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  1. Hello, My question : look at attached screen copy. Does it means that SODE is or was installed on my system? If installed how to uninstall it? Thanks in advance
  2. Hell P3D 4.5 updated , ftx central 3360 . I try to download the Airport pack update it stays in downloading Paused...progress 0B remaining 00.00.00 Recommendations? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I do not find how to update my signature. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Doug, Thanks for your answer. Why my question? I have moved in the new place there is NO internet connection yet. When I start P3d 4.3 it seams starting but after a few minuts P3D stays but nothing is happening, when I look at task manager P3d is running but only memory is in use, no I/Os , no activity ...so I try to seach why P3d is not active ... Have a nice day
  5. Hello, Does Orbx products require an internet connection to run? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, I need to change my email address in my account ... How to? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello, Actually my V4.2 is on a sdd with all my ORBX , this ssd becomes full. Can I move all my ORBX stuff and only ORBX to an other SSD and outside my 4.2 folder How can I tell ORBX direct to change to the other ssd? Thanks in advance.
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