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  1. Don't want to get my hopes up, we were told it was coming and then...I know those of us that logged many hours in South East Asia would like to log some sim hours there again! I would be in head over heels. Never saw the 2000+ request on any other land class, why is it Asia gets this: just saying?
  2. Going by what the dev said all of this should be installed outside of the sim, that has not happened and and we are not getting a projected time frame as to when it will happen? This is very disappointing as many of us are heavily invested in ORBX. It would be nice to know where they are at with all of this, silence is not a gooD thing and new programs are a DISTRACTION to the real problem at hand, "Central", it is still not working as intended months not weeks later.
  3. Thanks Airwolf it s what I thought and what you are saying, it is not complete as was advertised you cannot use this as was intended everything outside of the sim, this is becomimng very frustrating. Thanks for your input on this.
  4. I am wondering can sceneries be installed outside of P3D4 without issues yet? Looking at the Central forum indicates issues are still present. It appears that the where we are at with Central has gotten pretty quiet for some reason, it would be nice to know where all of this is at and a projected time frame. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  5. I was of the understanding that whatever season was selected you would have that season, such as flying in the winter and having snow when in reality it is Summer. My sim is displaying Fall and Summer as the same textures, pretty sure that is not right. Either way it all was uninstalled last night after a FPS issue with the new Central. I think I am entering the burn out phase for now and will check in to see what has been fixed from time to time.
  6. Well tried the new version of Central on Fast Lane in hopes of the sim running normal again; no luck! Startup flight with a default aircraft at Destin Florida did not go well. First thing noticed was massive frame drop, in flyable. The next thing noted was the Fall colored trees in the Summer, knew that was not right. Anyway uninstalled Central, Global, NA LC, North and South California, Central Rockies, NA Aircraft. Global installed in P3D, everything else to 1 Library. Back to default for now. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  7. Fess up Striker, that is cool on the color coding of the folder, how did you do that?
  8. The other day I did download a substantial amount of product into (FTX Central). Once downloaded I began the process of verifying a few files randomly to make sure all was there. Much to my surprise at least 20+ programs were missing some files! I normally do not verify but this instance I did and lucky for me! There just might be something going on we are all not aware of? Moving forward I will definitely verify on the front end for peace of mind if nothing else. Gabe 777 you may be correct on this as I certainly just experienced a similar issue with my downloads; maybe the A-Team can give it a look?
  9. Good question, hopefully it will address the specific issues such as what has been fixed and what remains to be fixed; still on hold for the download, waiting for the dust settle a bit.
  10. It looks plenty good on the graphics card and processor and certainly enough RAM. Depending how many products you are loading 500GB might cut you short on storage? Overall it looks to be adequate and should run a simulator just fine. Keep in mind any of the TE products might be a different ball game in terms of space and graphics demand. That said, lower settings with some sceneries can go a long ways; Happy Flying!
  11. David I would not give up after all you did invest in a couple of products that are very good. The developers will help you out but you have to send the requested file for them to do so. Yes everyone feels your pain as a lot of us are going through this; imagine the pressure on the guys working to fix all of this; it is no easy task and probably just as frustrating for them; ORBX wants this right for everyone and given a little time I am confident they will get all of us up and running. In pure simply terms this is just " Growing Pains" and yes it smarts a bit but always heals. Don't give up on the developers after all they are not giving up on us the customer.
  12. Thanks Nick! Found it after I posted thanks for the reply sir!
  13. John thanks your response is most welcomed sir! After I posted I finally found the "Install Instructions" sorta inside a post, I would think something of that nature would be in big bold letters with its very own thread; lol. As it stands right now I am sitting in FTX Central 3 and not really sure I am ready to do this or not, seems like the dust is still not settled. One of my concerns is Vector not making proper adjustments and it seems as though the developers are taking a well deserved break for the weekend. How is your sim getting along, any major problems or is everything going pretty smooth for you? Thanks again for the reply John!
  14. Anyone have any ideas, running Windows 10 Pro, P3Dv4.5? cannot get passed the "Library location message" Central does not respond?
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