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  1. This is GREAT!!! Thanks, John, and everyone at ORBX. I have been hoping and praying for this ever since I first discovered ORBX. Ken
  2. If you go to the full product description page while logged in you will see the full price in $AU with a red slash through it, and the senior discount price below it, along with estimated conversions to $US, Euros and Pounds. Ken
  3. , Probably that bane of any military man's (or woman's) existence - guard duty. Don't tell me that officers didn't do it too - at least in Academy or OCS they got their share! During Desert Shield/Storm I was assigned to COMFAIRMED in Naples, Italy. Every morning as we (USN, by the way) reported to duty, we passed through the gate to the base. The marine sentry would check our IDs, and politely ask "How are you today, sir?' We'd typically respond, and return with, "and how are you?" The response was ALWAYS "OUTSTANDING, SIR!!" Well, one evening I, and a few buddies, were having a beer or two at the Club, and we were joined by one of our Marine comrades. So, one of us asked, "why do you ALWAYS respond 'Outstanding!'?" His response: that is because we are always "Out Standing." Corny, I know, but corny sometimes helps the military get the job done. As I'm sure Lawrence will agree, a sense of humor, no matter how crude or "corny" helps get through the task at hand. Ken
  4. I just found a great book on Admiral Burke and his WW2 squadron. "Destroyer Squadron 23" by Ken Jones. An interesting story and a great read. I knew a bit about Adm. Burke when I met him, but this is an eye opener. Ken
  5. Glad to hear your input, John, and I quite agree with your perspective. For me, it's a matter of travel, airplane rides (because of accident damage and age related arthritis, we don't do commercial air very well). Bradley, for me, was a 45 minute drive, followed by an hour and a half ferry ride, followed by an hour drive. Fun and convenient! And it was a nice show: I made friends, and learned a lot! Just a lot of fun, and productive! We all, wherever we live, need this kind of experience fairly close to home. For me, I'll gladly, indeed enthusiastically, attend any show it southern New England, southern New York, New Jersey, or eastern Pennsylvania. Ken
  6. Something for the Sheraton hotel at Bradley (KBDL) to consider, since they were the home of Flightsimcom before it was upstaged by Flight Sim Expo. Ken (BTW, Expo sounds WONDERFUL, but no way am I going to Last Vegas or Orlando. Windsor Locks was great for a weekend getaway, and enough nearby to keep the wife happy. I know it would be expensive for the sponsors, but we need REGIONAL expos).
  7. I'm still using VoxATC version 6.52 because I can't get version 7 to work on a network. I triedvesion AI aircraft with it, but no, it didn't work. I don't know about version 7, but I doubt it. But since AI aircraft is freeware, you can try it and disabled it if it doesn't work. There is a thread on VoxATC in the Hardware and Tech forum that may be of interest. Ken
  8. Did a short jaunt around Bakersfield CA, and another around Hartford, CT. Very impressive! My thanks to ORBX, too. Ken
  9. For the best treatment of weather, go to AS16. Gives accurate real world real time weather. If you fly on PilotEdge this will agree with what the controllers see and expect you to encounter. Hope my enthusiasm for these add ons doesn't violate the rules, but PilotEdge and ORBX West coast regions are a marriage made in heaven, and AS16 adds to the experience. Without PilotEdge I don't think I would have bought even half of the ORBX scenery I have purchased. Ken
  10. A friend, now deceased, introduced me to flight simulator, and though I'm not sure, may have been this version. It was probably about 1989, the time of Tiananmen square. I started with VS 5.0, and found it amazing at the time. How far we have come!!
  11. You mean "P3D it's successor.". But I agree . I'm still very happily flying FSX, as improved by ORBX, augmented by AS16, and with ATC support from PilotEdge or VoxATC (depending on where I'm flying). I will eventually upgrade to P3D, but I'm still happy with what I have. Ken
  12. Regardless of what happens with MSFS, there will still be X-Plane and P3D. And though old, FSX still soldiers on. There will be a market for current and future ORBX products for a long time to come
  13. Me too!!! It's been a long wait, but looks like it's worth it. I'll buy it as soon as it's released. Ken
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