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  1. Well it was off to a clunky and ignoble start, but my experience was MS cranked up bandwidth within the first 90 min or so and things picked up after that. Beyond that, Asobo hit a solid Home Run and some well say it was out of the park and others will say different. Regardless of your viewpoint there is no denying THIS is now the king of the hill. Looks darn good to at locked 60 FPS solid (all green) post SU5 as opposed to locked 30 FPS variable (mostly green some yellow and a little red) And that is exactly what Asobo promised and I, at least, am well pleased PS...FBW and WT updated their generous offerings today making the Neo, CJ4 and the WT3000 full compatible. -btacon
  2. All fixed now. I took Nick's advise and moved my LC to the proper spot. I thought it already was but clearly it was not and after RTFM I think I got it right this time. Thanks Nick, -Braun
  3. Hi Nick. I took a look at my library. To my eye it appears to be a mess. All my LC files are on top of my airport files and some of those extend down and intermingle with the base LM scenery layers, examples below. Is there a way to make it resort itself out into the proper order? I've already done a sync and a full verify files. Thanks, -Braun
  4. Thanks Nick. I’ll give it a try and report back. -Braun
  5. Subject sez it all. Reminds me of the black patches that occur when a verify files is needed. I just did my entire collection of scenery (verify files) so I don't think that's going to help. Any insight appreciated. -Braun
  6. Ditto and Ditto and Ditto and Ditto!!!! (KIDA, KMBS, KRDD, W52) -Braun
  7. Ditto here. I too miss it dearly and an update from Orbx would be appreciated. -Braun
  8. Wain71, well I got the 777. Got the Base. Got the expansion. Both work great on my system. Nominal. As expected. Lots of noise at the PMDG Forums, some of it deserved, most not IMHO. im glad I bought it and it rounds out my PMDG Boeing collection. I now own them all. -Braun
  9. Hi Wain71. I have the NGXu and the QOTS II (747) and will buy the T7 as you are calling it upon release for P3d v5 (the version I am running) Both the 747 and the 777 are Heavies and will require similar airfields and runways. The 737 is more useful for a variety of airports, both small and large, so more choices of where to fly. If you are currently flying the 737 I think you will find the 777 newly modernized systems (aligned with the 737) more to your liking, especially ACARS. THE 747 has an earlier PMDG implementation of ACARS and it is a bit more clunky than the most recent implementation as found on the NGXu. My recommendation is the 777. Hope this is useful. -Braun
  10. Im sorry and no disrespect intended or implied. FWIW, to me, the new logo does not imply or inform about Orbx. A nifty logo? Sure. Brand recognition for Orbx? Maybe not so much? -Braun
  11. Came across this today and thought I’d share. Pretty Heady Stuff Enjoy, -Braun PS I have no idea who or what “FULTON Official” is, but I appreciate their good work! Hello, I have merged this, two topics are enough. Thanks.
  12. I too look forward to a full portfolio of Africa offerings from Orbx, but in the meantime you know there are a few Africa Only developers out there building for Africa and P3d including V5. Do a google search for Africa Scenery P3d v5. Prices are awesome too. I’m going to buy a few while I wait on Orbx. That’s ok tho, as I just bought Orbx EGNT too! -Braun
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