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  1. Just the two though Cheers Renault
  2. You could probably sell it now for a lot more than the purchase price Back in the day, there are some guys in Hay River, NWT that would have loved to get their hands on another I bet! Cheers Thank you Adam Appreciate it Thanks Martyn It is very nice - hard to believe its not real Thanks Iain Credit goes to the Orbx team though Cheers Pete Thanks Jack
  3. Thanks . I was watching them all the way down. I would drift from 2r,2W to 4W but could compensate. I can't image trying to taxi IRL when it was like this Cheers Pete Thank you. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the dialogue Cheers Thanks Adam Thanks Martyn "As real as it gets" may have some downsides Cheers Pete Thanks so much Iain Cheers Pete Thanks Gerold This one was a bit "finicky" to install. I daydream when a product will have it all & my "tweaking days" will be a distant memory Cheers Pete Thanks Jack Your suggestion helped a lot!! Cheers Pete Thanks Dario Cheers Pete
  4. Thank you Jose I appreciate your comments. It is just the standard XPlane weather - just playing around with cloud placement & cloud type, along with a few data ref adjustments & some Xvision settings. Cheers Pete
  5. A little sightseeing trip just north of San Francisco Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault To me , this area is one of the most beautiful that Orbx has created. I hope you enjoy my little journey General Area Heading North And now a little run down to San Fran .....
  6. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault XPlane 11.41r1 TE Nor Cal librain plugin (available from XPlane-org) It was a wonderful Saturday Afternoon to take a short spin out from Half Moon Bay one of the XPlane Gateway ap's just outside of San Franciso Weather forecast was good - slight chance of a squall moving in later, so off I went Surprising how quickly the clouds picked up -- maybe the "slight" was more like a "likely" And here comes the rain .... Doesn't look great ... It a good thing I'm on the way back its not far So far, not a problem But flying slowly has its challenges. Visibility is good, and then you get a big "blob" of water that just drifts across and distorts everything Realism isn't everything … But I'm coming in nicely... I've been practicing my landings and I'm getting the hang of it finally.... Just remember to take your time .... And the last step ... And here we are ... Hows that for rolling out the "welcome mat" -- ha, ha . A little bit of humour , relieves the stress … Now for the challenging bit ... finding where I'm supposed to park! Head down, and squint and I can just about see where I'm supposed to go Now that would be embarrassing -- "officer I was taxing very , very slowly , turned into my assigned parking spot and somehow hit a plane I didn't have" But all's well that ends well. Here I am safe and sound With special thanks to @Jack Sawyer, @olderndirt , @adambarfor their encouragement and helpful suggestions to help with my landings
  7. I'm sure the good folks in St. John's , Newfoundland would love to give you some from their most recent one https://globalnews.ca/video/6430618/cars-doors-buried-under-mounds-of-snow-as-blizzard-hits-st-johns
  8. Thanks Iain! Cheers Pete Thank you very much Martyn Thanks Adam Glad it worked for you as well Cheers Pete Thank you Pete Thanks Jack Appreciate it Cheers Pete Thank you John Cheers! Its magic … Works every time Thank you. Appreciate you commenting Cheers Pete Thanks Mikee Cheers Pete Thanks OND Cheers Thanks Dario Cheers Pete
  9. Its been a bit cold where I live and I needed a little something to warm me up Beautiful scenery, ocean mist and blue ocean - TE Nor Cal to the rescue Cheers Renault
  10. Thanks very much Pleased that you enjoyed seeing them Cheers Pete Thanks Dario Cheers! Thanks Jann Cheers Pete
  11. I've met combine harvesters on the road during the fall harvest and they are Big pieces of equipment, taking up almost the full width of the road. But your wonderful second shot makes it look tiny by comparison. We like having corn done on the barbeque. But you've just invented a whole new culinary technique Pete
  12. These are amazing Jack. Like others have said , the water reflections are superb. You have a very deft hand with camera angles and a wonderful eye for perspective. They are simulation art Sir! See you Pete
  13. Thanks Martyn Cheers Pete Thank you very much Adam! See you Pete Thanks so much Jack I appreciate it! Cheers Pete Thank you John I'm glad you enjoyed them See you Pete Thank you Iain See you Pete
  14. You might find this interview with the MS2020 team helpful information, especially with regard to internet speeds and user experience. Cheers Renault https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/568679-lanacioncomar-interview-with-neumann-and-wloch/
  15. Perhaps not for everyone, but I was just playing around with different views ... Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
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