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  1. Just finished this book. Bravo! Fitting conclusion to a fine and exciting series. Ken
  2. Only "honorary?". Well at least I'm the senior member. Hope there will be many more.
  3. Just bought it Rodger. Looking forward to reading it. Enjoyed the last three. Ken
  4. The main display is a 32" LG tv. I have a 7" monitor on the right of the panel. I use it primarily for the WX radar, but it can display any other panel as desired. The GPS is a Diagma unit, which came with its own display. Diagma seems to have gone out of business. Propwash sells a similar unit at a much better price. I'd like to eventually build a fully immersive cockpit like "Basement Fly Guy" (on the glideslope.net).
  5. Here is the direct link to the Feb 2 update. In the text there is a link to the whole thing from July 2019: Https:FSXTIMES.WordPress. com/2021/02/03/cockpit-ken+kfrg-usa-update Ken
  6. For pictures and description see Tom Tsui's website: FSXTimes. WordPress. com. It is in Cockpit section, under "Cockpit: Ken (KFRG, USA) - New" That is from about July, 2019. I just replaced the Saitek radio panels and VRInsight transponder with new units from PropwashSIM.com. Tom has a picture of this too, "Cockpit: Ken (KFRG, USA) - Update." This is a temporary modification; as soon as the weather warms enough to work out in the garage I'm going to rebuild the whole thing. Ken
  7. Some, actually many, years ago I had a L188 Electra, with an inexpensive panel software called "VIP" ("Very Impressive Panels"). This was in FS5a. It was a great plane. I've tried a couple of similar models in FSX, but none worked out for me. Now I've invested many $s in building a simpit for single engine GA, so a four engine turboprop won't work now. Ken
  8. Me, too, Rodger. My familiarity with the first is obvious. With the second, not so much. Willamantic,and neighboring Windham, is in east central Connecticut; old mill towns. We visited a few years ago, and were puzzled by these four large frogs perched on giant thread spools. The story is told everywhere in town. But it is on Wikipedia, with pictures. Likewise the monkey story. I only gave a short synopsis. Worth looking at the full stories. Ken
  9. Hmmm, Rodger. Interesting thought. Now did you mistake yourself for the canine variety boxer, or the fellow in shorts in a roped off pen? In any event sounds unpleasant. I was thinking of the worthies of Hartlepool, who when a French ship was wrecked on the coast during the Napoleanic War mistook an escaped monkey for a French spy, and accordingly hanged it. When I was a college freshman the college chaplain was from Northern England. When he heard that my grandmother was from West Hartlepool, he set me up. "When you're home next, ask your grandmother 'Who hanged the m
  10. Earlier I mentioned, in passing, the old story of who hanged the monkey in Hartlepool. There is also the Battle of the Frogs in Willamantic, Connecticut. Anyone have any great stories that involve strange local episodes involving mistaken identification of animals? Like frogs mistaken for English soldiers, or a monkey for a French spy? Ken
  11. Jackalope, Wolpertinger! Obviously, the taxidermy business is not doing too well. Taxidermists have left over animal parts, and WAAAY too much time on their hands!
  12. P3D, XPlane , even MSFS and the old war horse FSX are great sims , but they each have different things to offer. Personal preference is largely determined by how we use our SIM, and which capabilities and features are important to us. There is room and market for all of them. My hope is that, although MSFS is the new kid on the block, and currently getting all of the attention, the other platforms won't be ignored or forgotten by the developers. Ken
  13. Who missed his native palm trees like a certain expatriate Englishman who missed his starlings.
  14. King Crab legs! I mentioned above my grandpa was from Southampton. Of course the industry there was the great liners. That's how he started, and found his way to the U.S. But his brother Bill, stayed home, except he didn't. He served for years on the ships; Mauritania, and then for years, Queen Mary. His son, Morris, followed him, and for years sailed together. They were both very frequent guests at our house. Now Grandpa was especially fond of seafood, and especially king crab. The liners served (in First Class) lobster (fresh) eastbound, and king crab (frozen) westbound. On arrival
  15. As it stands now ( I reserve the right to change my mind) I have absolutely NO interest in MSFS. I understand, but lament the decision to drop future development for FSX. Eventually I will upgrade, but it will be to P3D. I've been putting it off because it will take many, many, many hours (I expect at least a month) of hard work to upgrade all the software and hardware add-ons to work on my complex networked cockpit system with LOTS of additional software. MSFS simply does not support the type of setup I have. It may someday, but I'm not holding my breath. So the MSFS add-ons that Orbx
  16. Ho boy, Rodger! You've opened a can of worms! Not that I'd offer worms for lunch, unless you're a robin. To start, many of us "Yanks" are only a generation or two from the "ould sod". I was raised by my very English grandparents. Grandma was from West Hartlepool (she was from WEST: don't ask who hanged the monkey?). Grandpa was from Southampton. I grew up with either roast beef, or roast lamb for Sunday dinner, and I'm fond of both, though I guess I'd go for burger and fries for lunch. Now this practice of regular Sunday dinners of roast lamb took on a different a
  17. Well, all of them. Depends. A) substitute my Mooney for the illustrated aircraft, and that represents most of my flights. Boring, maybe, but very satisfying. However!! That's me when my yoke wears out. I use the CH yoke. I like it, responsive and accurate, but not very long lived. Relatively inexpensive, but I get about three or four years out of one, then ALL of my landings look like B). C) Me. Today!!! Flew into Farmington Four Corners (NM) (KFMN) with a stiff cross wind. Runway? What runway? You mean this airport doesn't have a turf runway? Doesn't it run p
  18. Pac SIM would be a good match. As the name suggests they do a lot of the Pacific islands,but they also have a few excellent North American airports. I have their KRNO and KSLC. Both very good. Ken
  19. Wife just reminded me. Many years ago (in the 1990s) I came home from work and walked into the house. Wife says, holding her nose, "oh, you were on the farm today". "No, I wasn't. Why?" "I smell horse manure. On your boots?" "No, I was in the hat shop. Never near the farm today". " Well, I smell horse. Wonder why? " Well we figured out the reason. For the previous several years this area (Long Island, NY) had a horrible gypsy moth ( and I don't mean the airplane) infestation. Then we learned that that year they were infected with a fungal disease. There were thousan
  20. I can certainly identify with Rodger and the chickens, though we never had more than a couple of dozen at the farm at the living history museum. There were also, of course, the horse and cattle stalls. They got pretty ripe too. And also the pig pen. But all typical farmy odors, nothing to get upset about. It was the human element; just to the north of our bucolic 19th century village was a very 20th century land fill. When the wind was light from the north the stench was over whelming. That is the worst I can associate with work. But worse than that was one encountered on vacation. Ye
  21. Yes, new update has lots of options just for MSFS
  22. Damn Autocorrect! Website referred to above should be: FSXTimes.WordPress.Com SORRY!!
  23. Hi Derek, I've used the Saitek Multi Panel for years, from long before Logitech. It is a great unit, and although I am replacing some of my Saitek gear, this is not one of them. Now for the Autopilot function, which is the most important for this unit, (though the 'Flaps Switch' is very good too), note that the altitude setting is in 100 foot intervals. I strongly recommend SPADNEXT over the default drivers. With this particular unit where you're not likely to customize, it is not necessarily a major issue, but SPADnext makes assigning functions and customizing any o
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