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  1. Deleted post due to 2nd thoughts....
  2. FSX Assist DOES NOT work with Active sky Next!!! Just thought I'd let people know!
  3. Being as it's now 11.00 pm on Thurs 25th Nov 2010 in Melbourne, shouldn't the NRM prepayers have rec'd a d/l link by now? According to the website the product is due for release on 26th Nov, which makes today, (the 25th), 24 hours early. I thought this was the timescale pre-payers would have access to the link?
  4. Excellent news. Just so I know..... Will we gat an email telling us or should we just check for a link on the FSS site under orders? Thanks!
  5. Bit confused here in UK. It is now Thurs 26th 8:30am & the time in Melbourne is 17:39. Is the release going to be imminent, (originally it was Wed & then we were told to allow one more day - Thurs), or will this release be put back further? Any update would be welcome. Thanks.
  6. I didn't mean ignore Rons Post. It was just I put up a post before i saw the delayed post. As I am unsure how to delete a post I just edited to say ignore!
  7. Great. Wed in Melbourne is Tues here! So keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to d/l Tues Night (GMT!)
  8. As WA79 is due out this month & Pre-payed customers are to get the product a week early, can I assume that pre-payed customers should get download link by end of tomorrow?