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  1. I can confirm what Kevinfirth wrote. Missing autogen and bridge. I saw something similar after installing Tegel. Others had also described it. P3D 4.5.
  2. Congrats for your great work Raz & your Team. Very very happy. Hope to see more for P3D 4.5.
  3. One masterpiece & i have a lot of fun. Thank you Nick.
  4. Hi Guys i have bought ENCN yesterday for 34,95 AUD (When I bought the discount price was not activated) but i have read about a special price (save 15%) this weekend only. Payment with paypal. order 6042a14999e15. My question: Is it possible to change the payment afterwards so that I can get the 15%???? Regards Julio6042a14999e15
  5. Hi Friends Has anyone seen anything like that here? Pointed corners. Is that right ??? Julio
  6. Thank you John. Yes i have already read about. Great work from Digital Design. Regards Julio
  7. Hello pilots I bought the scenery here through Orbx. I always see these texture errors. I read in the digital design forum that only affects the version that you can buy here via OBRX. P3D 4.5. latest hotfix. Perhaps there will be a change in the sequence of the textures......Has anyone observed ??? Julio
  8. Ahhhh eso es otra cosa. Prueba deinstalarlo completo (Helsinki). Reicinializa la computadora, despues el Orbx Central e instala nuevamente Helsinki.
  9. Überprüfen der Dateien (escrito en Aleman) Deberias portar el Orbx Central al Idioma Ingles. Saludos.
  10. Hi Nick first thank you so much for your great support. I have tested all your settings recommendations incl. verify fliles. The problem is still there. But that´s not a catastrophe for me. I can live with it. That only happens with EGTR. Thank you. Regards. Julio
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