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  1. Thanks Doug. Problem fixed. noels7
  2. Operating system: Win 10 V2004 Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  3. Hi I installed Oregon last night but I have to reinstall an image of C Drive which does not incorporated Oregon. I have copied 4 Oregon files (77.4 gig) and the text file from P3D V5 Orbx folder to a backup drive. Cannot seem to find any other Oregon files in Orbx folder.or in P3D directory. After re-image of C Drive can I just restore those files and Oregon should be okay without any errors or another download required? Any assistance/advice would be appreciated. noels7
  4. Thanks for your input Nick. I had read Ed's article prior to posting. Enhanced Atmospherics is not active on my system. I turned it off just after P3D V5 was released because of other problems which I cannot recall at this time. Noel Southam noels7
  5. Just purchased and installed KHVN and noticed of sweep of airport am noticing strange glimmering in the trees all around the airport. Not seeing graphic problems like this in KACK, KBHB or KBID. Any advice/assistance to remedy problem would be appreciated. Noel Southam noels7
  6. Thanks for your assistance. Appreciated. Noel Southam noels7
  7. Hi Nick Thanks for your reply. At first I was slightly confused by your comments. Obviously I didn't fully comprehend what was written regarding Libraries in FTX Central when I originally installed it. Could you please consider this?: 1. My whole system is imaged every 2nd day to preserve important data contained on my computer. 2. I have plenty of bandwidth, excellent download speeds and as such have disabled Automatically backup product install files. 3. I have no need and will not migrate files from my installation to a Library. $. Temporary l
  8. Disable Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) until LM fixes this and other graphic anomalies . noels7
  9. This fixed my problems as you are experiencing. noels7
  10. Thanks for your usual prompt reply Nick. You usually stitch me up fairly quickly. Missing from my Backup and as your redirection shows are compatible: Global Buildings HD Global openLC Africa ENJA Jan Mayensfield ENNK Narvik Airport, Framnes AU Australia v2 EU Northern Ireland EU Norway TrueEarth Great Britain Central TrueEarth Great Britain North TrueEarth Great Britain South CityScene Gold Coast ENJA Jan Mayensfield ENNK Narvik Airport, Framnes KBHB Bar Harbor Airport KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport
  11. I am not sure if this is the correct place for this post. Feel free to move it if required. I deleted P3D V4.5 and installed P3D v5. I then installed fresh all Orbx software and had kept my original Orbx Backups and Orbx Library folders having deleted their original contents These 2 folders are in D and F Drives respectfully. I followed exactly the same procedure I had adopted when using Orbx Central with P3D v4.5. I have attached Screenshots 1 and 2 which show My Products that I have purchased. After I installed all my Orbx software and as was th
  12. While checking Orbx airports following a total install into a vanilla P3D V5, having uninstalled P3D V4.5 I had graphic problems at NZQN which can be seen in Screenshot 1 below. There was constant flashing of red like flames and distorted airport lighting. Further graphic problems can be seen around the tail of the Realair Turbo, along front of the wings of the Fokker and on the Ground ATC building roof in Screenshot 7. Fair weather and various Orbx weather options created the same problems. Clear skies all graphic problems disappeared. Uninstalled/Reinstalled NZQN
  13. Thanks Nick My dumb. Next time I will try real hard to ask something more complicated for you to get your teeth into. Keep safe in these trying times. noels7 Noel Southam
  14. Hi Apologies if this post transgresses moderators assistance to OP's problem. My problem is that although Orbx Central is installed I cannot get an icon for it on my desktop. Any assistance would be appreciated. noels7 central.log
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