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  1. Navigraph sent a similar survey . Looking at the weird questions ,I wonder what is the true purpose of the survey . It seems to revolve more around the MSFS2020 to gauge how much as simmers spend on our hobby
  2. I think it just delivered a cargo load of French Cheeses
  3. Wow this is just an amazing story Thank you for sharing. It's really bizarre how sometime you meet people with some historical connections. There is this little Island in the North West Corner of Tasmania called Robbins Island , named after Charles Robbins a Naval Officer & surveyor sent by Governor King to dissuade the French to colonize Van Diemens land ( Now Tasmania or colloquial called Tassie) Well to make the story short , his great great grand son of the same name happens to be my next door neighbour
  4. I am not really sure where to post this , and if it is an ORBX oversight or an AI traffic problem. But I thought to bring it to the attention of ORBX . At YPMQ in the light aircraft section around the corner from the refueling facilities they are several aircrafts that are entangled into each other. I first thought it was an ORBX AI traffic for P3Dv4 issue but it it seem to persist without AI . ( The Mooney on the right belongs to the user) Submitted for your information Charles
  5. this is just amazing I love those clouds
  6. Eh bien mon ami, So much info and so much history . This is an amazing montage of pictures to enhance your story line . Vive les Belges! Charles
  7. Nice one Good pick and the colours are just so right at ddawn/dusk
  8. Rodger, maybe this helps This sounds a little like my story when I changed over to P3D about 10 month ago FSX use to crash and I put it down to OOM. Hence the change over to P3D . That Sim also crashed several times and then I did a complete reinstall. It still CTD . My hardware was pretty new and was set up for the task. The good lady from P3D was most helpful but could not solve the problem. So I called in the expert Technician. Check the Graphic card OK, checked the CPU, OK Checked the mother board, OK Checked the power supply , OK Checked the heat sink & heat output of the CPU , Not OK ! The technician then installed a AUD$ 50. hydraulic cooler system and the problem was solved . Since then, I did not had a single crash Keep faith in your tech guy he will find the fault Good luck Charles
  9. Wow, Ken, this a mighty cockpit .all you need is rocking chair you give you a sense of motion
  10. I wish you good luck with the testing purposes story
  11. I think in the US it sell for around 250 to 280 US$ In Australia through a dealer I paid AU$ 450 . incl delivery Although the unit is of high quality the documentation for the use of their software to assign switches & buttons not as crash hot . The weird part there is only 1 manual and this one is in German . English or French would have been ok for me but none available. I am not to worried since I use FSUIPC And NO , I have to walk away to have lunch. Usually the lunch call always comes, like recurring magic, just always during descent in the middle of landing prep. Charles
  12. Don this is one of my favorite route Flying out of Coffs and towards Gold Coast via Mt Warning ORBX did a good job with Mount Warning in Australia2 Love it Charles
  13. Just a thought , If you fly over this region at night, the green texture will be gone, and you will then see anything that is ablaze or so I think . After all the project it still on Beta stage and to early for serious comments. I, on the other hand really look forward , to expand my horizons with this release . Charles
  14. Scott you are correct when you say quality vs cost . I bought mine from the the Gamesmen in Sydney , I had to pre- order it. I made my decision also after watching Austin Meyer and another video where this guy dismantled a brand new Saiteck/Logitetech yoke in order to get a better calibration out of that unit. I did not know much so I bought this unit a bit blind . It my first Yoke as well and I am not disappointed Charles
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