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  1. For someone who says he is not good a paint, you done a pretty good job
  2. Happy Birthday Jack . This guy took it literally. Flying Down Under
  3. Thank you Nick, 1) I wrote my posting after I did the re-install and after I discovered the culprit. I did eventually saw your post in reply to Georgio .In foresight I should have relied firstly to Orbx forum rather that the P3D forum. That would have saved me the trouble. 2) I forgot to mention that everything seems working fine despite that those 2 files are at odds So I leave them as they are, now that you put my mind at ease. Stay safe Best regards Charles
  4. After the fiasco with Immersion Manager (ShadersHLSL missing) I had to re-install P3Dv4 . I have now 2 files in the P3D Scenery Library which do not seem to be in the right place . OLC_AF_mesh Orbx Global openLC Africa ( located in my D drive) This file is displayed on top of the Scenery Library in P3D, is greyed out in the Enable box, and cannot be moved up or down. However they are 2 other files Orbx!OpenLC_Africa 1 & 2 which are in the right place , just above the Base files Orbx!OPENLC_!AFRICA_LIGHTS This file is displayed immediately after the FTX series ie : AU_2 NZNI, AA (airports) and above the original P3D files Those 2 file do they need to be in the OPENLC section? If so How do I move them? without touching the scenery Confg file ? Synchronizing does not solve the problem if their is one ! Regards Charles
  5. As I said in my original post I deleted all reference/program of Immersion and then reinstall P3D ,as just deleting and re-installing Client did not work. So If I understand you well Keven , the best option I have, is to wait for a new version of Immersion Manager which can them be downloaded from Orbx site . Charles
  6. After a resent update of Immersion Manger my simulator crashed meaning I could not enter any longer into the programme . ShadersHLSL directory not found The only way to resolve the problem according to P3Dv4 is a clean re-install. So I saved my 2 P3D files from the Document folder and proceed with an Uninstall /Install. P3D started fine and appeared as it should. Now I reinstalled the P3D add-on in documents hoping to retrieve all my add- ons I restarted P3D only to find the same problem again ShadersHLSL directory not found I observed that in the Add-on file Immersion call for a path for ShadersHLSL Prog Files/LockeedMartin/Prepared/Immersion / ..../ live/ but no such file is found I have since deleted all Immersion products from my computer until this problem is solved If any one at Immersion 42 can help it will be appreciated Charles
  7. By the time you finished rebuilding, something else will pop up. Over the years many of us have invested big dollars in the hobby, and will not consider moving to another platform , so why not cater for the existing client Instead to chase for something that may or may not be of interest to many of us. Just the thoughts of an oldtimmer , happy to continue to use P3D
  8. Hi everyone, hope you all safe and well during this pandemic. I have recently updated several Orbx including YBBN for P3Dv4.5. I set the configuration to, what I consider the minimum FSX Ground poly (default) Ticked People flow, 3D grass, Airside object 1, Landside object 1 & Dock object 1 I use the C172 ( Carenado) which is not to heavy on my CPU P3D will crash as soon as I power up the aircraft whilst on the runway I un-ticked all of the above except FSX Ground Poly (default) and still crash When I use the Photoreal settings with all the above ticked I do not have any problem , But the markings on the apron and taxi ways are blurry and barely visible The specs of my computer is not really on the lower end side and should be sufficient for the default setting . Is there another setting I missed, that I need to apply within Orbx Central or within P3D v4.5 to get the poly setting working ? Any help will be welcome Charles
  9. I too just had a look around Jo'burg , but never found any high rise building of Johannesburg and Hilbrow marvelous skyline . The city center should about 170 deg from the airport but I never found it .I used to work there and the last time was 55 year ago. I guess the city has changed But perhaps Orbx has in mind to develop FAOR as a separate airport/city So far I did not explore much but it looks promising, tomorrow I be flying over the Dragensberg before descending to Cape Town Charles
  10. The day when it comes, I be saying VIVE la FRANCE,
  11. Jack, Did you take off from the top of the mountain? Ha ha !
  12. Is it a Plane,? is it a Zebra/...., No it's Africa, nice shot Ian Stay safe,Charles
  13. I have just downloaded the latest version. WOW, so much work was put into it. I had quick look at the Google Earth map to locate some of those updates. My eyes stopped wandering over the map , when I spotted YLOR. (Lorraine) This brought immediately back old memories from the early 70s . My wife and I are both originated from the Alsace/Lorraine regions in France . So we were curious to know what where those two lonely station got their name from ( Alsace station is adjacent to Lorraine station) We stopped at a Station north from Cluncurry asking for some directions , only to be told there is nothing up there, only an disused out-station . The hospitality of the farmer was legendary. If we insisted , we could go up , for a day outing and have a barbecue. They gave us directions, some salted beef , water and up we go. Lorraine here we come or bust!. The track , if we could could call that a track was bumpy, but our 4x4 managed. The country was dry , rocky, and only few trees not higher than 8 feet, here and then , and for wildlife, a lot of flies. Lorraine had just a small shed with corrugated iron and red dust everywhere. No air strip. The river bed was dry with slightly better vegetation on the edge Some how we were disappointing, but we thrilled by the spectacle that grandiose country had to offer 50 Years later ORBX give us a chance to rediscover this isolated country. A quick search on Google earth , revealed that Lorraine has been revived . The Out Station it once was has now several buildings at the North end of the strip near the river creek How time changes.... Thank you ORBX for bringing those memories back and less trees for Lorraine would have been perfect Charles
  14. Leasuresuit Larry was a favorite game, Searching for clues I never find . I still have memories of going into that bar, asking the barman for a drink that I never got! ( I thought I would find the clues at the bottom of glass)
  15. I bought my First computer in the early 80 . It was an Australian made one . Microbee 128K . It was pretty advanced with 3 1/4 inch diskette, DOS was the operating sys . Microsoft then was un-heard to me . I used Basic as a language to navigated and to make characters! I remember I was once was able to draw a straight line from a pixel to another somewhere on the other side of the green screen. I cherish that straight line like a trophy of Conquest . I just mastered this new technology . Well almost. Since then a bought many computers over the years and they caught up with me quicker that my mind could follow. Good bye .bat files and self made auto.exe . Adieu forever DOS > Directory . I miss the simplicity those first computer had. Those were the days when you still were in control of the machine . But wake up Gran Pa, automatism has taken control . The CPAP machine Report tell the Desktop Computer that the nasal mask was to loose last night. Another app tells me that a forgetful mind left the fridge door ajar. Oh gosh the drop down menu just remind me it'is Peter's birthday. Your files are now stored on Clouds . Now that is progress , I can access those files when I pass through the Pearly Gates . Computer were made to increase productivity and made life easier. I wonder now! Happy Flying and if you see some floating files in the clouds , as you cruise past on your way to FL320 , they are probably my lost files! Charles
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