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  1. "...here's is some truly excellent freeware photo scenery of Spain with autogen and quality Portugal scenery, both of 'Hispanic' origin There's also some acceptable Belgian and Luxembourger photo scenery (also freeware and with Belgian autogen) ..." These freeware sites are not clickable to read or to upload...with any combination of keys. Can you reload so we can access them? -=Archive 82=-
  2. Good enough. I have great respect for the Orbx products and service and was concerned that some US problem could arise. -=Archive=-
  3. Gentlemen: I believe I have received some email from you about an opportunity to win various aspects of Orbx products by registering, writing a short statement and purchasing at least one Orbx product. If I am wrong, please let me know. I should like to advise you concerning my understanding of US federal and state law regarding such events. How is a sweepstakes different than a lottery? With the exception of state run lotteries and authorized raffles, lotteries are illegal under state and federal laws. Generally, a lottery is a promotion in which all three of the following elements are present: 1) prize; 2) chance; and 3) consideration. Can I require the purchase of a product to enter? No. A legitimate sweepstakes (as opposed to a lottery) typically removes the consideration element from the promotion, and therefore, a product purchase generally cannot be required as a condition of entry. It probably would be helpful to consult your legal consul about this. Obviously with a global company other jurisdictions may differ. I mention this not to be obstructive, but to perhaps avoid any problems that could result here in the US, where language such as, "...no purchase necessary..." is always present in similar solicitations. Certainly my interpretation may be in error. Cordially, Don Pearson, MD, JD
  4. I understand that Microsoft is planning a release of a 2019 version of their Flight Sim - about time, no? What is Orbx doing to accommodate this or will anything be needed for those of us still using FSX and multiple Orbx products.
  5. Good enough, Nick. Won't quarrel with established policy. Just a thought in getting a reasonably dedicated community involved, but also understand that the this could become a problem itself. Cheers, Archive82
  6. Nick: I do understand the problem: how does a company allocate resources efficiently and also not neglect needed sales arenas. Been there. What would Orbx think about getting together a group of reasonably long-term Orbx users (vet them/us as you might wish) to sort through the detritus, produce a list of probable deletions (maybe within a certain agreed-upon parameter) and let some member of the Orbx 'staff' (dunno what you have put together down there in Oz) make a final determination? Sure would save a bunch of time and clean-out - or transfer to some other background Folder labeled as such - much of what is now obsolescent. Maybe run it past The Powers - yes, I know you are one. Cordially, -=dcp=-
  7. I have wondered if it is time to weed out the many broken links that still reside in the Uploaded Flight Plans forum (using some older 'dropbox' function?) and in the Uploaded Scenery forum. There is a lot of stuff there that looks interesting but it can no longer be accessed, at least by me and apparently not by several other users according to the many frustrated posts. I understand that it takes time to do said clearing, but both fora are loaded with non-functional dead wood. Archive82
  8. Well. I guess I now know where those of us who started early with Orbx now stand (back with the first PacNW). And it is interesting to note all these Orbx commentator's references to Win 98...no one I know now works with Win 98...so why an outmoded straw-man excuse? I use Win 10. But, some of us older users do actually remember the focus on extending the FSX Orbx world to finish the job by including Africa and Asia. Sure some of us can afford to switch our entire sim world to P3D and or XPlane, but is it any wonder that many resent making a forced marriage with a new system, wiping out several years of detailed enlargement of a firmly finished world? And some just cannot afford it. I don't think that there is a moral argument for abandoning them. I see this as a clear example...regardless of several excuses...for increasing corporate profit and expansion. Yeah, I get that excuse "It's just keeping up with change ", as a retired business person, but to abandon a base of supporting investors in order to maximize corporate income...because of your investor demands...is not a comfortably ethical position. Through the years I have been supportive of and encouraging to outsiders in buying the Orbx products. I now have to rethink that position. The product may be good. I have doubts about the corporate ethics. Don C. Pearson, MD, JD
  9. I thought that many earlier posts by the Orbx folks said that the next "Big Thing" would be enhanced geography of the Middle East (or maybe Asia). What I find is only increasing numbers of either airports or the new detailed (dunno the fancy name) production of, in a new more expensive version, old products. And most of the new stuff is focused upon PD3, not on the basic supportive world of FSX. What's the real future of Orbx? Finishing the job that has sustained the company (ie,those of us in the FSX world and who have invested in the company?) or in surging ahead and leaving behind those who have made the company real? -=dcp=-
  10. John - will look at the export function...did not notice it...makes sense. If I can load the Plan g flight plan it will solve several problems that are inherent in the basic approach programmed into FSX. It does not answer my question about how one 'sees' the Plan G view/screen/moving target when flying with FSX...or do you need to close ('P' - pause) FSX, switch to Plan G and then reopen FSX? Ian: I have no idea what Simbrief is...will Google it and explore. I have my FSX on an SSD drive with the C drive. Not into Aerosoft. Thanks to both. -=dcp=-
  11. I have downloaded and installed Plan G and created a flight plan with it, connected to FSX but now what? It creates *.plg flight plans which FSx does not recognize and so how do I really use it when flying FSX...or how do I get FSX to recognize the Plan G flight plan. And furthermore when flying in FSX how do I 'see' the plan G overview...tracking, other aircraft, position...etc. Neat way to create flight plans with lots of detail and control, but not useful unless I can fly the route saved and look at the Plan G page while flying. Maybe I'm just confused about its usefulness. Need some help from the Plan G veterans. -=dcp=-
  12. I recently downloaded some Orbx files to a second account on an established computer at a second site (my primary computer has its own account with many Orbx files). However I have found this older unit no longer can handle the higher density/complex scenery files that you design and that I enjoy on my other more current unit at the alternate address. My question: when I replace this older unit how do I handle the Orbx files (Base and Vector) on it and get them installed on a new machine so I can go forward with additional material? I obviously understand I need single computer installation. The problem is how to discard the old machine with the files and start over with a new machine without purchasing the files again? Certainly cannot be a new/unique problem and I'm sure you have an answer. Archive
  13. Thanks Nick. I suspected as much. Will have to create a new email address, however just for this. A bit cumbersome, but doable. Maybe I could have found the answer to my question somewhere in the FAQs section, but did not see it. If it is not there as a 'sticky', it might be useful to add it. Archive
  14. I own several Orbx products on a main computer at home, but would like to download Base and Vector to a second computer at a different address. However, I am told that "You own this product" and can't for the life of me figure out how to order and buy these two products from a separate computer. Maybe I'm severely missing something. Perhaps I need to create a separate new account...or sumpin'. Any advice?
  15. PMB and Greg: Thanks for your courteous reply. I bought PNW when it first came out (well, I live here) and have thought it was suffering from some aging compared with other newer areas that have been released. I think your suggestions will help, considering the changes in the region in the intervening years. Archive82
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