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  1. renault

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    Hi John All kidding aside these are fantastic. I realized after my previous note, that the answer to my desiring a 4K monitor was actually staring me in the face -- our media room is a 4K system. I had a very long hdmi cable lying around and tried it from my existing system and the images are great . If you wouldn't mind, did you ever publish the spec's for your laptop, or would you be able to provide some advice please on processor speed/type, ram and video ram/ card type that you are using. My existing system is in need of some upgrades in some area's and it got me to thinking that perhaps I should seriously consider just replacing my system with a laptop and moving Orbx to that. Have you encountered any issues, that would make you consider using a desktop environment again. Many thanks if you could find time to answer. I appreciate that you are very busy. Orbx True has been a game changer for me. It has revitalized my interest in flight simulation and continues to provide me with many hours of enjoyment. You and your team create an excellent product that is simply put "Just Outstanding" Thank you Cheers Renault
  2. renault

    Goose Bay geese

    +1000 Cheers R
  3. renault

    San Francisco

    Just perfect! Cheers R
  4. renault

    No display today

    I absolutely agree! Really a great shot Martyn Cheers R
  5. renault

    Exeter from the inside for Terry.

    Excellent Martyn! It really does look incredibly realistic. Your composition in this shot is just perfect Cheers R
  6. renault

    Going to Exeter.

    I like it Martyn. The detail is just amazing Please show us more ….. More please, just a bit more! Cheers R
  7. renault

    No snow in the Netherlands

    A) Snow is slippery and you could slide off the runway. It happens B ) You spend so much time in a line up to get deiced , that you have to go back to they back of the line to start again and then you run out of fuel C ) Snow is cold Jack -- anyone who lives in the stuff , knows that what you want is heat, not more snow.! D) But it has one advantage. Having lived in both very hot and very cold climes, you can only do so much to keep cool. You can only keep taking clothing off until you run out of options. But trust me, you can never stop having enough winter boots, mittens, scarfs, hoodies, baklavas, toques, down filled EVERYTHING, winter tires for your Car, a good whiskey or two to keep you in, while you contemplate why, if you have lived such a good life and treated all with respect and dignity, do you have to live in a place, where everyone things that its normal for the thermometer to work in reverse Nuff said, I hate winter Cheers & btw that was simply some incredible flying with great screenshots! R
  8. renault

    Short drive to Israel's Farm

    Ah, thank you Jack, thank you! I had this scenery and it made me realize how much I miss FSX . NO that's not right. I don't miss FSX at all What I do miss is some of the incredible scenery that they produced for this sim. It was way ahead of its time. Your screenshots show it off to its maximum advantage. There is a timeliness to these that is just beautiful. You have made it into art! Cheers R
  9. renault

    Various, before PTA

    These are nice Jack. But I'm disappointed. I was scrolling through the screenshot sequence and kept telling myself , he's gonna do it, he's right at the top , now just a little nudge and he's on his back!! But no , noooo, it wasn't there!! What happened , no inverted flight, Gosh I'm heartbroken It's like carrot cake, with the cream cheese icing missing I won't forget this Jack, I won't forget PS -- these are pretty darn good, fantastic colours, a great flow that conveys the sense of speed, just absolutely great. The could be simply fantastic, but we're not going to go into that again Cheers! R
  10. renault

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    Oh my sir John I'm completely ruined. I'm spent the last 4 months, cajoling, begging and generally using every opportunity to convince my wife that what I wanted for Christmas was an absolute must have Now, I have t go back and convince here that I need a new 4K monitor too! I'm finished …. BTW these are outstanding …. there is simply no other way to describe them Cheers Renault
  11. renault

    one more...

    Oooooh, Oooooh ! That is so nice Cheers R
  12. renault

    Stump Lifter

    Indeed, that is one very heavy duty aircraft ! Cheers R
  13. renault

    Nice and shiny

    Is that the special "go fast" polish. It looks absolutely spectacular Cheers Renault
  14. renault

    One fine day somewhere over Australia

    You seriously disrupted the earths magnetic field, and all the dark matter in the universe took a hiatus to the next solar system. How many times have I told you the wheels always stay at the bottom of the plane Jack, how many times ??????????? It made my day Cheers R
  15. renault

    FSX Fleet Air Arm Shots.

    It might be old, it might be 32 bit, it might "stutter" , be the source of endless and frustrating tweaking of the fsx.cfg file, but dang, doesn't it produce absolutely spectacular screenshots!!! Well done sir, well done Cheers R