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  1. If someone told me this I would wonder what they'd been smoking. But I've seen the video. This is a big surprise.
  2. This looks like a very smart move all round. I was looking at their KGPI airport earlier and it looks great. I'd love to buy that here at Orbx.
  3. A clean sweep of 10s from the best reviewer out there and well-deserved.
  4. Stillwater, I apologise for my previous post being a bit short on detail. It was 1991 or 1992 and me and 2 friends flew down from Caracas for a couple of days. We just did the standard flyby of the falls in a Cessna- still to this day my only trip in a GA aircraft, but what a place to have such a trip. Flying over the tepuis was amazing. Then we headed back via Ciudad Bolivar, enjoying a night on the Orinoco River and a few cool Polar beers. I would have loved the alternative of the 5 day walk to the falls but it truly is a "lost world" but magical to even experience it the way we did. Have you been?
  5. Quality from Stillwater as always. It's a great part of the world. I flew out of Canaima in real life to Ciudad Bolivar some years ago on Avensa.
  6. Great, Tino. PNW seems to be a lot of people's favourite region and I for one certainly need to spend more time there. Thanks for the inspiration.
  7. Thank you for taking me on that journey. I have that plane and airports/scenery etc and you have inspired me to replicate the flight over the weekend. Good job.
  8. A Yeti-proof box as well-a must have! Such a great set of shots and a great looking place.
  9. Was there one last May or any other May? I don't remember. What I do remember though is the last sale only finished rather recently.
  10. To Iahawkeyedds- I do not, nor did I ever have the boxed version of the FSX version of the Lancair Legacy. I have the download version. I referred to the boxed version above given that was the specific version referred to there. Despite some great efforts of help from a member here I have not succeeded in installing the aircraft into P3Dv4. It's a technical step too far for me sadly. Lots of other people seem to have done so though. Let us know how you get on if you try.
  11. Day 1 download demand for this will be immense. If download priority is determined by name, in alphabetical order, my name is Aaron Aardvark.
  12. Love the first one especially and it's interesting to see Google has already crawled them and given them some love in google images.
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