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  1. I feel like being a small boy again, waiting desperately in front of the Christmas Tree for the moment to unpack my presents. Aus v2 has all the hallmark of the ultimate scenery. Well Done ORBX and congratulation to his team of developers for such fine design. Charles
  2. Sorry Chris , I just came back and saw your query. No I do not now Adam , since I left the Industry I lost contact with my Colleagues. Enjoy you retirement at the Bay , I have my eldest son who is in HB , works for Wide Bay Waters as an Engineer Charles
  3. Well I am a bit like some of those globetrotters i read above Born in France Alsace moved to Biarritz , Val D"isere , Evian les Bains , Paris France Then Germany Frankfurt/main South Africa Jo'burg Tahiti Papette Noumea New Caledonia Perth WA Shark Bay WA Port Hedland WA Penrith NSW Sydney Nsw Darwin NT Yamba NSW This was the life of a busy Chef Now my next place is not far from from Yamba . It would be Maclean NSW It's a small place under the trees where Flying foxes nest and it's full of tombstones!!!
  4. Very impressive. A lot took for in the coming years. When I saw the picture of the Cote d'Azur I felt straight back at home. and then to discover that Shark Bay is on the map for Australia . This was my first job when I migrated to Australia . A lonely place with a unique charm of unequaled beauty.. That was long ago! Can wait to update
  5. It has been done before ,not by ORBX, but by someone in authority. Remember the Bi-Centennial !
  6. It's a QLD gov air services school It is booked out by airlines during the week but open to public on weekends on booking Trading as flight experience . Not cheap but worth the money. .They assess you for your knowledge and then tailor the fight accordingly The Sim is fixed but has vibration especially if you do something out of the norm? Cheers Charles
  7. Thank you Rodger, Yes it was on my bucket list for a long time, and I am happy to be still able to do it . Mostly thanks to my lovely wife who push me . Charles
  8. It is P3D platform but unfortunately they do not use ORBX The scenery was a bit dull but still the panoramic halve round screen give you good depth ,which is something I cannot reproduce on my screens. Looking outside the windows was nearly like the real thing. At one stage I could see my Instructor looking out and down to see if i cleared those Hong Kong buildings Cheers Charles
  9. As I said ,definitely NO for a 737 but a small cessna maybe.
  10. I finally made it , and had the experience of my life. Flying a 737 in a simulator at Brisbane Airport , under the guidance of an instructor. With my PMDG 737 NGX I thought I knew the fundamentals. How wrong I was. This simulator really gives you a total new dimension to flying, and yet it still not the real thing! So if anyone ask you if you could fly a real aircraft after many hours on FSX or P3D ? The answer is NO Happy Flying Charles
  11. 1) With the digital age no longer have I the need to send the missus on the roof to fix the antenna whilst I tried to tune the TV 2) No need anymore to sent the missus under the rain with the crankshaft to start the car whilst I comfortably fiddle with choke 3) No need to search a dictionary just ask GOOGLE 4)In the old time you can only blame yourself if you got lost, Nowdays blame the GPS
  12. I have the door closed with sign that says : Please DO NOT DISTURB whilst fly in progress. And since I am half deaf I always got an excuse !!!
  13. Well I had my share too : Landing at the Bathurst Island (Aus) air strip surrounded by estuary crocodiles seems somehow more pleasureful that the rough and bumpy airstrips in Africa, where I am nearly sure, some pilots must had their licence out of a cornflakes box . I am still shivering at the memory of it ! But all that was a long time ago .
  14. Interesting post JohnY. I tought of that a lot This hobby was for me only, and the Kids or grand kids a definitely not interested in the intricate part of flying. So there is no use to leave them with the legacy of virtual software . For my part I fly mostly Australia NZ and PNG There is always something to discover and I am happy in my small part of the world. It just suit me fine. No need to expand any further
  15. Watched the youtube Great stuff Frank Just like in real life (including the run over little ones!)
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