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  1. Actually the original is "Duck Tape ." That is the original brand name . Accept no substitutes.
  2. This saith the wife: what about a Swiss army knife? Ken
  3. It has been said: you only need two tools. A roll of duck tape and a can of WD40. If it moves, and is not supposed to,use the duck tape. If it's supposed to move, and doesn't, use the WD40. As for myself, I'll vote for the pliers, with a tin can and a wire coat hanger I can do a lot, as long as I have a pair of pliers. Ken
  4. This so far forgets New England and the Mid Atlantic. I love the West, and because of PilotEdge, I've been doing almost all of my flying there for the last couple of years. But I still want to see the U.S. West Coast.
  5. This is, admittedly confusing. Read the entire announcement. What is free is not KBUR. It is Fairways Airport OG20.
  6. As I mentioned, I use a basic Amazon Fire 7 tablet, US $50. It's an Android operating system. Quite adequate for a dedicated FS tablet. I should also mention that since the pictures that Tom Tsui put up on FSXTimes last year I've added a 7 inch monitor to the panel (under the Radio Panels). It's primarily for the Rex Weather Radar, but I occasionally use it for other things. One of these days I'll send Tom an update. Ken
  7. I use a basic Amazon Fire tablet with my sim. It works perfectly with Navigraph Charts, providing a nice moving map. I especially appreciated it during the recent PilotEdge/EAA virtual Oshkosh fly-in. The Fisk Arrival requires following the railroad tracks. I fly the Mooney Bravo,and with this plane's long nose, this can be hard to do. The Navigraph moving map on my tablet made this very easy. It also makes taxiing around unfamiliar airports easier; you can see just where you are on the airport diagram and follow your progress. I also use my tablet to reference VFRmap and S
  8. Starts tomorrow! Scenery is available four download. Lots of traffic already as pilots have been practicing and familiarizing with the approaches.
  9. PilotEdge has just released the NOTAM. This will be an exciting event. Download the NOTAM pdf via the link in the first post, above.
  10. I'm looking forward to this. I've downloaded the NOTAM from 2019, and been practicing the approaches. On the 21st I'm planning on flying from Aurora, IL (KARR) (an Orbx freeware airport) to Oshkosh about 11:00 PDT (1300 CDT). Anyone interested in joining me? Ken
  11. PilotEdge will be releasing a freeware scenery for the area. Only time will tell how good it is.
  12. This offer applies to Iceman, or anyone else, too. Don't know where you are, but if you can use the yoke and pay the shipping costs, you may have it. PM me. Ken
  13. I have a Saitek yoke you may have. I tried it for a while, but hated the huge null zone. Never could manage a crosswind landing. Went back to the CH. When that wears out I'm considering the new Honeycomb. Anyway it hasn't been used much. Now here's the problem. You're in Australia, I'm in the USA. I've not an clue how much it would cost to ship it, but I guess I can find out. I don't want money for the yoke itself, but if it proves feasible, I'll send it if you pay for the shipping. Note that during this pandemic, getting post office service may be difficult here. Limit
  14. I hope so too! Fly in-out KFAT a lot and would love to see it by Orbx.
  15. If you can, make a back up (preferably on an external drive). You can delete it later. While I "❤ed" Terrible T's comment, I am agonizing over converting to P3D. My FSX runs beautifully except in the area around L A. My problem is with my immersive cockpit. I have lots of hardware, and of course all that hardware has software that drives it. Will that be compatible? How many hours (and hours, and hours) is it going to take to get it to work, before I give up, spend $100s on a replacement that may not work as well as what I have now. My FSX computer was built by J
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