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  1. A few for Monterey

    Another Visitor.
  2. 3 for Bar Harbor

    Many many thanks friends.
  3. Monterey by night. Good luck friends.
  4. Bolivia

    Great Serie. Felices Vacaciones.
  5. Cloud Backlighting & edge lighting

    Woooow. Im speechless. I have not seen something like this in FSX yet. So beautiful. How is that possible???? REX???? Cheers Julio
  6. Dogging on an airfield....

    Very real. Platinum Pic.
  7. Nimrod out on parol

    Pic 4 i think after 5 Beer. Very nice
  8. Aeropelican, NSW

    Amazing my friend. Amazing.
  9. Testing

    Over the TOP.
  10. San Diego California - KSAN

    Very nice Magic.
  11. A couple of Sabres...

    SuperB Serie & Bird.
  12. Monterey (TGL) practice - C404 Titan

    Love your color settings. Great Serie Adam.