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  1. Wonderful news, thank you for continuing development on this.
  2. Also keep in mind if you purchase directly from a developer then you're giving your money directly to them without another party taking a percentage.
  3. Thank you both for the update and for continuing to develop the OpenLC's.
  4. I too am still hoping for the rest of the world OpenLC's to be completed. I have no intentions of moving from FSX or P3D for the foreseeable future, like the other OpenLC's they'd be an immediate purchase for me.
  5. I'm on a three year old laptop with FSX and I found no negative performance impact - I actually increased a couple sliders after installing Buildings and haven't had any problems. Everyone's opinions will differ and performance will be different on everyone's computer, but I'm quite happy with my purchase.
  6. I spent an hour flying around Chicago and I can confirm it's $25 well spent and no decrease in performance. Thanks to all involved!
  7. I was ready to go and near the computer when the email came in so I was installing within minutes. I can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can check it out!
  8. I'm glad I haven't spent any money yet on moving to 64 bit sim! I'm about due for a new computer anyway so I'll see how this plays out before deciding what to buy.
  9. Can anyone comment on Orlando's performance and load times with FSX after the updates?
  10. I planned to buy this but haven't yet. I looked through the other thread and P3D is what is almost solely being discussed there. Are the loading issues not happening on FSX?
  11. I had this file also show up as a result of the latest FTX Central update when I did it yesterday morning. I deleted the folder and haven't had any issues.
  12. Last week I passed through southern Alaska on a trip around the world in the A2A Bonanza. I bought southern Alaska tonight. Looks like I'm turning around and going back - thank you for the sale!
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