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  1. Just one. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R XPlane 11.36r2 Washington TE Washington Enhancement Pack & " A bunch of playing around" ….
  2. Thank you Derek. Appreciate you commenting Cheers R Thank you John. Glad you enjoyed it Cheers Pete Thanks TTM Cheers R Thanks so much Iain I just continue to find fascinating things in what Orbx has created for us Cheers Sir! Pete Thanks Jack. It turned out well - more luck than anything else I think Cheers Pete Thank you sir Cheers R Thanks Patrick See you Pete Thanks J3 Cheers R Thanks Rodger See you R Thanks Rodger. Glad you enjoyed them Cheers Pete Thanks Adam Cheers Pete
  3. Nothing out of the ordinary - just 3 I kinda liked Thanks very much for stopping by to have a view. Cheers Renault XPlane 11.36r2 TE Washington HD Washington Expansion Pack and "Renault tweaks" …...
  4. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault TEGBS Southampton
  5. Gosh I like the first one The interplay of light on the water is so perfect that it is beyond an illusion to reality - it is reality! These are some of the best screenshots I have ever seen ! Cheers Pete
  6. Just the two Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  7. Hope you are enjoying yourselves ! I haven't seen any news reports of Atlanta bridges being "buzzed" so I guess you are both under control Cheers! Thanks so much Iain Cheers Sir! Pete Thank you Gerold. I suspect Jack's home town won't quite be the same after this visit. Thanks Dario! Cheers Pete Thanks Appreciate you commenting Cheers R
  8. Your trip is obviously doing both you and your friend Jack a "World" of good The years just seemed to have dropped away ….. Cheers & all the best to the both of you over the next few days R
  9. Indeed Adam. Indeed The other thing I learned from the video is how incredibly accurately Orbx has modelled the region and the airport. It is as true to life as one could wish for Cheers! Pete
  10. Gosh Patrick Thanks so much. This was absolutely fantastic. It really helped a lot. I tried 3 times, using what I learned from watching the video and was successful on 2 . I am pretty pleased with myself! Cheers Pete
  11. Thanks very much for viewing Cheer Renault XPlane 11.36r2 Washington TE HD
  12. Its a great place but scary too. This is one of the most fantastic sceneries I have ever flown in. It is outstanding and so immersive! Cheers Pete MIght be a bit much for the little runway Thanks for commenting Cheers R I did actually manage to land. Two days and 29 attempts. Cheers Bernd Pete Thank you . I'm glad you enjoyed them Cheers R
  13. Thank you Iain! Cheers Sir Pete Thank you Cheers R Thank you. Appreciate you commenting Cheers Pete Thanks Bob! See you Pete Thanks J3 Cheers R Thank you Paul See you Pete Thanks John. Indeed Cheers Pete Thanks! Thank you so much Rodger. I appreciate your thoughts very much Cheers Pete
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