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  1. Hi Rockliffe, For all the parts you might want, check out "Cockpit PHD." They sell buttons and switches, connectors and the I/O interfaces to connect them to the PC. Once connected each button or switch will be recognized by FSUIPC. No soldering or electronic knowledge is needed for simpler projects; it's all "plug and play." It doesn't matter what switches you use, I didn't care for the big red push button from Cockpit PHD, so I used little white ones from Allelectronics. I made my own Comm Panel and set up a couple of inputs to use with my VRInsight transponder. Since I fly o
  2. This was a crash, not a crash landing. Gear up, plane out of control! Is a miracle that he survived. The site is across the street from where my wife and I work. The old waste disposal facility is on the south side of Spagnoli Rd, and the southern end of Old Bethpage Village Restoration, A living history museum, where we work, is on the north side. When at work (we're closed for the winter now) I can see the old smoke stacks of the decommissioned incinerator from outside of the front of my shop. The area has some dense areas of housing, but Spagnoli Rd is widely spaced industrial, with
  3. Derek, John, Ian, Rodger, and ALL of the Orbx family: A happy, healthy and safe new year. To paraphrase Sir Winston, we may not be at the beginning of the end but maybe we're at the end of the beginning. Ken
  4. Should be number 3, right knee. But elective surgery is being deferred, and even if it weren't, I don't think I would want to be in the hospital at this point. Besides, had the left one done last year, and it was not a great success. Still painful. But I'll settle for 2, if I can trade the coal for a cord of firewood. Oil prices are still fairly low, but wood is still cheaper. But I'll join the chorus asking Santa for the vaccine, the end of the pandemic, and a return to a more normal life.
  5. Among the duties I had in my long and continuing career at the living history museum was Premium Department Secretary for the tri-county agricultural fair that the museum hosted. My job revolved around processing the entries for the competitive exhibits that were entered by the public. I'd enter the contestants' data including the Entry under the appropriate class, and print the exhibit cards, judging book and so on. One day I got a call from one of our poultry exhibitors. "Ken," he says "that bantam in class. .... Delete him!". "Well, sure, but why?". " He made too much noise, so we ate
  6. Darned auto correct again! Read "No Kill" shelter above. Doesn't make sense otherwise.
  7. So glad that your little Felix has a happy furever home. It is sad that homeless animals, especially cats lead such a precarious existence, that even veterinarians, who you'd think are in this profession because they love animals, are compelled to put animals to death for the crime of not having a home. Here in the US there are encouraging movements to help prevent this sad outcome. For feral cats that ca't be socialized, there are folks who T-S-R, Trap, Spay, Release. Then the volunteers see to it that the kitties have food. Another movement is the no skill shelter. We have one near us, T
  8. Correction, wife points out that Jet died quite a while after we married, so it was in 1983, not 1973. My bad. But I recall that when mom and I took her for a checkup at the vet they were astonished by a pretty healthy 24 year old cat. Since we don't know exactly when she was born, she probably was almost 25 when she died.
  9. I have had a cat most of my life, several over the years, but one at a time. First there was Smokey, who as a tiny kitten rode home in my cowboy hat. I was three or four, about 1952. Little kids can be hard on cats, so she didn't pay too much attention to me for years, long after I had moved away from Grandma's. When my mom remarried, and we moved (A mile and a half away) Smokey stayed behind, though she really bonded to me in her later years when I visited, which until I went to college was almost every day. In later years she was a wonderful companion to Grandma until Smokey died in 197
  10. Never got to Capri, but spent a wonderful weekend on Ischia. Unfortunately my wife could not join me in Italy. But I did have leave over Christmas and New Years, (this was 1990) and rather than going home, she met me in London. We spent Christmas with my cousins in Southampton, and New Years with her college chum and family in Beccles.
  11. Ah yes, Zi Georgio's and IL Fantino near the Naval Base in Naples. Also that little stand that sold wood roasted chicken (we called it "road kill") Good food, home made wine, and cheap.
  12. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, during Desert Storm. City of contrast. Modern and ancient. Jet transports on one side of the fence, camels plodding by on the other. Modern department stores and old souls. New mansions and old traditional architecture.
  13. Ah, yes, Kindergarten! Young and impressionable I remember Kindergarten more than most years. 1: Air raid drills. 1953, the Cold War. Regularly had air raid drills. There was one end of the classroom that had a lower ceiling, and this is where we hung our coats. In an air raid drill we all crowded in this space, "assumed the position", kneeling with our heads between our knees. I thought that the lower ceiling in this part of the classroom meant some sort of protective shelter. It wasn't- just a drop ceiling. 2. Finger painting. I failed! I did not like to
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