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  1. Thanks Iain Cheers Pete Thanks John Pleased you found it of interest Cheers Pete P3D - what's that? Never heard of it and never installed it The rarebit & Gwynt Y Ddraig was mighty fine though. Yes, mighty fine indeed !! Cheers & thanks Martyn Pete Thanks Graham See you Pete Thanks John Appreciate it Just noticed your GPU in your signature. MS2020 must really like that ! Cheers Pete Thanks John I'm very pleased you found it
  2. Nordkapp would be just the ticket too. Although it is not an airport it is one of the neatest places we have ever visited. @Marcus Nyberg Cheers Pete
  3. One of the things that I most enjoy about all the Orbx MS2020 offerings is the attention to detail and the visual immersion that this brings to the flight experience. EGCK Caernarfon is no exception and the Orbx wizards have done it again I started thinking, how does it compare with XPlane 11 and so decided to put together a little "montage" of the two. All screenshots are direct from their respective "V" key with no post editing. I have to say though that I guess my passion around flight simming is really concentrated on the science of computer graphics , and
  4. Hi Derek You are most welcome. I think that you will find this recent video from Mark of SimHanger quite informative. MSFS | WHICH CPU? | Intel or AMD | I am upgrading and why I chose to go with....? - YouTube I quite like him - he is sensible and solid in his recommendations and understanding of flight simulation. At the very least this is food for thought, but it is good advice on what is available now. However as I said, we simply don't know yet how Asobo will optimize MS2020 and for me that could literally be a "game changer" pardon th
  5. Thanks John So do I , so do I. I really like them and the one in FSX was pretty good. I had hopes that for nostalgic reasons , there would be one included in MS2020, but so far - nada. Cheers Pete Thanks Martyn At least you could see what was there . Modern engines are like a car. You know there's an engine in there somewhere , but if your like me, you don't even know where to start. Cheers Pete Thanks Adam Cheers Pete
  6. Just past Bournemouth. It's old, it's slow but I love the fact it is old school and the throb from the engines at cruise is just something wonderful And TEGBS just seems to be made for it. Cheers Pete
  7. Hi Adam Fantastic screenshots. Good to see you're about. Take care of yourself All the best Pete
  8. Hi Derek At the moment MS2020 predominately runs on a single core. Although upgrading to a faster CPU as you indicated would help some , the actual uplift would not be as significant as one would hope. It still would be running on a single core (although faster than what you currently have) but this single core would still be doing almost all of the computation. The real change has to come from Asobo, when through their optimization process (and possibly from changing to DX12) they would be able to move calculations from the single core to other cores on t
  9. There's a reason why we have two ears and one mouth. Practice using them and you just might come up with something actually worth saying.
  10. Thank you Sometimes one gets lucky, most of the time - not Cheers & I am really pleased you enjoyed them All the best Pete
  11. Thanks Mike I am really pleased you enjoyed them All the best Pete
  12. Thanks Gerold It was pretty cool Cheers "CrocR" Thanks Iain! Cheers Pete Thanks Martyn Truth be told I was so caught up in admiring the scenery that I forgot to watch where I was That is so interesting . So you know it very well. Just buzzing around it , it looks like a very interesting and nice part of the world. As others have said it must be a real thrill to have your own "local" to use Cheers Pete Thanks Mike Cheers Pete Thanks Adam I appreciate your commenting.
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