concerns are mounting over the failure rate of Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, with increasing numbers of reports of dead and dying cards from early adopters. Some display issues involve artifacting and instability immediately after being installed, while others begin to show signs of degradation after a few days, despite a lack of manual overclocking or voltage manipulation. So much for $2000+ Aust video cards. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-rtx-2080-ti-graphics-cards-dying/ noels7
  3. Hi Approx last 5 days I have noticed the following; The FTX Global Vector support forum does not appear to be working correctly. I have attached file which advises on the main forum that the last post in that forum was approx 1 hour ago (regarding LOWI) If I click on the Vector forum tab to enter the sub-forum of Vector support the latest post is by Clarence L -Thursday at 5.43 am. Refreshing that page has no effect. I have deleted all cookies -no effect. Same problem using IE. Situation is that every other sub forum on Orbx forum updates properly. Only Vector sub forum is not operating properly. Your advice/assistance would be appreciated. noels7
  4. I would like to add my comments to this topic I cannot believe that at this time people are still not backing up their data etc. My working HD I image approx every 5 days. Close to 500gig and it takes 55 minutes and I still can surf the nett , watch movies and use my computer as normal while this is being imaged. The new system OrbxDirect works perfectly for me and many others. I have no need to d/load backups of Orbx products as yet (approx 100gig) and when necessary will do it in an orderly manner. Commonsense I would think. For those users "bitching about JV's email and are offended by the temporary download restrictions I have a solution. Send me your email address and (if I knew how and had the facility) I will send a return email to you with some ransomware coding attached.. You will soon get the message. Protect yourself and keep a CURRENT IMAGE of your computer or your Flight Sim directory. Please yourself which route you take. Regards noels7
  5. Hi John I am a longtime user of Orbx products within my flightsim P3D. The recent transfer to OrbxDirect and FTX Central 3 in my case was accomplished within minutes without any glitches. Fabulous achievement by all involved in the developement. Every Orbx scenery transferred without a glitch and no re-arrangement of such in Scenery Config. Why did this happen to me and many others? I might suggest is that we read your postings regarding the transfer etc. Seriously I cannot believe the pages and pages of topics generated by the introduction of OrbxDirect in which Ben, yourself and other Orbx staff had to devote precious time answering (in many instances) the same questions. The simple fact is that many users are either to ignorant or lazy to peruse the applicable forum, and read your straight forward instructions for them to follow. That brings me to my suggestion for your consideration. I am not sure if this possible with your forum. (1) Every major announcement such as introduction of OrbxDirect etc be placed in the following fora: (a) General Discussion (b) OrbxDirect and FTX Central 3 Support Forum (c) Other fora as deemed applicable. (2) Each announcement be in bold uppercase lettering (shouting) and and that heading be flashing. (3) That each moderator direct a user to the applicable announcement before the query is dealt with further. I believe the above might prevent Orbx moderators and yourself having to direct their time in a wasted exercise because some users don't read your announcements. e.g Confusion Buster- You do *not* need to re-download all Orbx products. How many times have you advised users of this fact? This post is a suggestion that is not meant to be inflammatory and might indeed help some users. Regards Noel Southam noels7
  6. Here is the link: http://www.avsim.com/forum/737-freemeshx-global-support-forum/ Daniel Moser one of the developers actually recommends it's use with Orbx . The FreeMesh forum also includes all updates(currently 1.07). noels7
  7. Thanks JimmiG I tried that previously but ##*** (Dummie = me) I didn't notice it sitting in the titlebar. Don't suppose you know how to change the text now to red? Thanks for your advice Appreciated. noels7
  8. Hi I am using FSUIPC to monitor on screen virtual memory usage as shown in attached screenshot. Is there a way to remove the green bar completely and leave the red coloured text in place. Have searched Google and in fsuipc.ini but am unable to find a solution. Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards noels7
  9. Hi Season greetings to everyone. I have recently(today) reinstalled UTX Canada, USA and Europe, GEX North America and Europe. All updates currently installed. FTX Central was in default FSX default position for GEX installations. Installed Active SKy 2012 a couple of days ago and did not notice graphic corruption. In any case I haven't run AS2012 during test after installing UTX and GEX. Re-ran UTX setup tool and installed selected options in GEX prior to starting FTX Central and FSX. Activated Australia in FTX Central. Started FSX; selected test flight from Adelaide RWY23 with cold front approaching so that graphic corruption could be seen. My system is i7-2600(no o/c), Asus P8P67 Pro M/B, MSI 460 1gig grahics card, 8gig 1600 DDR3 Corsair memory. Settigs for FSX are : a. Screen resolution 1920x1200x32. b. Unlimited frame rate. c. Texture resolution 15cm. d. Cloud coverage 60miles high density. e. Scenery complexity dense. f. Water effects Max 2.x g. Autogen density dense. h. All other scenery setting fully to the right. i. All settings in Nvidia Control panel remain as set since reformat approx 4 weeks ago. h. FSX.config -vanilla except for Ultimate Traffic entry (SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft). Below is the corruption I am experiencing, noting the straight edges with the clouds and while previewing my topic, I notice faint straight lines in the sea. Any assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated noels7
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