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  1. You could definitely go back but Steam included some improvements over the original version and performs slightly better for most people. Maybe we could help with your Steam issue?
  2. There is a box to uncheck frozen water which also fixes the trees but it would be nice to be able to have frozen working functional.
  3. Having frozen water without trees in it would be great too.
  4. Also adding my thanks. I've flown a couple hours in Africa in a couple different places and it looks great.
  5. Just keep trying. The site has been hammered hard since the free P-40 announcement and service has been spotty. Refreshing the page a couple times should get it to load. The download itself may also give some trouble, but I found download speed was normal for me when the site itself was almost incapacitated on the first day.
  6. I understand that from a business standpoint that the return from Asia may not make it viable but I would like to add my support for Asia and pledge to buy it on release day, just as I'm about to do with Africa in the next few minutes.
  7. Yes, any FSX aircraft or scenery will work in FSX Steam. FSX Steam is quick and easy to install too. All your P3D Orbx scenery will install in Steam without having to repurchase anything.
  8. FSX on Steam is currently $25 but when they have sales it's quite a bit cheaper - I bought it on Steam during a sale a few years ago for $10. The Steam version has some bug fixes over the boxed version too.
  9. Wonderful news, thank you for continuing development on this.
  10. Also keep in mind if you purchase directly from a developer then you're giving your money directly to them without another party taking a percentage.
  11. Thank you both for the update and for continuing to develop the OpenLC's.
  12. I too am still hoping for the rest of the world OpenLC's to be completed. I have no intentions of moving from FSX or P3D for the foreseeable future, like the other OpenLC's they'd be an immediate purchase for me.
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