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  1. Thanks Jack. I completely understand where you are coming from. Some developers may have a lot of work to do to bring their products into the new process Cheers Pete Thanks. As am I Thank you. Pleased you enjoyed it. Cheers Pete Sorry guys, "Yes, I've done a few changes , because I'm not evaluating the beta for bugs, and because it is a beta, I expect they will be different with b3, so its irrelevant .... " I am showing screenshots of Orbx scenery and demonstrating that even at an early beta stage, the Vulkan upgrade has very good smoothness and is very capable of a high level of graphical fidelity with Orbx TE scenery. I believe very strongly in the purpose behind Laminar's beta process and do not want to corrupt it for any reason. However I also think its important for my fellow Orbx collegues to show that it works very nicely with Orbx TE scenery even at an early stage both from an operational and visual fidelity perspective. And for those who "follow" what I post here you will know that I strive to give the best possible graphics I can in my screenshot postings. Once the Laminar beta is over and the product is officially released I will be very happy to share as I have done in the past here in the Tips & techniques section. Cheers R Visual effects - High (HDR) Number of World Objects - Maximum Texture Quality - High Reflection Detail - low Antialiasing - 8xSSAA+FXAA Draw parked aircraft - checked Draw Shadows on Scenery - checked Use Vulkan driver for faster rendering - checked Lateral field of view - 90 degrees I have absolutely no idea Cheers R Hi TTM Full instructions at xplane-org. Important that you put this in a completely separate directory, away from your existing XPlane product as you do not want to mess up your existing installation. I then copied the installer over into the new directory, & ran it. In the bottom left of the installer, there is a checkbox which will allow you to receive beta's Cheers
  2. Its ok. I'm so old now that I keep forgetting what I know Good part is, I am busy relearning what I forget Cheers R
  3. Thanks John First of all I am really glad you're back . Very pleased indeed Have a look here at Laminar's website (most reliable place for info I've found). Comment from Sidney , the Vulkan lad, " Users with multiple GPUs and SLI should be able to launch without disabling things". Might be worth a try. https://developer.x-plane.com/2020/04/x-plane-11-50-beta-2-bug-fixes/
  4. Well, I confess, I succumbed and tried an updated XPlane 11.50b2 Vulkan Totally different sim now with so many things fixed from the first beta. Yes, I've done a few changes , because I'm not evaluating the beta for bugs, and because it is a beta, I expect they will be different with b3, so its irrelevant , but the one thing that stands out for me is something I never expected to see. I have scenery objects set to Maximum and my fps is locked at 30 in NVCP in adaptive vsync at 1/2 monitor refresh rate and you will notice (first time I've left the fps counter on in a screenshot) that the frame rate is constant in the British countryside and the same coming out of EGLC & flying over central London. Just silky smooth Oh and as an added little bonus, they've significantly improved both reflections and the water rendering Cheers Renault Sorry Ian - I apologize, There is no Orbx scenery visible here in the following 2 screenshots, but I just wanted to show the internal shadow quality that can be obtained now
  5. You've brought the expression "straight from the V key" to a whole new level! Cheers
  6. You have a great eye for perspective! I like it Cheers Renault
  7. You mean its not supposed to do that. Who knew? A absolutely stellar shot Kev! Cheers Pete
  8. Kev The "clunk" was the sound of my jaw hitting my desk I have never seen anything this well done , ever! Now, your challenge, if you are up for it, is to work out how you can render this in real time , in game If you can do this, then you and Mr. Gates can get together for coffee mornings, because you will be neighbours Cheers Pete PS - more please!
  9. Great comment Jon . I think that this is probably it. One minor thing. After you have enabled this setting, I found that you need to close XP down and then restart it to activate it. I've never found that setting it when XP starts and then continuing to set a flight ever worked. Spent the better part of 4 hrs once, trying to sort this out, and finally shut everything off and went to bed. The next morning I was both surprised and pleased that everything was working properly See you Pete
  10. Hi Nick This might be useful to other members. Initially I was encountering problems loading Orbx scenery I then changed the way I was accessing the folder where I have Central store all my scenery. I have not had any issues since, and as near as I can tell it looks identical to the scenery loaded in version 11.41r1 which is my default location. If you look in Custom Scenery in your default location (11.41r1 in my case) you will see what appear to be many shortcuts to various files. It is my understanding that these are actually junction points , which is like a shortcut but links the folder transparently to the Central folder which I use. As far as XPlane 11.41r1 is concerned, all these files are deemed to be in the Custom Scenery folder, even though they are not. So what I did is to right click on each one and create a shortcut. Since it looks identical to the jp , I use windows explorer to indicate files created today , selected them all and cut them. I then went to my Vulkan Folder where XPlane 11.50 is located and pasted all these shortcuts into the Custom Scenery folder. Start 11.50 and all these shortcuts are then loaded in the scenery_packs.ini file and XPlane 11.50 seems to be quite happy with no scenery errors or missing files. In the following screenshots my Orbx Central folder for all my scenery is on my G drive, my original 11.41r1 is on my E drive and my Vulkan 11.50 installation is on my F drive, but it all seems to happily play together My Vulkan scenery_packs.ini file Hope this may be of help Cheers Pete
  11. If I remember correctly , EGCB was one of the first Orbx XPlane 11 sceneries by Tony @Tony Wroblewski. I thought it was absolutely spectacular and it brought me hours of pleasure. I love the old industrial heritage buildings that still exist in the UK and for me this is a fine example of one. BTW - it was a very tight fit Cheers Pete
  12. Ah , you know me better than that. Where would the fun be ... It's much more fun to randomly regenerate weather until you get something you like and then you go with it Cheers Pete You're right Adam. For an old guy , he still does look pretty good, handsome devil that he is Cheers Pete Thanks Iain Take care See you Pete Thanks Dario I'll watch for your lead Merci Olivier Et ils iraient aussi par avion gratuitement Pete Thanks Kev Cheers Pete
  13. Thanks so much. I am really pleased you enjoyed them Cheers Pete Thanks Carlos! See you Pete Thanks Eberhard ! I appreciate the comment Cheers Pete Thanks Gerold As they say "watch this space" See you Take care Pete Thanks JM It truly is amazing what you can find ... Cheers Pete Thanks John! Cheers Thanks Mark. They are an amazingly talented group of folks Cheers and thanks for commenting Pete Thanks ! Cheers Pete
  14. I don't care if you made them down at the bottom of your garden in your shed , Kev.! These are sublime Cheers Pete
  15. I really enjoyed Dario's recent trip to KORS and decided to check it out for myself By the time I got there, the rain had abated, but it was pretty misty , so I did a quick pass and decided to come back another day So just the 4 for now Cheers
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