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  1. What a wonderful post Stewart! I enjoyed your road stories as much as the screenshots. And thank the other respondents for their "trucking " shots as well ! I had an uncle who was a long haul trucker. It seemed that everyone (myself included) always thought that the mark of a good roadside cafe was all the big trucks parked out side He said no - it was mainly that they could pull in and leave without backing up or turning. Food was secondary! Another childhood bubble burst! Thanks - I enjoyed this immensely Cheers Renault
  2. Wonderful stuff Mark.! I am amazed how you are manipulating lighting perspectives in these shots. Orbx TE , XPlane and your deft touch are the perfect combination! It's been years since I was in that part of the world. Thank you for the commentary. It brought back some great family memories.! Cheers R
  3. Count me in! Fantastic job Mr. J . Cheers R
  4. It made my head spin. And I'm not sure that's a good thing ,but I enjoyed these immensely! Cheers OND R
  5. Gosh Mark , even on my little screen these leave one breathless. I especially like the haze. It gives an almost mystical aspect to many of your screenshots. Without a doubt this was a highlight of my day! Cheers Renault
  6. I recently replaced my mechanical hard drives with SSD's. I use XPlane 11 with True Earth. Before hand I did a number of timed load tests. Over an average of 10 trials average load time was 4-5 minutes to fully load a location. With SSD the same average was about 1 minute & 45 secs. I have a relatively modest computer system so results can only be indicative and individual mileage will vary The most noticeable difference when flying is the elimination of stutters & pauses.(TE GB loads a lot of information on a ongoing basis). Hope this helps. BTW this was the best upgrade I have ever made to a computer without question. Cheers Renault
  7. Hey Jack I'm so pleased for you the 'crazy glue' fix worked. And good on you mate for persevering and learning the technology to get it running! Oh, and by the way the snaps aren't bad. Not bad at all !!!!! Cheers Renault
  8. FILOU You continually set the bar for all of us! You keep me striving to do better. The mark of a great artist and true teacher! Cheers Renault
  9. Hi FILOU Now that is my kind of flying. I assume that these are photos that someone took of you while you were out They can't be screenshots!!! Cheers Renault
  10. Remember to breathe, remember to breathe! Cheers Renault
  11. Hi Chunk With all the True Earth offerings it's good to see that PNW in the hands of a master is still simply spectacular! I very much enjoyed it Cheers R
  12. Very nice Jack. Your screenshots capture not only the beauty of Orbx but the ambience of the real life area. It's a wonderful part of the world and you've done it proud! Cheers R
  13. Just gorgeous Sir! I especially like the cityscape montage. Taken together as 4 images making up a single screenshot is very cool! Cheers R
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