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  1. Hello Empire If your changes to fsx.cfg don't help as much as you would like, you might try reducing the sharpening setting and increasing the film grain setting to see if you can reduce/eliminate the "sharpening flicking dots". Sharpening is very much an exercise in moderation & fine adjustments - too much can introduce any number of artifacts. And ultimately sometimes it can't be reduced to a satisfactory level, in which case you might have to decide whether to use it or not. Renault
  2. Thanks Martyn Gosh …. Cheers Pete Ready for this one adam. Here's me in a blinding snowstorm .. Sorry, my sense of humour is diminishing these days But thank you very much. I am pleased you liked it! Cheers Pete Thanks so much Dario Cheers Thanks John Cheers Thanks Rodger Cheers Pete Thanks Jack
  3. Thanks Martyn Truth be told , my stash of HP Cheers Pete Thanks John I'm pleased you like it See you Pete Thanks Adam Cheers Thanks Dario Appreciate it! Cheers Pete Thanks John Thanks Jack . Sorry to hear that Cheers Thanks Cheers R Thanks Pete To Orbx support All my scenery load issues were solved by the Orbx folks overnight. Just needed a library update. Talk about responsive service . WOW ! Well done Orbx and thank you Cheers Pete
  4. I know this isn't that good a screenshot, but the experience of taking off from Tacoma Narrows and seeing all the lights of the surrounding area suddenly start to appear was just magic . This airport has a very unique night perspective that was just wonderful. Ya gotta try it! Cheers and thanks very much for indulging my happy place R
  5. Just the one for now. Unfortunately I had a scenery install error, which I'm sure the magicians at Orbx will get sorted in short order and then I will go exploring From what I've investigated so far, it definitely will be an airport I will be spending a lot of time at. Kudos and thanks to all who made this for us to enjoy Cheers Renault
  6. Thanks John Just think, somewhere in the depths of Seattle is a generator spinning its little heart out for us Cheers Pete
  7. You might be thinking of "Sleepless in Seattle" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan . Might be due to all those darn lights being left on every night Cheers
  8. I really enjoyed these Jack. The background mist is wonderful Very well done Sir! Cheers Pete
  9. Thanks Martyn I'm pleased that you enjoyed it Cheers R Thanks Iain! Cheers Sir! Pete Thanks Jack. It was the one I prefer as well. The stadium lighting is pure Orbx , although I have played with the lighting colours for the background street lights etc a bit Cheers Pete Thanks ! Right on the 38.7 yard line if you look closely Cheers Pete
  10. Thank you Adam Appreciate it! Cheers Pete
  11. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault Arrive AM Depart PM
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