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  1. renault

    " Arran the third "

    I been busy with a number of other projects, so today I was able to spare a bit of time and just fly. I got to thinking that the talented folks at Orbx did such a great job on TEGB that I would take a little trip to the Isle of Arran, been there few times before and would be proud to wear the "T Shirt" again. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the journey with me Cheers Renault All are straight from the XPlane "V" key . No editing allowed -- well XPlane doesn't do titles so that was, but that was all folks! So off we go. Contrary to the title a lot of Arran is about the "rocks". In their own way they are simply gorgeous. I don't know how the lads and lassies of the TEGBN team did this one but I was entranced with both the quality and the beauty. "The Rocks of Arran" They're weathered and beaten down, but they still stand majestically announcing to all , "we're here and we will be here for a lot longer taking care of the folks down the slopes who call this place home". A little bit of water and it starts with a bit of dust and life develops "I never understood why my gardening activities never succeed" As we get closer to the sea, it becomes "picture perfect"
  2. renault

    How to make the cooling fans race

    No worries at all Nick on my end! If I tried something like this, because I don't appear to have enough ram/vram anymore , XPlane behaves like a real gentleman and just quickly and quietly vacates the premises and I'm left wondering "where did it go , was it something I did or said " It's foolproof - must be a feature and not a bug I think BTW these are fantastic screenshots . I really like them. And I found the problem yesterday -- visit to the computer store for two new sticks of ram and I can now try the fan/cpu stress test myself again Cheers R
  3. renault

    Just a few.

    These are fantastic Iain I love the screenshot with the two gents. It looked to me that the lad on the right is thinking "OMG what have I just done.!!" And the fellow on the right " Your favourite expression …. Why on earth did he do that!! " Loved it Iain . It made my day! Cheers Renault
  4. renault

    Scottish sunset

    Amazing! Cheers R
  5. Following the philosophy of simple is best (thanks Filou ! ) , this is XVision with saturation at 25% and my custom calibration lut using Reshade. Straight from the XPlane "V" key. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  6. Just some "snaps" from the Isle of Arran . Little bit faster than my previous trip with my beloved Cessna. This is an experiment -- I love playing a bit with light and colours ..... All are straight from the Xplane "V" key - Vibrance, curves shaders along with a custom colour calibration LUT I created yesterday. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  7. renault


    Wonderful Naki. Just wonderful! Cheers R
  8. renault

    Avro 621 Trainer in Denmark

    Now that is one sweet aircraft!!! Cheers R
  9. renault

    Cadillac of the Sky

    Count me in as well Naki. !! These are some of the best I have ever seen in a sim. And your perspective shows them off beautifully Cheers R
  10. OMG Jean Marc! This is so well done I can't wait for the rest of the series! I can only imagine how much time, effort and research you put into doing this. And the screenshots are so incredibly good and perfectly appropriate for the content! Thank you for such a great story and adventure Cheers R
  11. renault

    EHAM to EGLC in TEGB 4.4

    This is just beautiful Jack. Makes me seriously wonder think about P3D it does! Cheers R
  12. renault

    xp11 Zibo & Cardiff

    +1,000,000 Me too! R
  13. renault

    South England & London

    A very fine day for flying and your set shows off the scenery superbly I really like the perspective in the second shot. I can feel the rumble and hear the engines throb! A super capture! Cheers R
  14. renault

    JACK inspires character in novel

    You passed that a long time ago Jack. To all of us here, you are a very special person and our own Star personality Cheers R