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  1. I'm glad there is the option to completely turn off static aircraft. I would much rather have AI aircraft filling the gates and not have to try and determine which is which. Wish ALL ORBX scenery had the option. I only wish there was a option for high detail boat docks. The current docks look terrible. Also all the road traffic has disappeared which makes the area look like a ghost town. However in FSX boxed, I no longer get FSUIPC4 VAS warnings anymore so whatever changes Matteo did is a welcome relief.
  2. Will it require uninstalling the original or does it just get updated through Orbx Central?
  3. Well I don't have P3D any version, just FSX boxed, with a boxed Legacy V1 installed. But I wanted to see what would happen if I tried using the Legacy V2 offline installer. I expected it to ask for my key number (Have the V1 only) and refuse to install. But what it did was just install the V2 without asking for ANY key! So I'm assuming my V1 key in the Windows registry was validation enough. Don't know what would happen if you tried the same for P3Dv4 but good luck!
  4. Your welcome, Rob and Sean are keeping their promise of providing new installers that don't require on-line activation (Just need your original activation key) and support P3D V4. So hang on to that link for the remaining fleet. I don't have P3D yet so I still have my original installations for the FS9/FSX Spitfire, FSX Duke B60 V2, FSX Turbine Duke V2. I missed out on the Legacy V2 before they shut down, so I got a boxed V1. Then somebody turned me on to the link and I was ecstatic when the installer must have seen my licenses for the other planes and installed the Legacy V2 EDIT: As far as other twins go, I also love the Carenado PA34 SENECA V
  5. I'm not sure if anybody mentioned this, but RealAir has posted off-line installers for both the Turbine Duke V2 and Legacy V2 that works with P3D v4... http://realairsimulations.net/ I have the Legacy V1 and the installer even upgraded it to a V2
  6. Last sale I had to attempt 4 times to get openLC South America installed (download interruptions, etc). This sale bought 4 regions and several airports, they ALL installed without any issues. Whatever you guys did this time keep it up
  7. I could care less if it's closed...it's a stunning airport for VFR
  8. Would really like to see this airport available with a control panel option to work with Global only installs
  9. Notice the following older airports are in the ORBX/FTX_Global folder... EDBJ/EDOU EDVY ESSA LKHV CNK4 All newly released global airports are in FTX_EU, FTX_NA, FTX_PI < Oceania. Will they be moved to each corresponding folder with the rest of global airports to reflect the changes made with the ORBX website and FTX Central? Additionally, KAVX is in the FTX_PI folder and looks like it should be moved to FTX_NA. Also thinks its strange that the Library files are inside the FTX_AU folder even if one has no Australian airports installed. It would make more sense to put them in the ORBX base folder.
  10. Solves the dilemma of where to place the universal airports (Catalina, Palm Springs, and San Diego). Flip side is makes it more difficult to locate a global airport for purchase if global is the only platform you own. Wish ALL the airports were universal.
  11. It was easier before to see at a glance what platform was needed and inventory. A check box would be nice for either view. Change is hard for old guys like me. EDIT: OK noticed above sticky
  12. I have the FS Global 2010 disk set myself. Any special procedure to install to P3D v4.1 other then a normal install?
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