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  1. It looks plenty good on the graphics card and processor and certainly enough RAM. Depending how many products you are loading 500GB might cut you short on storage? Overall it looks to be adequate and should run a simulator just fine. Keep in mind any of the TE products might be a different ball game in terms of space and graphics demand. That said, lower settings with some sceneries can go a long ways; Happy Flying!
  2. This looks good as do all of these new airports, now if I could get Central to cooperate I would be in the business of some more new airports.
  3. Hey Adam the pictures look wonderful, so CS had a sale shoot missed that one but caught the PMDG one and grabbed their 777.
  4. Any time Jack, West Coast Flights always nice flying!
  5. Love that "Duke" Jack, looks like your up and running looking good Sir! I am still on hold with loading Orbx for now; sure miss it though lol!
  6. You 2 are Masters of the ART of Scenery and Airport Development your work is fantastic! Any chance of you guys getting in with Holger on some Asian Development; Seoul South Korea City; that would be mind blowing! No matter what your talent is top notch! Thank you Sirs!
  7. You 2 knocked the ball outta the park on this one!!! Beautiful Work Sirs!
  8. This may be cause to look into a Wales purchase, that is a nice route and good screen shot.
  9. Looks good Carlos! Is you new install of Central up and running? I am about to do take 2 and try it again think I made a mistake the first go around, but I am no quitter: lol
  10. Let's hope so, these ole Flight Sim platforms need some serious updating and it looks as though MSFS is going to take the lead in this. Hopefully the rest will follow as this scenery and airplane add-on hobby is getting pretty expensive having to change things around with newer versions. With the technology available today realistic anything is possible; that is the hope! It looks like JV called it on this one!
  11. Chris great information Sir, as the above post states my prayers are for you and your recovery; I do not need to tell you what is number #1 in life you know. May you have a steady and fast recovery! Hope you and yours are doing ok.
  12. Have not heard if South korea is going to get any enhancement, cities like Seoul South Korea, Daegu, Busan all big cities with large populations and mountains. For all of us that served in S Korea during our military careers this would be really cool. Last year the wife and I flew to S. Korea for a 2 month visit and tour and man did it change and grow from the last time I was there in 1977. Seoul is one gigantic city and gorgeous at night, add to that NamSan Mountain with it's tower overlooking the city....priceless!
  13. I was a Huey Crew Chief and TI most of my Army career, to be able to mix ORBX with DCS would be a dream come true; DCS is very limited in terms of flying space. A DCS Combat Simulator coated in ORBX would be fantastic. I do understand some not wanting to deal with the level of learning in DCS for me it keeps my mind alert and feeds my soul. (Good for my brain, what's left of it). One nice thing about DCS is you do not have to deal with painful updates!
  14. Just when I thought it was getting good: wait it is getting good! We are now getting some darn good processors coming down the pipeline!
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