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  1. Thank you Iain! I'm in imminent danger of staying up all night just to fly this wonderful scenery But time for bed Cheers and thanks for the comment. I appreciate it! Pete
  2. Left or right.? Clear sailing or box canyon. Washington TE isn't easy Just east of Bellevue , over the community of Skykomish Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault Let's go left …… This is so pretty Whoops, maybe should have gone right back there Maybe, just maybe ….. We're ok. Just keep turning left Now right -- don't want to go there …. And we have snow ….. Thanks for coming along ….. Cheers! R
  3. This is my final shot for this evening. All part of my previous sequence, but about 07:30 hrs. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  4. Installation was time consuming , but completely seamless. It all "fired up" and ran straight out of the box as they say. You can't ask for anything more than that My only comment regarding Washington TE - "Remember to breathe - Remember to Breathe !!"! I have never seen anything quite like it. Tony and team - you are a talented and gifted group of artists. From the bottom of my heart thank you for what you have given us And John V, thank you for your vision and leadership. Without you this never would have happened and I for one am very grateful Here are a few shots.. As you can see , I didn't get very far in my flight, but I hope that you enjoy the few that I took. Cheers Renault The sunlight reflecting off the Office Towers is awesome (PBR rendering in action I guess )
  5. +1 R Thanks! I discovered that the cloud weather setting in XPlane is just sunset sans sun! Easy peasy I think that I'm on to something now! Wish me luck Cheers R Thank you Martyn I pleased you enjoyed it R It's ok! Its the thought that counts Cheers! R Whoopee!!! Cheers John! R Thanks John Appreciate it! R Thank you Adam! Cheers R Thanks Iain Cheers R Thanks Kev. I'm glad you liked it I don't have any weather addons. Just playing with default XPlane stuff - dataref here, dataref there and voila! R Thanks Carlos! Cheers R Thanks so much JM I'm convinced the Scots invented the stuff , because it makes the weather so much better! Cheers R
  6. So close and yet so far My wife's family hails from nearby to Sheffield. She says it's ok , I could never read a map anyway, and even with all this electronic wizardry I still can't figure out where I am I thought I was doing pretty good myself. At least I worked out that it was in TEGB North Cheers Martyn! R Read my reply to Martyn, John. It wasn't very pretty here when my better half commented on my superior navigating skills (or lack thereof!!) Cheers! R Thanks Karoly! Cheers! R Battery died in wristwatch! Cheers Kev! R or maybe not! R Thanks! R You don't ever want to go anywhere with me. Never sure where I am and then never sure that I actually found it! Thanks John Cheers R Thanks mikee! Cheers R Well actually not so much I actually have a special compass with a mirror in the top cover. It's great!! When I flip it up it always shows me who's lost Cheers OND! R I was relieved, but it was shortlived! Cheers R
  7. Thanks Kev! Very pleased you enjoyed them! Cheers R It's really amazing . I can just lose myself in the immersion! Thanks Jack! Cheers R Thanks John! Cheers R Thanks so much mikee! Appreciate you commenting Cheers R Thanks OND! Cheers R Thanks Adam! See you R
  8. Thanks Martyn! Cheers R Didn't know Newport was in the tropical rainforest. Now I do!! Cheers R PS - Edinburgh is just lacking one minor ingredient. I think they call it "heat"
  9. To top off such a great series with some wonderful sunsets! Priceless Cheers Renault
  10. "Just a little test of my Bell skills, nothing fancy, no need to be concerned " This belongs in a very special place known as one of the all time classic understatements! I'm always concerned for you my friend. When it comes to flying , you try things us mere mortals wouldn't even think of , let alone attempt And yet you always pull it off You are downright scary at times. I love it. Please don't stop! Cheers R (concerned as always for your heath and well being)
  11. And you did it again. I so much enjoy your screenshots! In your capable hands P3D really shines! Cheers R
  12. I like these a lot. Especially the second - its very hard to believe its from a simulator it's so good Cheers Renault
  13. Capt'n Jack ! "Space the Final Frontier" Did you know that that in old versions of XPlane (XP 9) you could download Mars scenery …. It seems perfect for your new skills! You just need to get a bit of extra boost. It will willingly be provided by the "Noise Abatement Officer @KSEA " as he give chase in his Cessna!!!! Cheers R
  14. Not bad at all, sir, not bad at all! Cheers R
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