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  1. Wonderful story. What a great for grandfather and grandson to share this experience. Ken
  2. I use and love Spad Next, but I have mostly Saitek panels, and the TPM unit. I do not use it for non-Saitek gear, though I understand, as Ken Terry notes, that you can. One of the great thing I like about this utility is that it makes networking very easy; I run all my Saitek stuff on a separate client computer freeing up the FS computer to run the simulator (I run eleven FIPs, which requires a lot of computer resources). It is very easy to set up individual profiles for different aircraft. For many of the other controls I use FSUIPC. This makes assigning buttons and switches easy, and offers far more options than are otherwise available. For example, you can assign fuel management to select fuel tanks with the Desktop Aviator fuel panel, or a button to turn on the Mode C transponder when flying on Pilot Edge. It can be used to calibrate controllers, but I have not done so. You can also set up different profiles for different aircraft with this program. I use a combination of these two, plus the native FSX control menus together to run my sim. Ken
  3. So far I'm sticking with FSX, and I am disappointed that Turbulent Design will no longer issue products for this Sim. However, I am taking the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" approach. I love the combination of FSX, ORBX, especially the western US regions and the airports, and I'm having a great time flying all over the west with Pilot Edge. (Pilot Edge with real live ATC and ORBX western regions is as close to a marriage made in heaven as you'll find, IMHO). Since I fly the Mooney on relatively short flights (about a hour or so), I've had no OOM problems. I am retired, but working part time 9 months a year, so I have the money, but I have other priorities. First, getting needed repairs and upgrades to the house while I have the money to pay for it. Then the physical sim, finishing the simulator cockpit with multiple screens, and so forth. I am sure that sooner or later I will upgrade to P3D v4, but I'm in no hurry. Ken
  4. 1. That's Australian dollars. About $73.00 US. 2. If eligible apply for the senior discount. Those age 65+ get 20% off, but you must apply for it. A great deal for us "Old Coots!" Ken
  5. At least, like the much loved Miegs, Marlboro can live on in the Flight Sim world. It is already in the ORBX freeware airports set, but it would be great to have a more detailed and realistic payware version. One like Bill Womack 's Minute Man and Plum Island would be so great! Please, ORBX. (If it's not already too late). Ken
  6. I fly the Mooney Bravo almost exclusively. I use the version published by Perfect Flight Private Fleets. It is mostly the same as the default, but I find the ground hadling and the sound marginally better. I have a few hours in each, the Beech Baron, C152 and C172, all by Carenado, but about 3000 in the Mooney. I have the A2A V-Tail, but I've yet to fly it. I use a mostly Saitik cockpit on a networked computer set-up with SpadneXt for all gauges and most controls, and no-one, so far, has been able to tell me how to set up the LVar Bridge on a network. All attempts I've made so far have failed Ken
  7. To amplify John' s response, I have a networked system, and I ALWAYS buy Orbx products using one computer (the "client" ) and then install it on the flight simulator. It works perfectly, and is very easy. Ken
  8. The new VoxATC 7 states that it is a terrain awareness function, but I've not tried it. For performance reasons I'm still using VoxATC 6 when not in the PilotEdge covered area.
  9. Flying in the Western U.S. involves a LOT of mountain flying, and thus always challenging. Try Kern Valley, (L05), for example. It's in a valley at 2600 ft elevation, surrounded by mountains at over 8000 ft. Have to lose a lot of altitude in a small space. Challenging in the Mooney Bravo, won't be possible in the Phenom. Besides, the runway is only 3000 ft. x 50 ft. Another beautiful and challenging ORBX airport, but typical of the mountainous west, which ORBX does so well! Ken
  10. If you are 65 or over, you may apply for the senior discount which gives you 20% off regular prices. See this for details: https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000096056-Senior-Discount Ken
  11. You're absolutely right, Rodger. I love Felts Field too. And Bowerman. And Block Island. There are so many, and they're all great! So much to enjoy in ORBX land. And we are fortunate to be able to enjoy these without insanely hot (or cold) temperatures.
  12. For the U.S. West coast, the new Santa Barbara is phenomenal! For the east coast I'd say Bar Harbor. Ken
  13. Would be nice, but, come on! If we want the wonderful scenery products that ORBX provides, they must pay the bills and make a profit. So the discounts are great, and so are the sales, and we should appreciate and take advantage of them, but let's not kill the goose that lays the golden egg! So roll with it, and if the sale price is higher than the Senior Discount, wait until the is over, and don't complain. Ken
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