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  1. Thank you Nick. Issue did not reoccur on same flight/location. So, is that what I do in the future if that specific error happens again? Paul
  2. OK. Will do Nick. Thanks for the quick response. Paul
  3. Strange terrain.dll Error between Washington DC and Knoxville, TN Prepar3D v.4.1 Windows 7 74-bit Pro ASUS Maximus Formula VIII Intel I7 6700 32g DDR4 Memory EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 ORBX FTX Vector North America / FTX Central ORBX User: N987PL@icloud.com My Traffic 6 for P3D v4.1 Active Sky for P3D v4.1 Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Prepar3D.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 59d67e95 Fault Module Name: terrain.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 59d67e0c Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00000000000dfe90 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 711b Additional Information 2: 711bb78c2ab5b91b959237c1b71c6b4e Additional Information 3: a741 Additional Information 4: a741d57b8367090be0265c7ae1b6abc1 SInce it is a terrain issue, Lockheed Martin suggested I post the error here.
  4. I'm also having problems with FTX3. It will not allow me to access my previously purchased products, i.e., Scotland, England, etc. It says "You do not have access to that build". Also, when I start FTX3 the Select Simulator box stays on the screen.
  5. After contacting EVGA, they suggested I use DDU. I ran DDU in safe mode and then re-loaded the newest display driver. Just flew from Wilmington, NC to Addison, TX at FL420 with absolutely no issues. Thanks again for your response. Paul
  6. After installing OpenLC for North America, I got an app crash on Prepar3D V 3.3. The only recent change in my setup (i.e., drivers have been in place for three weeks and no other changes) was the OpenLC install on Sunday. My system is ASUS Maximus Formula, 32g DDR4 memory, Intel I6700 CPU, EVGA 980GTXi, Windows 7 64 Ultimate. Crash data is attached. I look forward to your response. Paul orbxerror.docx
  7. Thanks jjaycee1. I just don't understand why an ORBX developer won't respond to this thread with (if not a fix), some long-term resolution in the works.....
  8. Just checking again to see if an ORBX developer can respond to my question about having to remove the military traffic from My Traffic app. Shouldn't your scenery work at KTVL like it does all over the world? I don't have any issues with any other scenery area/airports I have purchased. This issue has been open for over a month...:-(
  9. Misha, could you please respond regarding the removal of the military traffic? Also, I got the same results now that you mentioned above. I get a little screen stutter on departure, but was able to fly yesterday departing KTVL without the crash.
  10. Quick question.....does the renaming of the .bgl remove military traffic?
  11. Wow....I've read that customers of ORBX rave about the support team and responses to problems. I must be doing something wrong. I had this posted in a different forum and a member suggested I post a new topic for quicker response. Crickets......Anyone have any suggestions how I might get this answered?
  12. I've installed Northern California FTX and then KTVL Airport. This was my last ORBX install.....have installed several other FTX global sceneries without any issues, and am now experiencing app crash every time I locate any airplane to KTVL. Detail is attached. My system is ASUS Z87 TUF 1150, EVGA GTX 980 Ti, 16 G Corsair DDR3 Vengence, Samsung 840 PRO SSD, Corsair 1200i Power Supply. appcrash_KTVL.docx
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