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  1. Just a collection. This is one heck of a "knock out" scenery package. Absolutely stellar job by the wizards at Orbx !! It's beautifully rendered and brought back many pleasant memories of the time we were luck enough to visit it. Cheers Pete I remember this bridge, all the while thinking if the cruise ship was actually going to get under it. It did But I really enjoy the early morning most of all, when the air is crisp and clear and the lighting is just magical ...
  2. The second last one is just absolutely right. The lighting and shadows really bring a level of immersion, which is pretty hard to do at the altitude you're at. See ya Pete
  3. Ken did such a great job didn't he ? @Ken Hall Its one of my all time fun places to hang out. Bryce looks so good in Pink, but I wonder if the donut will make everyone look fat
  4. Title says it all ..... If it brings a smile to your face, and a little chuckle for the end of another week .... mission accomplished Cheers Pete Ah ..... I seem to have lost the key to start me up. Does anyone have the number for Krispy Kreme ?????
  5. And hiding in plain sight all the while... Nice one guys!! Cheers Pete
  6. Thanks Adam Cheers Pete "Puttering - it's an art form" Been there, worth a visit It was really relaxing. It is a great place to visit, and one that I would like to go to IRL someday Cheers Gerold & thanks All the best Pete Thanks Iain Cheers Pete Thanks! It still has its moments Cheers & thanks for commenting. It is appreciated Pete Hi John. Thank you. It certainly is. Its one of the things that I most enjoy about this package Cheers Pete
  7. Just as the title says. Spent the day puttering about. Cheers Pete
  8. Welcome back Iain. I expected "gliders" maybe and possibly a short narrated walking tour of an airport to start But not one to disappoint , we get absolutely stellar action shots 3 and 6 are my favourites. You've captured the ground scenery where I live perfectly .... unfortunately Cheers Iain and great to see you here again. Make sure you get your rest and don't over do it. Pete
  9. Just checking out WU3 before I venture out to the UK. IRL , I've spent more hours in this spot than I want to contemplate Cheers Pete PS - the "smudges" are on the window - I checked
  10. A teenager with "Stinky feet" . Nothing else even comes close.
  11. Incredible Adam, just incredible I have to say it has taken me a long time to warm up to the idea behind Luminar, but in your hands it just is pure magic Cheers Pete
  12. Thanks Carlos Cheers Thanks so much Francois. I am very pleased you enjoyed it All the best Pete
  13. This is a little tip that I hope you will find useful It is applicable to both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge which are based on the same Chromium browser engine. Both web browsers are colour managed browsers which means that they can use specific colour profile files to control what colours you actually see when viewing a website image, such as our beloved screenshot forum. The colour profile file is like a little colour dictionary that tells your monitor how to pick the right colour to match up with the colour on the image when it was created origin
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