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  1. I am really enjoying both my sims. They are different in their own unique ways, but I am happy with both now. I count myself very fortunate indeed. And the "glue" that keeps it all together .... Why Orbx of course Cheers Pete TE Florida Just coming in from the south of the state into the Everglades MS2020 KSBA - Santa Barbara Muni
  2. Great to hear from you Paul Hope all is well and welcome back Cheers Pete
  3. Hi Carlos You mean your not supposed to do it this way. This is 10/10 for me when I land! I thought this message that I always get in XPlane was a standard feature that everyone got Cheers Pete
  4. Thanks John Cheers! Pete Thanks See you Pete Thanks Iain I got it yesterday and spent a lot of time at ground level with the drone camera just exploring. I "stumbled" into a little valley with the most picturesque river flowing down it I have ever seen not far out of Darrington Water in MS2020 is beyond stunning I think it is perhaps , of all the visual fidelity in the new sim, something which is incredibly rendered. And it's dynamic. I remembered FILOU's @FILOU comment about waves and turning up the wind speed.
  5. I've noticed this as well. In MS2020 I filed a bug report with the Zendesk about it. They did get back to me and it appears that they are aware it is an issue. I believe the lens distortion option in graphics is supposed to correct for this but in both the regular menu and the developer menu it doesn't appear to do anything which is why I filed a bug report. As far as the forum, I have to say that on my phone now images are extremely distorted (i.e. they don't appear to be scaling correctly). This only started after the update. Images on my PC seem to be OK. I
  6. Ah yes thank you Now understand what you meant Cheers & thanks Nick
  7. Hi Nick Although this works, you have to click on the link and then the image appears in a new window Is there any way for the image to automatically show as before Thanks Pete
  8. Just the one, out of interest on my part using XPlane 11.50rc3 Opengl. On my system, fps with all sliders on full (same as Vulkan) fps is identical and it is just as smooth both flying and panning for different views as in Vulkan It seems to be much better than Opengl in the previous Xplane 11.41 And I like the way it looks - there are Opengl rendering options that just don't exist in the Vulkan version Aren't we living in interesting times - so many choices , so little time Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Pete
  9. Just one last trip with XPlane to Darrington Muni. Its a great place to fly and soon we'll be able to experience it in MS2020. Thanks Orbx ! You folks are the best .... Cheers Pete "Armchair piloting" at its finest
  10. There are simulations and then there is real life You make it very hard to tell the difference Cheers Renault
  11. Click this, move that one there, oops order is wrong, push that key - that's not supposed to happen! , fix that, more emails later, ah - found it, finally one last time - fire up the darned sim and ............. the magic happens and life is good These are simply stunning Sir. Especially the detail in the second one - lets have a contest 1,2,3 how many rocks can you see in the screenshot? Cheers Pete
  12. Thanks Iain! Cheers Pete And my experience with Snow in Texas , was the heating systems in hotels years ago were not made for cold weather. It was pretty uncomfortable But hopefully you made it to Minneapolis at some point. I was only there once, but had a ball and really enjoyed it Yes , the drone .... I am enjoying it so much with the XBox controller that I wish it was a standard feature option on other sims. Once you get the hang of it, I realized that it is just so much better and versatile than even the hatswitch on my joystic
  13. Thanks! Cheers Thanks so much Iain See you Pete Thanks John! See you Pete I agree - the best areas in MS are beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Just drop dead gorgeous. But XPlane combined with the magic of Orbx still has a lot to offer. Cheers Andy & thanks! All the best Pete Thank you The aircraft skin came from Scottish Wings Here is the link - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/profile/364359-scottish-wings/content/&type=downloads_file
  14. Indeed . It will be an interesting experience to see how it evolves over the next year or two Thanks I guess I have my grandfather to thank for that. He was a cabinet maker but old school - hand tools and the like. He taught me that in his little world there were two kinds of folks. Those who sat around complaining endlessly about things that were missing or that they didn't have the tools for and those who just quietly got on with it and tried to make it better with their skills and what they had available. I do my fair share of com
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