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  1. My wife usually tells me where to go. And because I am a good husband I listen.
  2. Here is a snap shot of the Gold Coast seen through my eyes . Enjoy. Charles
  3. E Komo mai " Welcome to my flight" Low flying over Honolulu Iroquois Point Joint Hickam Air Force Base & International Airport Keehi Lagoon Honolulu Harbour & Waikiki in the Background Ala Moana Kakaako (Honolulu) Honolulu by night is just stunning Punchbowl National Pacific Cemetery Landing at International airport Pearl Harbour Flying towards Mount Kaala (4025ft) Naval Telecomunication Centre (near Whitmore Village) (Extreme low flying , but I did not crash!) Flying over Keaiwa Heinau State Recreation Area with Highway H3 below entering the tunnel (on the right Mount Puu Keahi a Kahoe) Following the H3 Hway the Vilages of Kaneohe & Kailua Crossing Kaneohe Bay on approach Landing at PHNG Mokapu I hope you enjoyed my Hawaiian journey A Hui Hou ( Until we meet again) Charles
  4. definitely an improvement I am glad you got it working at last I may add it's much better seeing the Gold Coast from the air that being caught in the traffic below!
  5. When I saw those red colored leaves it remind of my school years when in autumn we had to go out collect some leaves and then draw them Your right Jack those foliage are Beeeeutiful Incidentally those weather shots are real dramatic Very Nice
  6. Nice shots I remember Kalbarri in the 60th 3 houses 1 petrol station, dirt road of course and a wonderful fishing spot. But they always had cold beer in the store!
  7. What equipment do you run for such long wait? I know that Gold Coast Sceneries + YBCG take a bit memory and running FSX it's not as good than P3D. I personally did not see any difference running Aus v2
  8. Not sure about this statement but it appears from this latest update that the big winner will be the Telco Companies . With the possibility of up to 2 PetaBytes of downloads I think we be stretching a little to far our hardware and most of all our internet connections . From what I understand if you live in an area with a reduced coverage their is no hope to play this Sim to its full capacity In the mean time thank you ORBX to give us sceneries that are playable with the most modest equipment and connection Any thought on this development? Charles
  9. you worked out those shots like magic
  10. very nice shots Cairns is nicely settled between the sea and mountain, With weather like in your post your likely to take off from runway 15 and not 33 .Unfortunately the poor Cairns residents cope all those departure flights . I know I was one of then for several years to bear the noise
  11. I love my Sim and if something new comes along I let all those brave souls jump in it and sort out the pro and cons and hopefully by them if I still see the sun rise I may consider following the M 2020 crowd In the mean time I consider wasting so money on an Honeycomb Alpha Joke Control. Those should hit the shelves in Australia before the end of the month.
  12. Those were Ducks who chicken out when they saw the aircraft coming towards them
  13. I can not remember if this one had also also a 90 degree turn halve way through the runway Very difficult indeed to land and/or parking near the village. Well done
  14. I learn the hard way that dust overheated my CPU . That was the primary reason why FSX always CDT. I thought it. was the dreaded OOM, but in fact it was dust. Now I installed a water cooled fan and added filters to the casing . Problem solved. Need to clean those every 4 month or so. I guess if kids were still around perhaps , with all the traffic and movement, more often would not harm.
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