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  1. Came across this today and thought I’d share. Pretty Heady Stuff Enjoy, -Braun PS I have no idea who or what “FULTON Official” is, but I appreciate their good work! Hello, I have merged this, two topics are enough. Thanks.
  2. I too look forward to a full portfolio of Africa offerings from Orbx, but in the meantime you know there are a few Africa Only developers out there building for Africa and P3d including V5. Do a google search for Africa Scenery P3d v5. Prices are awesome too. I’m going to buy a few while I wait on Orbx. That’s ok tho, as I just bought Orbx EGNT too! -Braun
  3. Do you use the F1-GTN by chance? Ver 2.20 is proven culprit of HF 2 exit hang. -Braun
  4. Will buy on release. A wonderful addition to my "World of Orbx" -Braun
  5. By Jordan King. Quite well done and quite interesting to boot! https://youtu.be/9li8ekJoT00 -Braun
  6. For me it was “Meh...” at first. Plain looked awful. Then I remembered I had been using Orbx products in P3d for over three years now. I had forgotten just how plain and “meh” these simulators look without an Orbx touch! Added some Orbx products back yesterday (global base, a few regions and some airports). All is back to normal and I’ve moved from “meh” to “wow” -Braun
  7. This is awesome Benny. Don’t look back and you’ll never start again. -Braun 15+ years clean
  8. RESOLVED: Third time was the charm. Followed Doug’s last advice to sync and resolved. -Braun
  9. Add me to the chorus and Doug vis a vis your recommendations, been there done that. Any other suggestions? TIA -Braun
  10. Just discovered, upon landing during taxi things seemed quite "empty". A quick look around and no buildings ./ clutter, only shadows where buildings go? Have done the normal like verify files check for updates and just verified files on libraries. Any Ideas? TIA, -Braun
  11. Mooney Shuts Down, Employees Furloughed. “To those watching Mooney’s sales numbers over the first half of this year, the shutdown is probably not a huge surprise. According to GAMA sales records, Mooney sold two Acclaim Ultras in each of the first two quarters, after selling 14 aircraft at a value of $10.7 million in 2018. For context, Cirrus sold 203 aircraft in the first half of 2019, while Mooney’s output trailed Extra, Pipistrel and Quest’s”
  12. I installed ORBX Central (bought the London Scenery) and took the installers advice and removed FTX Central. Now, seeing Nicks post in this thread I see the two CAN coexist. That is is an option I would like to explore. How do I reinstall FTX Central? TIA, -Braun
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