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  1. No worries Ben I too am somewhat unfamiliar with AMD, it has been many years since i have used that CPU! Your choices are good both Intel Processors will run like crazy. My thought before pulling the plug was just jump in and do it as I do not build every year; we all know how expensive this gets. The i7-9700k or i9-9900k will run circles around the i7-4790k, that is the very processor I just upgraded from. That said the i7-4790k served me long and well, a very good processor. I to was having the stutter issue and I am sure it was a combination of just outdated hardware. Speaking of graphics I went from an ASUS GeForce 970 to a ASUS RTX2080ti and the improvement was out of the ball park, so to speak. I know all this stuff hits the bank hard but I said to heck with it, its going down and that was that! If you do this I think you are going to be really happy with your new super performance computer!
  2. Hey Ben just finish my new build with the i9-9900k paired with the ASUS Maximus Hero XI WiFi and I can say it is a beast and performs very, very good. As Doug mentioned AMD does have some processors coming down the pipe line they very well may be worth the wait! My system was getting old and causing me to become an expert at re-downloading everything; not a good position to be in! In my case I needed a quick fix so I took the plunge, not a mistake but there may be a cheaper way to go about it if time is on your side. The performance gain will mainly depend on how you set this thing up, right now I have mine overclocked to run at about 4.9 and the jury is still out for me on whether this overclocking is even worth it. The thing everyone gets caught up on are all of these cores and threads, do you really see it in terms of performance...or is all of this just bragging rights? What I had before was a i7-74790k and it ran great 4.0 right out of the box, a 5 year old processor; (still good today)! Did I see an increase in speed with the i9-9900k, absolutely yes it combined with a new mother board and ram made this system very fast with little effort and the sim is smooth as butter. All that being said I am seeing many people wit i3's and i5's running very fast as well so is the i9 even necessary? My purpose for the build I did was to get a system ready for these larger photo real sceneries and to prepare the system for Virtual Reality, the jury is still out on will this system be ready; hopefully it is! Prepared is not the only sim I run and I also do some gaming that does utilize more than 1 core. Final thought on this was it worth it, in my case I I just made up my mind and did it with no regret whatsoever!
  3. I feel your pain Jack, so far this year has been the worst for me with re-installs! Everything is working and running fine then here comes the supposed new and improved update; Trouble! The past 6 months I put the brakes on a certain Flight Sim Platform and reverted to my backup X-Plane! As of late I have built a brand computer not because what I had was bad but an updated system was needed for all of the new and bigger add on,s coming out! I was at a point that I was spending much more time fixing than flying. At this point in time I am running a much lighter system in terms of downloads and I think it is a much better idea; keep it lite! If add on's require me to jump through hoops to install then I simple do not use them, I am learning the hard way.
  4. Hey Aimee, not trying to rub it in but last year I spent the Summer there and it is a really beautiful place! I really hope you can come see it you will like it I am sure. Must see is Mount Rainier, you can not miss it! Also while there absolutely go to Port Angeles and catch the huge Ferry (COHO) to Victoria, Canada. Victoria is the cleanest prettiest city I have ever been in and full of fun activity! The whole Northwest is really stunning and very much worthy of a vacation destination! All of the ORBX Airports come to life when you see them for real, I took lots of pictures and will return again this Summer to take more! Oh, make sure you go in the Summer it is the best season for that area!
  5. That is a very nice group of shots sir! Looks like the developers went all in on this one, absolutely stunning!
  6. Larry, you are one heck of a talented developer sir! You picked a gorgeous location to surprise all of us flight simmers with this seaport! To work on a project for a year and then generously share your hard work says volumes about your character; Thank You Sir, your work is excellent and I am sure all simmers out there agree. Lastly, you could have charged for this scenery and you did not, I think Santa Claus may just be real and the community just had Christmas in April; lol! Thank you again!
  7. Adam those really are nice shots and you mentioned they are freeware, sure would like to know where you found those, wow! The lighting in X-Plane is very nice I recently broke down and picked it up to give it a try and really do like many of the features it offers! I am still heavily invested in Prepar3D and certainly with ORBX! When one sim suffers from some updates the other sim gets some love! Good to have both even though I probably cannot afford it. Something about X-Plane and the flight dynamics and as you mentioned the feel of the cockpit is fantastic. Thanks for sharing those pictures now I have to find that beautiful Vulcan!
  8. Here is something very big that was not mentioned or I missed it! Prepared 3D has a 30-day money back policy unless that has just changed, so if you do not like it along with the free demo's on ORBX you can get a refund. X-Plane your getting a demo and your stuck with it; no 30-day return refund. In my case I have both simulators and frankly they both have good and not so good points. If hard drive space is not an issue why not try both, worst case scenerio you can always remove one. My thought on X-Plane 11 was, this is an inexpensive way to add some free (good) aircraft and scenery to my simming experience fairly cheap. Now what would be cool is if a package deal was done that combined Global, Open LC, and Vector, just saying! My case I have already made the investment in both sim's plus ORBX and have few regrets, all is good.
  9. That is a nice reminder thanks NineMile41 that is what is great about the forum here, I actually forgot about some of the other mesh that is out there.
  10. NineMile41 your driving me crazy with that beautiful flight of yours and I want ORBX to come out with Open LC's and Regions for ASIA so bad! Rongor kind of said it all. In the mean time I have been purchasing every Asian airport that has some quality to it that I can. It is ashame one of the well known developers never came back with an update to VHHH: very big missed opportunity. I think many of us have our fingers crossed that ORBX will some day jump on Asia for landclass and regions followed by the big scenery developers to create airports. We are finally getting Inchon, wouldn't it be nice to fly China, Japan, South Korea and all of South East Asia; yes it would. Anyway really like your post and thought your route plan is pretty cool! Keep sending these maybe it will draw some much needed attention from the fantastic ORBX!
  11. The greenish\yellow hue in your sky shot looks fantastic, very nice blend of sky colors!
  12. Arclight, that is what I am going to do is just wait it out for now and play with something else in the toybox. I have been on these Flight Simulators since the 1980's and man have they improved! That said patience is the king when it comes to all of this, I know it sucks waiting for something you wanna fly in but it's sorta the nature of the beast. Oh and you would think for as long as I have been doing this I would know it all, I'm not even close, this development thing is way above my pay grade; lol just a simmer and loving it!
  13. Hey Arclight, there is good and bad on this when I tried to use it. The good is that it looks nice once you get it loaded, the bad is that it takes up a lot of hard drive space. I got so frustrated with it I removed it from my hard drive until a better solution is found for either the platform being downloaded or the program itself is more optimized. I know it can get really frustrating at times with some programs and the way they act or don't on ones computer. At this point I am waiting for P3DV4.5 to come out as it has been mentioned that it will handle larger programs better than the current version. In the meantime I just run Battlefield V or Train Simulator and chill out; lol. Also since I last had it installed it looks as if they have worked on the program and it may act better now, I am not sure as I have not messed with it yet. Waiting for P3DV4.5 and the new Las Vegas! Also you may try the work around which required turning some things off, I do not remember where the work around is located exactly but I know for sure it is here in the forum, sorry I could not be more helpful on this one.
  14. Just hoping this is not a precursor to the incoming TE products that will most likely be much larger than Orlando; fingers crossed! Progress is good, but may be moving faster than my system is capable. Might have to visit the computer component vendors for a major tune up on the mother board, CPU, and Ram. ORBX is producing, so time for me to play some component catch up in the Flight Sim World, here I go again! The price to play is getting costly, but I am all in for now just got to get over the bumps. I know, it hurts!
  15. Is this really what the community wants scenery with no seasons, then what's the point of certain airports that have been developed that are buried in the snow and look beautiful? I do understand how the platform is advancing but as you gain you also lose. This photo real looks great in one season but the rest of the non existent seasons leaves a void. Guess we have been spoiled by what ORBX first developed. I might have to settle for what has already been developed with all the season's because it is good in my sim world. I would say all of this new development is great and it is, but it does not co-exist with what has already been purchased. This is getting very expensive to keep up with for a hobby that not so long a go was in the budget; any more not so sure, a wife can lower the boom!
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