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  1. FYI: The Tweed New Haven User Guide Map has West Haven incorrectly labeled East Haven.
  2. That was my understanding but it would be nice if Orbx added them to the Discover Tab in Orbx Central so we have one reference for Discovering and exploring the Orbx scenery we bought. Thanks Nick! Mike Angelo
  3. I own most of the Orbx Regions and I'm trying to explore. When I go to the Discover Tab in Orbx Central and click on the Region I get lots of Points of Interest but no airports except the payware airports. Where are the airports included in the region found? The airport filter only shows payware and freeware but does not show the airports included in the regions. Here is Payware and Freeware Combined and the Region areas are void of airports except payware: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&ll=50.46342080587144%2C-119.0990201963732&z=5
  4. Zero responses in a week? Am I off track? Noboby else wants accurate taxiway signage that matches the real world airport diagrams? Who is responsible for that? Orbx? Prepar3d?
  5. I am using Pilotedge with my Orbx scenery in Prepar3d. I was looking at the airport diagram for KRNM to prepare for taxi and I noticed that the taxiways are not accurate. This creates an additional layer of complexity and confusion to what I'm trying to practice. I realize that KRNM is a SoCal Region airport and not payware but if you are going to put taxiway signs in the scenery, why not make them accurate? I would appreciate if Orbx would put the airports Pilotedge is using on the top priority list for accuracy in terms of airport runway and taxiway signs and on the top priority list for ne
  6. Thanks Nick! Haven't been here in a while. Just discovered your post and replaced the files. Will test when I get a chance but I have no doubt you fixed the problem.
  7. I would like to see Orbx post demos of HD and SD so I can try them to see if my computer can handle the HD or if I need to buy the SD. Thank you.
  8. Went to Options\Weather and turned off Enable turbulence and thermal effects on vehicle. Problem SOLVED! Landed with no problem!
  9. Check this one out! Orbx freeware and payware combined. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&hl=en_US&ll=40.61194422406885%2C-72.72155927563983&z=7
  10. Thank you all! I understand that Orbx is trying to simulate the turbulence at Sedona in real life. They have an updraft rising up the slope of the Mesa to runway 21 which is accurate but the updraft seems to continue all the way down the runway. Is that accurate or realistic?
  11. I did fly a pattern and land at Telluride which is even higher with no issues. If anyone else has an A2A C172 Trainer and Sedona give it a try and let me know the results. Thx.
  12. No I haven't tried a different plane Doug. The A2A C172 is the most realistic plane I have but I'll try something else.
  13. I tried with and without flaps Doug. Thanks for rubbing it in Stewart. Are we talking real life Sedona or Orbx Sedona?
  14. After some research I see that this is a real issue at this high density altitude airport. Not suggesting that there is something wrong with the airport or plane. Would still like suggestions from pilots on this forum. Thx.
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