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  1. AMD is becoming very interesting and even though I just completed a new Intel build I am liking what I see from these guys! So many good things are coming to computers these days, this gives all of us great choices and a better price. Thank goodness we finally have some competition between Red and Blue, things are looking better for the consumer!
  2. Nice information and it looks really good! The True Earth product is great in that you do not have to live stream it from an internet connection; that is a good thing in my book! Some areas I travel to have weak internet and the ability to run this from the hard drive alone is a big plus.
  3. This has been a Tsunami of new information for me and I am going to start applying for loans now so I will be ready when this stuff comes out; this news just gets better by the minute! One thing that gives me patience is that I have so much scenery now I cannot even possibly fly it all in 6 months time! The better news is there is more coming and "Thank You ORBX"! With P3D and X-Plane I am not sure there will be room enough for any other New Flight Sim Platforms any time in the near future, too darn vested in P3D and ORBX and loving it! Keep the assembly line rolling!
  4. You guys remember the F-18 on the Amiga 500! Man your pictures bring back some fond memories of my earlier days in Flight simulator for sure! I still have my Commodore 64 and 128, the Amiga is long gone though. That stuff was state of the art back then for home Flight Simulation; I have been hooked ever since!
  5. These articles are pretty interesting regarding regarding AMD and the new processors! As you know both Ben and myself have new builds with the i9-9900k and in my case I am very satisfied with the result. That said I will be watching AMD for a second build for my wife in the near future! The interesting part is that she hardly ever uses a computer, (I'll help her out lol). Now ASUS is talking about a "Super 2080ti" things are changing very fast! I must admit I am liking what I am seeing from AMD and especially the pricing is good, this is way overdue and will open some doors for new builds for everyone! Doug C
  6. Mechanicals are becoming more and more affordable too!
  7. I have had good luck with mechanical HHD's but I prefer the smaller SSD; less space! So far I am up to 8TB and I would much rather have storage than rely on streaming and an internet connection. I have not noticed that great of a difference in speed between mechanical and SSD, both good.
  8. Even though I have X-Plane I will wait for this one to come out for P3D, after all P3D is my main Flight Sim. X-Plane for me is an extra and I like it, but I will probably not invest in it as I did with P3D!
  9. You may be very right Dominique, I too go back to the days of Commodore 64; lol! Nothing wrong with progress and change, however something seriously wrong with abandoning a large customer base and then wanting back in as if nothing happened! Second chance may be the word, only time will tell.
  10. Macca22au, I am with you 100% on that, I well remember Microsoft walking away from the many simmers that invested heavily; Support stopped, there was no thank you, no good-bye, nothing! It is a mixed bag of thoughts right now with this news! Prepared and X-Plane have been working hard for us and of course ORBX bringing us the best of the best and now Microsoft hiding in the shadows jumps out and flashes a new simulator! Sorta feel like they said to hell with us and left and now that they see the developers who stood fast and continued to support the Flight Sim Community making a profit now they want back in. I have to admit the screen shots are beautiful and the new sim may have promise only time will tell? I do not like the fact that a big Corporation comes back into the game possibly hurting those that have stood by our side in developments we all enjoy; especially when they left so many simmers hang out to dry! Yes, competition is great and maybe this new sim will motivate the other Flight Sim developers to also release something new that is equal or better! At the very least it should alert the current Flight Sim developers to start addressing some of the bigger request of the community, (long standing performance issues). A Company that big that walked away from its Flight Simulator custom base...I don't know at this point if i will be with them. Man if ORBX had its own flight simulator we would be set!
  11. Well I guess someone just got their answer on True Earth release!; good for you sir; happy for you!
  12. The wife and I are already planning a trip up North again, so much to explore and the beauty of that area is second to none! We both miss our Rainbow Trout fishing and just good old fashion exploring the nature it is endless! We barley scratched the surface of Canada so we have a lot to look forward to! Ghost Public Land Area sounds really cool!
  13. Philippines, now that sounds good, have not been there since my service days, man was that place hot, it was also fun! In fact so fun we almost forgot about the heat! (NOT)! Fun places to go in this world but nothing beats the North for Summer!
  14. Just as the Expo hit last year we were headed North, man I wanted to see the Expo so bad! Next year if they do it in Vegas I will be there for sure. I know what you mean about the cold up there that is why I migrate with the birds, but this year.....I don't know what we were thinking! As long as the AC keeps working, we are good! Flying out to Germany in September for a couple of months then back to Vegas for the Winter! Going to Europe to learn how to drink Beerthis should be good!
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