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  1. Yo peeps, Another stage on my Scottish jaunt. This time from Tiree to Barra via Coll. Still snowy. I have a gripe with the otherwise great scenery. Trees. Too many. If you look at Tiree, Coll and Barra on Google earth there are zero trees and the odd bit of heather/gauze yet in ORBX Scotland not only are there trees everywhere but they even impede approaches/take offs. This needs to be rectified as besides looking/feeling more realistic it would really improve frame rates. Still, enjoy it though. Cheers, Lane.
  2. HI peeps, Stage four from Oban to Tiree with a little skid about on Glenforsa Mull. Weather closed in. Enjoy. Cheers, Lane.
  3. Doesn't get much better than this mate. Think I need to convert to P3D.
  4. Hi folks, Stage 3 with an improvement in the weather flying from Islay north to drop off some whiskey in Oban and then on to with a little help from some not so little friends Colonsay to neck some. Cheers, Lane.
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