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  1. Just a few Cheers Pete I had so, many issues trying to get this mod to work until the latest update, but now its become my favourite "go to" aircraft A "self portrait" ..... but I'm named after, my great, great , great grandfather George C. who made quite a name for himself selling things he didn't own. He was particularly good with bridges, according to the family history And my "digs for the night" Great pub, great food and a comfortable bed. Then off again on another adventure tomorrow
  2. Thank you Ian It is appreciated ! All the best and stay safe Cheers! Pete Thanks Adam Cheers Pete Thanks John! See you Pete Thanks J^3 I'd like to say practice, skill and expertise , but it seems that plain ole dumb luck has a lot more to do with it But you didn't seen the others that didn't work Cheers Roger & thanks ! Thanks Landon. I'm starting to understand the configuration files a bit better now to be sure Cheers! Pete
  3. Thanks J^3 !! Cheers Pete Thanks Ken You did such a fine job with this - it is always a pleasure for me to explore it, especially at the beginning and end of the day I will always be grateful to you for sharing your skills with all of us to enjoy See you Pete
  4. Thanks Iain! Cheers Pete Thanks Adam Thanks John I appreciate that MS is a work in progress, but my word, when its working well together with Orbx it's just magical to me! See you Pete Thanks Roger Not a problem, not a problem at all If you would be willing just to stop at the desk on your way past , we would be very happy to arrange payment options for you.... We do offer an extended payment plan , which might be of interest Cheers Pete Thanks John Take
  5. Thanks John I'm pleased you enjoyed them Cheers! Pete Thanks so much Iain. I appreciate it! All the best Pete Thanks Adam See you Pete Thank you John! Cheers Pete Hi J^3 It is that, and is really immersive. Thanks for commenting . It is appreciated All the best Pete Hi Roger I have always enjoyed the Med. There is something magical about the light there... Even as a "stowaway" it's pretty neat! Cheers Pete
  6. That is really something Howard . I've never watched an "unboxing" video before. You made me feel as if I was your neighbour, sharing in you enjoyment of an long anticipated purchase that you will spend many happy hours with . It made my day I echo FILOU's comment . We all have one life to live , make the most of it and enjoy ! All the best! Pete
  7. A bit of a "theme" going here Cheers Pete I could just imagine the conversation ..... "Everyone wants to do this job , but .... few are chosen "
  8. Just a few ... but couldn't find Scully & Mulder anywhere Cheers Pete
  9. This airport is deceptive. Once you start exploring it, it becomes so immersive that you feel the "holiday vibe" creeping up on you the more time you spend with it. I really felt like I had a "mini vacation" Cheers Pete
  10. It doesn't get any better than this. I really like the worn look - too often aircraft are "picture perfect" , but IRL they are often anything but. These capture that superbly Cheers Pete
  11. Fantastic Andy! I'm enjoying it a lot as well Cheers Pete
  12. Cheers Pete "We're Gate 2, and American is Gate 2A . Do you tell him or do I ?" Heads it's you !! Your turn "
  13. Thanks Roger! Cheers Pete Thank you Landon See you Pete Thanks Rob. Me too Who hasn't dreamed gazing through the chain link fence . It's a magical experience when you're growing up and the bug sticks with you forever Cheers Pete Thanks Iain! Cheers Pete Some days to be honest , I'm not sure myself Cheers Gumby and thank you Pete Ha, ha!! Love it Cheers Adam and thanks! Pete Thanks John See you Pete Thanks Ken!
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