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  1. Mooney Shuts Down, Employees Furloughed. “To those watching Mooney’s sales numbers over the first half of this year, the shutdown is probably not a huge surprise. According to GAMA sales records, Mooney sold two Acclaim Ultras in each of the first two quarters, after selling 14 aircraft at a value of $10.7 million in 2018. For context, Cirrus sold 203 aircraft in the first half of 2019, while Mooney’s output trailed Extra, Pipistrel and Quest’s”
  2. I installed ORBX Central (bought the London Scenery) and took the installers advice and removed FTX Central. Now, seeing Nicks post in this thread I see the two CAN coexist. That is is an option I would like to explore. How do I reinstall FTX Central? TIA, -Braun
  3. Ditto from this former Canuck now a yank. Much better perf. On my 970 i2700k box. I DONT have every slider cranked to the right tho...ain’t gonna happen with this box -Braun
  4. OP, the first respondent was mistaken. THIS is the general topic forum. I think you are ok inquiring about freeware. There is always avsim too -Braun
  5. The Ataris ST Version was Groundbreaking for its day, as was the Amiga’s Version. I had an ST so of course I HATED anything Amiga at the time, as the Amiga folks equally hated the ST. Why? Who knows...it’s just how we rolled back then LoL -Braun
  6. Seems to run better in many ways than my other orbx sceneries, Of which I have more than a few. Paired with P3dv4.5 (hotfix) I get none of the pauses I see in my other sceneries, frame rates are high and loading times are much, much improved. Does AU2 represent the sum of current orbx learnings? I don’t know, but this I DO know. I am well pleased with my purchase of AU2 and more so am pleasantly surprised by it’s performance benefits. Great job orbx. -Braun
  7. Update. Have been flying for a few hours now. YBBN TO YLLE TO YMML. Performance is some of the best from ORBX I’ve seen so far and I have a lot of ORBX scenery. The landscapes in the interior are rich and detailed (for the interior). I’m about 90 min out from Melbourne. Based upon reports from other simmers I should be pretty impressed Frames averaging 60 to 70 more to follow
  8. Looks and runs great on my rig and my rig is over 8 years old. I2700K GTX970 SSDs Chances are you will have same or better experience -Braun
  9. PMB, Uninstall first. Fix won’t instal until you do. Read installation options -Braun
  10. ORBX AU was my first ORBX product. Purchased between 10 - 15 years ago. Not sure exactly. It was my first scenery addon for Flight Simulator. I have it now on my P3Dv4 and will buy AU2 the moment it comes out. Looks amazing. It appears to be a compilation of all the tricks and knowledge gained by ORBX in recent development. -Braun
  11. Farewell Big Bird....after 12 years, we hardly knew ye’! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-14/airbus-buries-a380-flagship-drawing-curtain-on-jumbo-jet-era
  12. Well, I have stayed mum on this topic. Bought it day one. First scenery, Orbx or otherwise, I ever had a usability problem with. and I do have most of the Orbx product line, and ALL of their heavy hitters (regions / city scenes). Biggest disappointment is load times (10+ minutes). Once loaded, it is hit or miss if I get to fly, and it will almost always CTD. But as Nick correctly reminds us, this is not the support topic, so I'll say only this. If core usability issues are not resolved I think Orlando will be remembered at best as a swing and a miss. -Braun
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