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  1. Okay, then I'll leave it as it is for now. When I get a better internet connection I might consider to download the whole (updated) package from Flightsimstore again - just for the sake of being up-to-date. Thank you all!
  2. I just wanted to update all my stuff. So there wasn't made any changes contentwise? The updates were released just because of the new installer?
  3. Okay, I thought I could avoid that and just update those files. Do I have to delete/uninstall the old files?
  4. Yeah but the thing is openLC EU is not listed hence there's no way to update. I've already tried all the troubleshooting stuff. Here and here was the solution to download the patches from the support page but there's nothing there...
  5. I've just bought and installed openLC NA A/C. Then I've downloaded the latest Orbx Libraries from the support page and installed it plus the new FTX Central 2. The other addons are quite old installations (last year or so). So how do you generally update your openLC products?
  6. The OpenLC products weren't listed in the old FTX Central, but in the new one I can see the "FTX Global openLC NA Alaska/Canada". Only the openLC EU is missing.
  7. Hello, I've just installed FTX Central v2 and noticed that "openLC Europe" is not shown although it's listed under "Installed Products": On the support page are no patch files for the openlc. Is there a fix to get the openlc EU recognized by FTX Central v2?
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