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  1. Slowly slowly, We can all give our opinion, but calmly. That said, regarding the Boston scene, as I said before, it's a decent DLC, and a reasonable price for the whole thing. Not to mention that this comes from third-party developers who have nevertheless done a remarkable job. Certainly, there are always little things that can be improved afterwards, and which I hope with a future update. But, I have the impression, in these forums, when a scene becomes payware, everyone starts to jump, and already self-criticizes without having tried. It annoys me a little, that's why I also sai
  2. You're right Michael, I absolutely understand that the real problem comes from the integration of airports, however, so where did the airports from TrueEarth Netherlands come from? Cheers Pascal
  3. I do not think it costs thousands of dollars, since this scene is not a development, but only a conversion from XP or P3D. ;-)
  4. I also understand this failure, I also wait for nearly 1 year TrueEarth GB, but the santa claus will not go there Have you tried The Czech Republic, it's a very successful scene too, with a Lod14 resolution and a good mesh, I think of 15m seems to me it, done gracefully by Sasha '' flightXtreme ''
  5. Besides, there are no systems! Oh, well there's an FMC now? Well how about a GP.... Oh, there's a GPS now? but...... Hmmmm..... I love AFS2 but this to me takes the biscuit! Of course, some comments can be understood and others less. However, today is not the problem of being loved or not, but it is a personal choice for everyone. I believe rather that the real problem of most of the community is waiting and asking the question with IPACS; is when????? Many projects in sight, but few ar
  6. Finally, here is a news from IPACS. The B777-300ER should be released soon for PC version!
  7. Yes Okay, we can understand it in a certain way in this, but if there is little choice as you say, it is that there was also little investment and expenditure at the beginning, And if more in this small community that we are with AFS2, it remains only a small percentage of buyers, how do you want it to evolve. Especially, from what I've heard, some people never buy a single addon, but only develop by themselves ... and free. But I think that ORBX, could make a last little effort, if only because of respect to the customers who spent quite a lot of addons other than AFS 2. After all, we spe
  8. Come on John Venema, a last little effort before the end of the year! Or at least, have a little thought to all those who have invested so much for these DLC with AFS2. ;-) Cheers, Tomfa
  9. Moreover, as many say, thanks to the kindness and generosity of various private developers, and for this reason only that I stay with AFS2, but many have already taken the exit since the beginning of this year. But in the long run, AFS2 will not be alone, other Simulators will wipe their tears ;-) Historical: 1982 - Flight Simulator 1.01 1983 - Flight Simulator 2.0 1988 - Flight Simulator 3.0 1989 - Flight Simulator 4.0 1993 - Flight Simulator 5.0 1995 - Flight Simulator 5.1 1996 - Flight Simulator 95 1997 - Flight Simulator 98 1999 - Flight Simulator 2000 2001 -
  10. I can not confirm it myself, but in any case, nothing is positive since the promises said at the beginning of the year on their roadmaps. And following GB TrueEarth, another example that should have been planned in the first quarter of 2019, and the little that was announced, none has been completed. ;-)
  11. Here are the latest news! When fiction becomes real, that's the result!
  12. All this, is absolutely not serious and even less credible? In any case, do not count on me for the P3D and even less on XP! But the time will soon come, I'm waiting for the big return of MFS !!!
  13. Sorry, but P3D, is a real money machine, and in terms of quality graphics is simply a revamped FSX version, nothing more. The only real simulator in terms of immersion will arrive in 2020, and here we will talk again! https://www.flightsimulator.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2HwLeJSAGc
  14. Patience? Patience? Patience? It's been over a year that lasts)? Meanwhile, a novelty is announced for P3D or XP every two weeks or so ... All that makes me laugh :-)) I will not come back from what I said on the other forum, but my conclusion was the right one. ;-) I am already looking forward to FS2020 !!!
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