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  1. I hope not. But as a backup plan I am very willing to go "dumpster diving" any time, any place when any of your wonderful artistry is involved Just let me know which "bin" and I shall be there! Cheers Adam Pete
  2. Cheers Pete EGNM - Leeds Bradford Air Lingus - Last flight of the day
  3. I am speechless You realize that now you've just ruined every other screenshot you will ever make When you achieve perfection , everything else you do only has one direction to go Cheers oh Master Screen Shot Artist All the best Adam Pete
  4. Thank you Iain Cheers Pete Thanks Wayne Cheers Pete
  5. An great trio Iain. Looks chilly though Heating system Graeme .... @boetie why that's what woolies are for They're a tough lot where Iain lives. Everyone loves their winter woollies 2018 Ad - YouTube Cheers Pete
  6. Hi Derek Just saw your note. Great advice from B12 @B12 Just a 2p worth. I think you are doing really well with your setup and the frame rates that you are currently getting. I have a suspicion (pure speculation on my part ) that realistically, if you polled all the members here and calculated an average fps independent of hardware, simulator settings and screen resolution it wouldn't be that far off the mark from what you achieve. MS2020 continues to be in a state of flux. We all want it to be finished and we're not good at listening to MS/Aso
  7. Thanks Adam Too little info , Sorry ! I could ask if this is a common occurrence after viewing screenshots (maybe new glasses?) or a common .......... when ...... w..e, but I won't Cheers Pete Thanks Mike Cheers Pete
  8. Me as well John It was 3 planks one for the wings, two for the fuselage, a little bit of old broom handle for the stick, and the "piece de resistance" was an old scrap of construction plastic - translucent variety, but I didn't care, that was my windscreen. The best sim in the world is your imagination Cheers Pete
  9. Its fun isn't it. Amazing how many times I kept pushing my little "throttle" only to realize "Oops, that's all folks" Wonderful shots, I really enjoyed looking at them. Cheers Pete
  10. And the Titanic when it sailed was 883 ft in length and for it's time could have featured in the same type of descriptive article . It didn't end well .....
  11. All the best Misha Birthdays are always fun. Remember, just like a fine wine you improve with age Cheers Pete
  12. Thank you Adam It is such a wonderful little airplane. Even on a 2D flat panel, you get this wonderful feeling of immersion that only a helicopter seems to bring. And I don't do well trying to fly a helicopter. Just too many things to be aware of, that I forget to enjoy the scenery. But "Miss Edgley" brings it all together for me. It is a bit of a challenge to fly , as it has its quirky bits, but it is very stable and gosh what can I say .... It just works so well for me and gives a perspective on the Orbx scenery which makes it seem so fresh and new again.
  13. Thanks John I'm pleased you enjoyed them Cheers Pete
  14. Back to the regular grind ..... Cheers Pete Just sightseeing ... and the Edgely is just so, so perfect for this. Nice flyer and fantastic views A perfect match, yes , for me just perfect indeed. Orbx NZ Mesh Cheers everyone and thanks for viewing
  15. OK Guys !!! Message received loud and clear ---- I understand , you don't have to beat it into me with a stick "Get with the program" So I spent some serious coin and overnight my new simulator was delivered to me Little larger than I expected , but whatever . The tell me it's very popular . The first 11 models were all sell out items. Just couldn't keep them in stock they said What do you think? Maybe it will catch on. It's supposed to be ultra realistic. You can get seriously injured if you fall off the barrel thing underneath t
  16. Something a little different . Leaving Mount Cook airstrip and going mountaineering. Part II to follow .... Hope you enjoy it Cheers Pete Orbx New Zealand Mesh For the "stats" Original composite 15,370 x 7208 pixels 48 bits/pixel - 2, 407,496 separate hues File size - compressed .png (9:1) = 303 MB
  17. Just the one Cheers Pete Air California was founded in 1967 and operated until 1987 when it ceased operation and was acquired by American Airlines. It was founded in Newport Beach , California by two Orange County businessmen, Mssrs. Meyers and Perrara. It initially only operated in California from its home airport, John Wayne Airport and later expanded into Nevada. First flights were to San Francisco for the outrageous sum of $14.85 + 5% tax. Although they did fly the Boeing 737 - 200, this is a bit of retro fantasy, but I had f
  18. Thanks Martyn I like your approach better - ha, ha See you Pete Thanks Iain Cheers Pete Thanks Ellise I'm really pleased you enjoyed the little "story" to go with it. You must have had such an enjoyable time watching it come to fruitarian over the last few weeks. They have done a stellar job on this. Handling is superb and it is very frame rate friendly. And it looks fantastic ! A winning combination for sure Cheers Pete Thanks Taph Nice to hear from you Cheers
  19. Hi Scott You might find this little note I put together a while ago of interest. Ram allocation and management in Win10 is far more complex than I had initially realized. Central to memory management by the OS is ram memory compression which I found had a significant impact at times on MS2020 with 32 Gb ram. Memory compression is an integral part of the OS and cannot be disabled. Of course individual mileage will vary, but in my case it wasn't a trivial expense to replace or expand RAM and I certainly couldn't justify the expense if I was only
  20. What can I say ... it's my fav Beautiful screenshot ! Cheers Pete
  21. Sometimes ATC seems like they have a mind of their own. Don't they realize I got the new wheels and I just want to go fly !!! Cheers Pete So here we are .... First the "poser" shots. Just absolutely beautiful isn't it? Handles really well, fantastic visibility, attention to quality detail .... its a BMW/Audi/Mercedes all rolled into one !! Don't know about the fuel economy, but the electricity bill is gonna be low, low, low. FPS is fantastic and my gpu doesn't break a sweat. So now is the "hurray up and wai
  22. Thanks Martyn. A very interesting read indeed. They were extremely fortunate Cheers Pete They do turn out well. Makes me realize how much modern lighting engines have progressed in recent years. Though , I'm thinking to paraphrase the song "you ain't seen nothin yet" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive wait to see MS2020 as it moves over to DX12. Techniques available in DX12 like mesh shading , variable rate shading and variable rate supersampling and the concepts around Sampler feedback improve performance signifi
  23. Thanks John and you are most welcome Cheers Pete Thanks John Without TE , I simply wouldn't turn XP on. With it, XPlane still has a solid place in my virtual hangar. Cheers Pete Thank you Iain Cheers Pete Thanks John. I'm very pleased you enjoyed it Cheers Pete Thanks Martyn I read a book on the history of astronomy a while ago and there were some references to the Canaries in it. So I went on a bit of a "voyage of discovery" so to speak and put this together. I'm please
  24. While you were sleeping ...... Snuck in and had a poke around ..... Liked what I saw ..... Yes, I liked what I saw very much indeed Cheers Pete
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