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  1. I thank you for compiling this.. It will be a great resource. Especially I appreciate your including runway information. Not only does this help in planning flights, but when we get to the payware airports, it helps in choosing which ones to buy. I'll take a thorough look at this tomorrow. Ken
  2. Hi Francois, Thanks, and I know it will take time. Right now I' flying the west coast, anywhere in the PloitEdge covered regions. That is ORBX PNW, NorCal, SoCal, Northern and Central Rockies. Eventually I'll fly back home to my base in the Northeast US, which will involve a trip across the continent in approximately 100 mile legs (takes about a month). I have most of the U.S. payware airports , except for those that I can't comfortable fly in and out of with the Mooney Bravo or the CT 210 Centurion. Before a purchase from ORBX I check an airport out on SkyVector. Of course all of the airports in a region are upgraded and enhanced, though the level of detail varies. This is good project, and your color coding is a great idea. Thanks for taking it on. Ken
  3. Adding a notation of runway length will be very useful, especially when you get to the payware ones. I have long wished that ORBX include this information in the airport listing. Also you might consider noting the runway construction, whether asphalt, turf, or even just hard surface, turf or gravel. I fly either the Mooney or the C210, and avoid short runways or turf. Ken
  4. This is a nice list, and thank you for compiling it. ORBX provides one of their own, but your 's is good because it is sorted by location (state, province,etc.). There are a few errors, which I'm sure I be noted over time. That said: KOLD is in Maine, not Massachusetts. Missing: KUUU. Newport, RI KSFZ, North Central State, RI But this is great, and thanks for sharing it. Ken
  5. You missed two in northern Arizona that I have noticed: KPGA Page L41 Marble Canyon KBHB Bar Harbor is now payware, as is KACK Nantucket, which is in Massachusetts, not Maine. Ken
  6. I have too. I learned the hard way that if something doesn't work as it should, to close everything and reboot. Then restart each program one at a time. I run my Sim on two networked computers, so this can take time, but it works most of the time.
  7. I believe that 6B6, Minute Man near Stow, MA has this feature, but this is a very small airport, with a 2770 by 48 ft runway. Not sure you can get the THE 900 in or out. Ken
  8. As I noted, this a tough question. Both Brett and Brad note good candidates for the honor. KBLU, Blue Canyon/Nyack is one of the most interesting airports in ORBX Land. It's on a plateau, so it's pretty easy for the approach, once you find it in the first place. It has a little astronomical observatory next to the ramp. It is also very near the site of one of the great tragedies of the history of American migration. Take off on RWY 33 and turn right and fly along the valley. You'll come to a small lake, Lake Truckee. This is where the Donner Party was snowed in during the winter of 1846-7. A number starved to death, and others survived by resorting to cannibalism.
  9. This is a tough one! There are many candidates for this honor in the West coast regions. One possibility is L05, Kern Valley. The airport is at 2600 ft in a long narrow valley, but surrounded by mountains at least 4000 higher on each side. I approach this one by coming over the mountains, descending on right hand spirals over Lake Isabella, then at about 3600 ft flying north through the valley before turbo to final to RWY 17. Another candidate is Big Bear City, L35, but I think Kern Valley beats it.
  10. It does. The version in the SoCal Region is pretty good, but I 'd certainly like to see a payware version. Also nearby Gen. William M Fox field (KWJF). Ken
  11. I have all the US regions, land class, etc. I also have most of the airports, but since I fly the Mooney Bravo I don't buy any airports with runways less than 2500'. Although I live and am based in the North East, currently I'm flying around the West Coast using PilotEdge, and loving it. Ken
  12. Where are you flying, and what ATC are you using? Ken
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by "blocked FSX.exe," but if FSX will not open , try deleting the logbook file in "My Documents" folder (copy it to a backup folder). A corrupt log file often causes FSX to freeze. There is an inexpensive utility that allows the editing of these log files, so you only lose the last entry. Ken
  14. Wonderful story. What a great for grandfather and grandson to share this experience. Ken
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