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  1. I have retry download many times and still fail to finish the whole OpenLC NA download! To be honest, I have already retry a once for Global Base. But for OpenLC NA it is still fail after pressing Retry twice. Please check the attached pic and give me some help. Order number: 581d8c2407244
  2. Why would it look so crappy? I guess there is some wrong with the download. But I've done that twice already. Thanks. PS: This is taken in Copenhagen area so I guess FTX Global Base and Eu Landclass are active here. Optimized-2017-6-25_16-0-20-977.bmp
  3. Thanks Doug. I've restarted the PC and download the products one by one rather than making a long queue. Then it works. Appreciate your help though!
  4. HELP!!!! Could anyonw please tell me what the attached photo mean? I tried downloading FTX Global via FTX Central 3. But it pops out this message. I tried downloading the second time and this message still appears! What should I do? Thanks.
  5. So I need to re-install all addons?...
  6. My P3D is in my C drive SSD. But ORBX scenery used up nearly all spaces. Is there any method to put the ORBX products in D Drive HDD with the FTX Central? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Richard! But if I uncheck the box there, I think I will lose all highways AROUND THE WORLD? I would like to take away the highways in Kai Tak area only, is that possible? Once again, thanks for your quick response!!!
  8. I guess the FlyTampa VHHX scenery and Orbx Vector are overlapping, producing 2 highways as shown the pics. Is it possible to eliminate the Orbx highway? I guess I can uncheck the 'bridge' option in the Vector configuration tool but that would uncheck all bridges in the world Is it possible to just eliminate highways within the FlyTampa VHHX area? PS: I have already had the VHHX scenery on top of everything in the scenery library. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have installed Orbx Global + Vector. In Chitose Airport (RJCJ), I have got elevation problem. I have already - Download latest library - Download latest Global and Vector pack - Run Vector Configuration Tool - Try disabling RJCJ from the list in Vector Configuration Tool but search nothing And when I was about to land at this airport, P3D says my airplane crash lol. But actually I am still in the air so how can I crash...
  10. Hello. ORBX trees appears with red leaves like autumn trees. Is it possible to turn it into green? If not, how can I disable the trees? Thank you.
  11. That means I can see the scenery of Global Base pack. But there is no changes of roads, bridges, etc even after I have Vector installed. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Now, I have everything deleted and reinstall. Everything looks fine in the FTX Central 2. I run the Vector Configuration Tool. But still, I can only get GLOBAL. Can I send u a new diagnostic report again and see what I should do for Vector??
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