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  1. John - That did the trick. I thank you all for your help and for producing a fantastic product.
  2. Hi Ed, Thank you for responding. I did just download and install the libraries per your recommendation...Still no trees, cars, etc. I do however have an FTX Central icon on my desktop that when starting up I get an "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application,..." error.
  3. Hey everyone. Just downloaded and installed YBBN. Under the control panel all the boxes are ticked but my 3d grass, 3d cars, and static airliners are not showing up. Any ideas?! Thanks!
  4. So I've been reading a lot of opinions on the subject and they vary. Some people have great performance increases while some have very little. From what I gather it can be rather risky to. Thanks to some members help, I just built a the system below and for the most part performance is nothing like I've ever experienced before FS. YBBN I'm surprised is very frame rate friendly. I see people running their i7's at over 2.8 ghz and was wondering if it is worth it and what is the best way to go about it without ruining my new set up. The set up is as follows: i7-930 2.8GHz ASUS P6X58D mo
  5. Hey everyone, Is there anything similiar to BOB that allows you to not only walk around scenery but around the aircraft your flying? I purchased DBS walk and follow for FSX after having used it for FS9 and so far I am not impressed. It is not even close to what they offered for FS9 wich was fantastic. That being said, BOB is an awsome offering to explore scenery!
  6. So all of my parts came in today and I've been trying to put this thing together for the last 5 hours. I'm using all the manuals but am having to fill in the blanks as I go. I have a 3.5 velociraptor hard drive to load windows on until I get enough cash for a SSD. Well the hard drive came in a white box with no directions or anything. Could someone please tell me what the purple part I circled in the picture is and what connects it to the mother board? Everything is installed but I bought an old style CD-DVD ROM and have to get a new SATA model tomorrow. Then I hope to fire this thing
  7. I know the question about upgrading to fsx is asked hundreds of times a day so thanks for everyone who took the time to respond here helping me make the most out of my investment. Hopefully I'll have some screen shots and a performance report in the next couple weeks!
  8. Frank- Thanks for the heads-up! Phil- I’m going to go with the 480. I saw a screenshot post of yours and you seem to be pretty happy with it. Ian- I figure the best opinions to get are the ones from the users/designers of the very scenery that I want to upgrade to. Your comment on 300GB not being very big gave me pause since I own all of FSDreamteam’s, Flytampa’s and most of Aerosoft’s and soon ORBX’s sceneries. At this juncture it looks like an SSD will have to be an upgrade next year. It appears that I can get 600GB with 2 hard drives for the price it would cost me to get
  9. Pmanhart, thank you for the detailed reply and warm welcome! I'm not so much into systems operations as much as I just like big airplanes and awsome sceneries. Sometimes I load up FS9 just to play around in payware airports for a half hour in the default 172. 90% of my time though is spent replicating commercial flights so I like as much detail on the departure and approach ends of a route as possible. The best part to the end of a flight is the 10 minutes it takes to taxi to the gate and take in the scenery. I also would like some performance when it comes to photo real city sceneries.
  10. Hey guys, new to the boards but have been eying these wonderful products for some time now. So I'm going to finally put together a system just for FSX. I want to be able to fly the upcoming Aerosoft Airbus X into the ORBX YMML, YBBN and all of the other major payware airports, with real world weather active. When it comes to military history, real world aircraft operations, weight lifting, etc I am very knowledgeable. When it comes to computers, I don't know much. I'd be very greatful if you guys could give me your opinion on these parts before I buy them. I'm going to buy the parts a
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