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  1. Had some visitors today and a chance to do a bit of sightseeing … It was great … The young lass handled the flight and all I had to do was push the "v" key It was a lot of fun for all concerned As always thanks for stopping by Cheers Renault We started out at Portland International …. Pushback driver was very nice … I think he just left everything on "idle" as he backed us out It's nice just to go along for the ride for a change She does really well and is a stickler for all the proper procedures And we're up. It was fun just to see how much my guests were enjoying the experience That's where we're off to in the background … Mount Hood. It's about 3430 m and about 80 km from Portland. It is the tallest peak in Oregon Like most mountain flying , this may turn out to be a "cloud" sightseeing adventure Lots of nice forest areas though .... It's starting to clear. Maybe luck is with us today And here we are .... According to my map, thats listed as a "Government Work Camp" Time to head back .... Like so many of my flights ... it seems things clear up when I'm leaving
  2. Thanks John And I've learned something I didn't know! Wonderbar It must be so neat to fly over Seattle having experienced the buildings on the ground Cheers Pete Thanks so much Karoly Appreciate it! Cheers R Thank you John Cheers R Thanks Jean Marc. It was nice to hear from you Cheers R R Thanks Jimmy Oh yes I definitely can . You just have never seen em Cheers! R Thanks Carlos Appreciate it PS - I particularly enjoyed your recent posting on Ushuaia, but I missed being able to comment. It brought back a lot of memories. We visited there a few years ago. Its a very interesting place. Don't know if you knew this but it used to be a prison for political prisoners. During the winter they would be sent out every day to cut down trees for firewood. The would saw off the tree at the "snowline" . Now when you go to the areas where they were sent out to (there's now a tourist train that runs on the same narrow gauge rail line that was built to haul the trees back on) you see vast areas of tree stumps (trees grow very slowly there because of the climate). But the fascinating thing is that various groups of tree stumps within a group are the same height, but that the groups are at different heights, reflecting the variable snowfall levels from winter to winter. Neat place ! Cheers Pete Ah Jack, You know how it is . You become your own worse enemy when it comes to your own work. At least I do.., But thank you. I'm pleased you enjoyed them Cheers Pete
  3. Thanks Patrick Ole ' fumble fingers" struck again. Not magic, just luck ... Cheers R Thank you John. Appreciate it Cheers R Thank you Jack Cheers R Thanks John I don't have an answer yet I'm afraid. I am wondering though if it's possibly related to the demarcation between the water mask from TE and the water tiles from XPlane . From what I've read, water colour is not only determined by the any.png water file, but also is a function of a number of other data refs that control "deeper" colouration. Sorry I didn't really understand what it was about, and oddly changing the values of the data refs, didn't change the look of the water at all Perhaps if @Tony Wroblewski happens to see this note, he may be able to shed some light on it. I don't recall the blending being that noticeable in TE Washington or the TE GB But, its a "minor quibble" - TE Oregon is just an outstanding piece of scenery from my perspective!! I'm enjoying every minute of it. Cheers Pete
  4. Thanks John It is really quite wonderful Cheers Pete Thank you Karoly It has been less than 24 hrs. but I've come to realize that it is a very special place. Thank you so much for commenting Cheers! R Thanks John Cheers R Umm. "wicked" - I think that means you liked it! Me too Thank you Bernd. It was my first shot ever in TE Oregon Beginners luck I think ….. Cheers R Thanks OND! Cheers
  5. An the "white hat" goes to Jack on this one! Well done sir Cheers R
  6. Two sources that you might not be aware of : https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=72682996 (Actually just go to "view entire section" - they are separated by aircraft type) and https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/category/2-aircraft-skins-liveries/ (There are over 16,000 files listed, so I'm sure that you would find one or two that would tickle your fancy so to speak) Cheers Renault
  7. Just the one Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  8. Hi Ben Just to let you know I installed TE Oregon without any issues. Every good software product goes through a few "growing" pains and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it works. Just a small suggestion for consideration when you do the next update . Would it be possible to consider moving the "logout" button from where it is to the main screen please. When I went to logout , I found it a bit confusing trying to locate it. Went to settings and it wasn't there, got out the manual and found where it was. I just didn't expect that it would be under my name , which is a nice new feature with its added information btw. I liked it. Overall 10/10 - you've done a great job on this one! Cheers Pete
  9. Thank you Cheers Iain! Pete PS - what's really smashing is the scenery … so different in many subtle ways from Washington but absolutely fantastic at the same time I don't know how you and your colleagues do it, but you've created another winner!
  10. Just the one for now ... Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  11. While TE Oregon installation ground on relentlessly in the background, I started cleaning up the "detritus" of leftover shots I made when I first installed my new gpu. Didn't expect to find anything worth saving, but after looking at them I thought well , some weren't quite as awful as I remembered them so here are a few that I kept. Thanks very much for viewing All the best Renault Washington, TE Worthing UK, TE GBS
  12. Thanks for mentioning that you did have a look at what I wrote Sorry that it didn't help you This is going to sound like an odd question, but out of curiosity what web browser are you using. Thank you Renault
  13. Recently another member commented in my posting "Night Flight into Heathrow" that they experienced some difficulty in obtaining good image quality from Imgur for a sunset image that they had recently posted. I got intrigued and decided to investigate further. In Imgur's information regarding upload limits they mentioned the following " Non-animated images over 1MB for anonymous uploads and 5MB for account holders will be lossily compressed" ref: https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000083326-What-files-can-I-upload-What-is-the-size-limit- I decided to do a little experiment to see what actually happens and the results are presented below. I hope that this is of interest and of course individual mileage will vary , so please use this as a comparison only for the images I used. My analysis was based upon XPlanes .PNG (Lossless compression) format, but I believe the observations are valid for other simulators as well. Cheers Renault Summary: From my own observations: a) This particular image was selected because it is a difficult image to compress (the pattern on the roof can lead to "moire" patterns). Also it appears to me that the impact of image compression is most pronounced when dealing with low light conditions or in conditions with wide variation in lighting conditions (deep shadows and bright sunlight) 1) A good file compression for the images used is to compress as a .JPG at 75% image quality before upload. This minimized the file size while maximizing the number of unique colours in the image. However it still reduced the number of unique colours by about 23%. Original file size (.PNG) was about 4.3 MB and was reduced to 239KB. The image is not altered by Imgur after it was uploaded Based upon this observation I am changing my own protocol from what I had been using. However, the caveat I would add is that although the images presented are good quality and I think very acceptable (especially since Imgur is a free service) the original .PNG file on my machine has a "richness" in the subtle variation in shades and colours that are not present in the compressed images. (Small image in #9 below). Although it is quite reasonable to expect this, it probably does depend on the particular image. My observation for pre compressing at the above setting is only based upon my observation that this worked best for the image I used and was also the setting and image type that Imgur seemed to default to for any image much above an original size of 2MB or greater. 2) A file size significantly above the 1MB limit is converted by Imgur to a .JPG and compressed at 75% image quality. If one didn't wish to compress their files below the limit before upload the following observation may be valid. Since .PNG files are a lossless compression format I felt it was best to keep large file sizes in the .PNG (XPlane) format for uploading. It is possible to reduce the .PNG file size with compression without a change in image quality , but the best compression reduction I obtained with an iterative algorithm (PNGOUT plugin) was about 50%. The advantage to using a compressed .PNG file is that since it is a lossless compression, the image quality is not potentially degraded until the Imgur upload (i.e. if you wanted to store it on your machine in its original image quality but reduce the stored file size and still upload it). Please note that this file will still will be altered by Imgur if it exceeds the above file limits when uploaded Unless the file size is reduced below the 1MB limit, Igmur compresses the file as a .JPG at 75% image quality if the file size is significantly above 1MB/5MB or at a image quality less than 100% if it is slightly above the limit. However , the worst case potentially is to upload a .JPG file that has been reduced at less than 100% Image quality before uploading , but is still above the 1MB limit. for anonymous uploads or 5MB for account holders. Since .JPG is a lossy compression method the initial compression will have lost image information and then further lossy compression by Imgur would potentially degrade the image quality further. Comparison: 1. JPEG 70% Quality , # of Unique colours - 43521, File size - 239KB 2. JPEG 75% Quality, # of Unique colours - 43521, File size - 239 KB Quality Check: I then backloaded this image from Igmur. # of Unique colours - 43521, File Size - 239 KB as per the original upload. 3. JPEG 82% Quality (Word Press standard), # of Unique colours - 42843, File size - 297 KB 4. JPEG 85% Quality, # of Unique colours - 42564, File size - 331 KB Quality Check: I then backloaded this image from Igmur. # of Unique colours - 42564, File Size - 331 KB as per the original upload. 5. JPEG 90% Quality, # of Unique colours - 41803, File size - 425 KB Image not presented : No Visual Difference 6. JPEG 95% Quality, # of Unique colours - 39554, File size - 630 KB Image not presented : No Visual Difference 7. JPEG 100% Quality, # of Unique colours - 36110, File Size - 1,322 KB (Exceeds anonymous upload limit) Quality Check: I then backloaded this image from Igmur. # of Unique Colours - 33482, File size - 491 KB File type : JPG at 90% Quality. However since .JPG is a lossy format it was interesting to note the loss of unique colours. Compared to the PNG original screenshot this is a reduction in unique colour information of 36.5% (My JPG conversion) plus an additional loss in unique colours by Igmur of 4.6% for a total loss of approximately 41% from the original screenshot It is also a loss of information from the original .JPG (i.e. potentially not a good idea to "double dip"). Visually , though it is hard to discern any visual differences in comparison with other images, although compared to the original .PNG file there is a loss of visual "richness" especially in the sunlit areas on the ground and in the subtle colour variation in the sunset sky colours. 8. PNG (Lossless Compression), # of Unique colours - 56913, File Size - 2394 KB (Exceeds anonymous upload limit) Unfortunately this is not the ORIGINAL Image as Igmur compressed it as a .JPG file - comment below Quality Check: I then backloaded this image from Igmur. # of Unique colours - 43521, File size 239 KB File type: JPG at 75% Quality 9. PNG Original No Compression, # of Unique colours - 56913, File Size - 4,177KB (Exceeds anonymous upload limit) I manually successively reduced the original by 1/2 several times to bring the file size down. Although it is now quite small, the colour control in the original is retained ( # of Unique colours is still 56913). File size is now 295KB and image size is 480 x 270 (Original was 1920 x 1080). This was not altered by Igmur when it uploaded Unfortunately the image below is not the ORIGINAL PNG Image as Igmur compressed it as a .JPG file - comment below Quality Check: I then backloaded this image from Igmur. # of Unique colours - 43499, File size 238 KB File type: JPG at 75% Quality
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