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  1. Thanks Dale and Paddler, it is appreciated.
  2. Kodiak73

    P3Dv4 first shots

    Looking good Adam, great shots !! I might have to break down and buy another SSD, and upgrade to V4 one of these days, although I still get a thrill out of FSX Acceleration with Steve's DX10 fixer.
  3. Kodiak73


    Looking good Jack, I might have to get another SSD and upgrade to V4 one of these days.
  4. Jack, name is actually Dave, but don't worry, sometimes I can't even remember my own name either, getting old has it's advantages and disadvantages. It is like they told me when I was first diagnosed with the bone cancer around 2 years ago, its not curable but it IS treatable. So I try to get on with life and enjoy what I can when I can. Hopefully I will go back into remission again sometime soon and have more time to enjoy the things I love (flight simming, et.al.)
  5. Thank you for the kind and thoughtful birthday wishes Jack and Derek !! At age 62 and fighting bone cancer, I don't have a lot of time and or energy to reply to very many posts. I try my hardest to look and check in every day, but some days are just worse than others. Thanks again Jack and Derek, it is appreciated very much !!
  6. Kodiak73

    Trip back home

    Well done Nick, and as others have said, FSX still looks just as good as any of the other sims IMO.
  7. Kodiak73

    50.000 Posts.

    Congrats Iain, and an outstanding set of shots to celebrate a milestone I'll never reach !! Well done to the Master screenshot artist !
  8. Kodiak73

    Just the one ... very simple

    Simple but beautiful Renault, very well done !
  9. Kodiak73

    Visiting a glacier in BC

    Looks like a fun trip Ebo, great set of shots too, well done !
  10. Kodiak73

    3 PAX to PAYA

    Beautiful trip and pics Jack, pretty long flight though wasn't it?
  11. Kodiak73

    A Few Around Valdez

    Thanks Magic, I appreciate it !
  12. Kodiak73

    A Few Around Valdez

    Thanks Adam, glad you liked them. Thank you Paul, I appreciate it. Mark, thank you very much. I hadn't been to Valdez for a while, so I thought it was time to visit the area again. Thank You Iain, coming from you it an honor. Jack, thanks for the comment, although all of the Orbx airports for Alaska are great. Thanks again to all !!
  13. Kodiak73


    Thanks Adam, I kind of regret uninstalling the Aerosoft Beaver recently. I may have to rethink my choice.
  14. Kodiak73


    Well done Adam, a great set of shots here. Is that the default Beaver, if so it doesn't look bad at all. Keep it up my friend!
  15. Kodiak73

    Overnight in Nanaimo, British Columbia

    Stunning set here Renault, very well done sir !