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  1. Local loyalty, (was developed and built just down the road from where I live) plus combat reputation: P47 Thunderbolt. Then military: B17 P38 Civil: Cessna 185, etc. Beech King Air 200, etc. By "etc." I include similar models, for example the rest of Cessna's 180 line and the other King Airs.
  2. I don't know about on your side of the Pond, but I've found that here in the 'States the real-world pilot shops often have flight simulator gear when the FS sites do not. Look in they're "Training and Flight SIM" section. They sometimes even have better prices.
  3. Once that's done, get in the plane, check the (virtual) fuel, start the engine, and fly home. Problem solved!
  4. In the same vein as my observation on the Food Channel, this to would likely only make it worse, emphasizing what we can't have. Of course for we old Coot's, the spirit is willing, even if the flesh is weak.
  5. In JRR Tolkien's Hobbit, recall how when Bilbo and the Dwarves were transiting Mirkwood, starving, Bombur fell into an enchanted sleep after being bitten by a spider, dreaming of a banquet. When he was awaken he was still starving, but the memory of the dream banquet made it so much worse! So, A food channel on a desert island? Insult to injury! No thanks!
  6. This is great. My wife was a technical writer for several years, and frustrated by the fact she wrote user manuals that no-one read.
  7. Since I never watch anything on television, anyway, let alone sports, I don't see why I'd change, even on a desert island. Probably the most fun would be trying to figure out an electric source for said television, just to have something do.
  8. Like Rodger and W2DR, my wife has been very supportive after I decided to get back into flight simulator after I "retired" at the end of 2011. I started with the computer I had for general household use. But then I discovered off the shelf hardware by Saitek that made it so much more realistic. Unfortunately, though, when I started adding the Flight Information Panels (FIPs) the frame rate took a nosedive. So I added a medium performance off the shelf computer, and net worked the two. Worked well. But when I decided to upgrade I went with Jetline. Built to my specs, just for flight simu
  9. Been a long time since I've been in a good Irish pub. There is a great one in Norwich, CT. I'll take my ale red, with bangers and mash. Ken
  10. Let's fly out to Catalina, and tell lies over buffalo burgers and beer. Better stay over though- at least eight hours between bottle and throttle.
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