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  1. Early spring flight from Asturias, Spain (LEAS) to Valleta, Malta (LMML) in the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster by PMDG. Orbx's openLC-EU is one of the best products offered. Waiting for the loaded in beautiful Asturias. Loaded up and the right side is spinning. Climb out over northern Spain. Had a shot of Bilbao, but didn't like how it turned out. Warmer down here near Barcelona. Wish I was there again...maybe for the 10 year anniversary. Night falls quickly in the spring, even this close to the equator. Starting descent after passing Pantelleria island. Final into Valletta. The landing was not pretty. It'd been awhile since I'd flow the 6 and forgot how it dies when you throw out full flaps! Nice flight overall. Did another from Rome to London (with an even worse landing!!). Thanks, for looking.
  2. I've got the Scotland region and just starting doing a few more flights over it (including the start of a transatlantic in the DC-3), but I feel like it's showing its age. I'm getting an itch for the TrueEarth version, but I just keep getting hung up on the lack of seasons. You're doing a pretty good job of persuading me, though, Jack!
  3. Absolutely beautiful! Really puts you there.
  4. That’s been a demo Orbx area for eons, but I’ve never made it up there. You shots make me want to take a DC 3 or C 47 up there!
  5. Wow! You can really pick up the wear or brush strokes on the OD green. is this still the Jahn, or the yet to be released AH?
  6. Thanks, everyone. Jack, I’m slowly doing a grand tour, too. Like many, I run around Europe and the US mostly with an occasional flight in Asia. I rarely get to SA. Need to change that! And yes, those mountains get high!! Flew the Connie over the Andes, but just. Jean, I have yet to really get into the Amazon. Looks interesting!
  7. Nice shot of some lush green. I always look forward to spring! Saw one of these out my window a few hours ago. The Christmas rush makes for the occasional unusual visitor at KPHL. Landings were on the 09s for a bit this morning and caught a glimpse of a Kalitta 747 turning for final enroute from Baltimore. Always take a look when I hear those engines and did a double take when I saw the stripe!
  8. A few randoms from over northern South America, mostly Columbia. I think this is a truly underrated package. It's so diverse and the textures and terrain are very well done. I need to fly here more often! Nice to tour in the Connie or Comanche (your choice of propliner or GA may vary!). Thanks for looking, and hope you have a enjoyable holiday season!
  9. Wow! Hidden away find. Very cool.
  10. That made me a little emotional. Hoping to do just that with mine someday. Thanks for making my early morning a little sweeter.
  11. Nice little airport! I need to get exploring v2 more! Love the livery, too.
  12. Nice! I’m making my way down there in the Comanche. Looks like how I imagine. Love to see it in real life, too.
  13. Nice shots of my favorite livery at my favorite European Orbx airport! Jack, the first time I took it up (without first reading the manual) I lost consciousness because I didn’t set the pressurization. I was used to the afe doing that for me in the a2a Connie.
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