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  1. Just the one on the latest Vulkan Beta incarnation (11.50b14). My overall first impression is "now this is what I was hoping for" Cheers Renault Over Fox Island near Tacoma
  2. Gosh Dario The best thing is to describe what happened to me As the video progressed , and the little arrow popped up on the LHS, I thought , hadn't seen that before (I just got b14 running last night) and I clicked it and nothing happened. And I thought , ah c..p not another new bug And then I realized..... It isn't my sim but a video !!!!!!! I can think of no better way to describe how excellent this is. Anyone who can create that kind of immersive experience has a brilliant career ahead of them PS - when you receive your "Oscar" for best new film producer/director/videographer and general "dogsbody", please remember to thank all your friends at Orbx, along with your "mum" Cheers Pete "I simply loved it"
  3. Thanks Adam Cheers Pete Thank you John Cheers Pete Indeed John. And the best part was that I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to take it! Cheers Pete Thank you Jack Cheers Pete Thanks Carlos Cheers Pete Why thank you John. What a nice compliment Cheers Pete It'll do JM, it'll do Thanks!! Cheers Pete
  4. Would have fooled me! I never would have guessed Cheers Carlos Pete PS - I enjoyed them immensely
  5. Thanks Unfortunately , shot number 2 is often the norm for summer for most of the time, but shot number 1 seems to be what the travel agents always show you Cheers Pete
  6. Thanks I'm pleased you enjoyed it Cheers! Thanks Pleased you enjoyed it Cheers!
  7. Thanks Jan! Cheers Pete Thanks John I know that Laminar is just trying to get the bugs out of Vulkan , but it seems to me that they have done some work on the visuals as well (I know they are actively working on the shadow issues) Cheers Pete Thanks Calum Appreciate it! Cheers Pete Thank you Patrick It would be a pleasure! Cheers Pete Thanks John See you Pete Thanks J^3 How's the new build working out? Cheers Pete Thanks Iain! Cheers Pete Thanks Cheers Pete Thanks Jack
  8. Thanks Calum Cheers Pete Thanks John Its been doing that a lot here as well. But this week is looking good But the real question is can you trust the weather forecast Cheers! Pete Thanks Adam Cheers The "water" is as pure as a Highland distillery source And you will know what I mean ... Cheers Pete Thank you very much John Pete Thanks Laurie Now that will be something to see. They are restoring one close to where I live. Every summer they have several special evenings, when they do engine run ups. The sight of the exhaust against the night sky and the sounds and the fact that you can feel the engines throbbing is really special Cheers Pete Thanks so much Iain Take care of yourself! Cheers Pete Thanks JM It could be that indeed! But with virtual water, it can be pristine and pure so may some virtual animals and insects are in order. I think maybe dragon flies would be very nice and some butterflies. Maybe my next rendering project Cheers Pete Thanks Taph See you Pete Thanks Richard Cheers Pete Thanks Jack I appreciate you commenting I'm not sure about your assessment - the standards are so high now (that's a very good thing!) , but I am pleased with how they turned out Cheers & thanks again Pete Thank you Lars It could happen with my poor piloting skills unfortunately Cheers! Pete What a wonderful comment Joe! I really appreciate it and I feel that I know exactly what you were trying to express Thank you I am really pleased that you enjoyed them Cheers and all the best! Pete
  9. Thank you Adam Cheers Pete Thanks John! Cheers Pete Thanks Cheers Pete Thanks Dario I actually tried while I was getting everything set up. Boring, wasn't really the word I would use Orbx just makes everything come alive! Cheers Pete Thanks Jack. Appreciate the comment As far as the installation and a full reinstall of everything .... Heavens no!. Life is much to short for such things You do a minimal install, just to get the Vulkan version as a separate copy from your existing Opengl (11.41) version of XPlane All the "heavy duty " stuff like all your scenery, aircraft etc are handled by Symbolic links, which are "shortcuts on steroids". They allow you to easily link back to your existing XPlane 11.41 installation so you don't have to worry about duplicating the massive number of files. The Vulkan installation is minimal - about 6 gb. All your scenery., aircraft etc are transparently accessed from your existing 11.41 opengl version Here are two links explaining how it works https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/196313-not-sure-if-it%E2%80%99s-worth-it-yet/ and https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/196511-what-are-symlinks/ Symbolic links are a standard feature on every operating system. Windows has dozens of them , and the ATM bank machines all use symbolic links back to the main bank servers to access your account details. To a user it "looks like" the file system is right on your system at the location you specify, but it can be somewhere else on your system (as with XPlane 11.41) or on a completely different computer system as in the case of ATM's. I'd recommend you have a look at the topic "What are symlinks" first as it is an easy read and has a good explanation of what symlinks are and how they can be easily set up. Jon Clark has kindly provided an extension which can work in Windows Explorer to make it a very easy process. This file is in the discussion in the first reference Cheers Pete
  10. Today I finalized getting my installation of XPlane Vulkan Beta 11.50b13 up & running I took a number of screenshots at Paine Field Snohomish County (Laminar Demo Region at Seattle. Boeing is very close by) to check my color fidelity and then added Orbx scenery The first 4 screenshots are XPlane default - Default aircraft, Default clouds, default scenery objects. The remainder are Orbx , but still with Default clouds and aircraft. Simply put, for me, Orbx gives me the world ! Cheers Renault Disclaimer - Sorry Iain, the first 4 are definitely not Orbx, but for the sake of the comparison I hope it is ok. If not, I understand.
  11. Sometimes the best part of a heavy rain is right after the sun comes out. Cheers Renault Made a little trip for cross border relations to celebrate my National Holiday It was virtual , so proper protocols and social distancing were carefully followed
  12. Now that is something special Cheers!
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