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  1. Lana's Cafe serve the best pie! Great shots.
  2. So you were the one flying overhead, early this morning! Nice shot!
  3. Thanks Paul! She's been my "go to" for the past week or so. I'm guessing it will be like that for a few weeks to come.
  4. Isn't it beautiful? It's become my favorite aircraft in real and virtual world.
  5. Thank you. I can't get enough of this aircraft. I'm finally getting to enjoy more of the virtual world.
  6. Congrats!! Just to visualize how many posts that is, you have 54920 more posts than I. That's just incredible!!
  7. Thanks Sniper! Can't wait to add LC products to the mix.
  8. Managed some time for a RJAA - KSEA rotation, this past weekend. Love the power of FTX Global + NA PNW + FTX Trees!
  9. Thanks very much! Thank you. Window views are a requirement for my flights. Thank you! I use chaseplane for my camera setup, used ezdok previously and found it to be a little more difficult to setup. Hope you get that working soon!
  10. Thanks very much! Yes, lots of moving parts in that wing lol.
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