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  1. Welcome to the Forums. First thing, do you have the ORBX Libraries installed? Otherwise I suggest that you post this question in the Support Forum. Ken
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'm using FSX boxed version on a 43" TV ( Pre 4K) without any problems. However I am planning on going for a larger screen that covers the 44" width of my cockpit and setting up a full width view with Chaseplane. Your cautions, observations and solutions may prove to be very helpful. Ken
  3. Hi, and welcome to the forums, Since I'm still in FSX camp, I can't be too much help on X-Plane. However, you can't go wrong on TE Washington Oregon or Northern California with PilotEdge. While the current add ons for X-Plane so far are for uncontrolled airports, the ORBX scenery generally does a great job in making the airports in a region quite realistic. At least this is true for the FSX and P3D regions, and I'd expect the same in the X-Plane TE scenery. I love flying ORBX - land on PilotEdge; ORBX and PilotEdge go together like hand and glove for a realistic and immersive experience. I'm currently "on leave" from PilotEdge while recovering from knee replacement surgery, but hope to be back soon. Ken
  4. For good or ill our flight simulator scenery is frozen in time at the time of release. It is reasonable to expect our devs to fix bugs, but updating to keep up with the ever changing real world, all over the world is not only unrealistic, but hubris. While the devs are fussing over the gate numbers of your favorite airport, the favorite airports and other scenery of the rest of us are waiting on limbo. Ken
  5. Landing on the Yorktown flight deck would be fun, but realistically impossible except perhaps with a helicopter. Like USS Intrepid and other museum ships, the flight deck is display space and cluttered with aircraft. Fun anyway. Ken
  6. Great, ORBX Flyer. The photos you include show Yorktown in WW2 configuration. After the War the class underwent two modernization programs SCB 27 and SCB 125 which removed guns reconfigured the island, and added the angled flight deck. So modernized these great ships served for more than 25 years, providing attack and ASW capability during Korea, Viet Nam, and the Cold War. They also supported the Space Program. As preserved at Patriots Point they Yorktown is in the post war configuration. I'd love to visit Patriots Point. I've visited the Intrepid (CVS 11) in New York a few times and the curators and staff do a great job of telling her story. Ken
  7. We started WW2 with eight operational aircraft carriers. 1942 was not kind to them; we lost half. Lexington, CV2 , Battle n the Coral Sea, 8 May. (Yorktown was damaged, but repaired in time for Midway). Yorktown, CV5 Battle of Midway, 7June. Wasp CV7, in support of the invasion of Guadalcanal, 15 Sep. Hornet, CV8, Battle of Santa Cruz, 26 Oct. A whole new class of carriers began with USS Essex CV9, and the names of the four ships lost in '42 were assigned to ships of this class. (Yorktown, 10; Hornet, 12; Lexington, 16; and my old ship, Wasp, 18). None of the ships in this class were sunk during the War, though several took a real beating, and the Franklin, CV 13 was so badly damaged that she never returned to service during the War. Anyone interested in Naval History should have a look at this site: WWW.Navsource.org. Tons of great pictures. Ken
  8. Don't confuse the aircraft carrier at Patriots Point with the one that was at Midway. That Yorktown (CV5) is still at the battle site, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The one you can visit is (CV10), an Essex class carrier named after the former after that ship was lost at the Battle of Midway. Unfortunately, the ORBX scenery confused the issue, because the one portrayed in the scenery is indeed the long lost earlier one. It should be an updated (with angled deck etc.) Essex class carrier, which this portrayal is not. Look at earlier posts in this thread by JMBill an myself. Ken
  9. Hi, Congratulations on getting a new Jetline Systems computer! You won't be disappointed. I love my Jetline computer, and the support is really, really great. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but you should be able to install any of your ORBX purchases for FSX into P3D without a problem. For X-Plane you would have to purchase the X-Plane version. I'll be following in your footsteps sooner or later. Ken
  10. And a very Merry Christmas to you, and all of the wonderful ORBX family, from Ken, Karen, and Chessie the Cat (my co-pilot).
  11. Nice sentiments, thank you! A very Merry Christmas!
  12. I guess I was about five. Stopped at a traffic light, I said: "Mommy, why is it called a 'green light ?' It's white." Kelly green is green, an apple is red, but subtle shades and pastels throw me. Pie charts, weather maps, and most color coding is impossible for me to decipher. So thank you Ben and ORBX for your consideration in this matter. Ken
  13. No. The regions are self contained. The BIG advantage with Global, Vectors and Land Class is that if you fly outside of the region the scenery transition is seamless. While the scenery outside of the region is not as detailed, it matches that of the region, and is WAY better than the default. In short, if you only fly within the region, nothing else is necessary, but if you fly outside of the region, these add-ons are wonderful, and well worth the money. I wouldn't be without them. Besides, all ORBX products are designed to work together so you can mix and match them with confidence. Ken
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