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  1. Back in August I made an enquiry about an issue I had concerning the addons and that I was having problems with the addons.cfg file as well. I resolved the issue, which all surrounded the Iceland Demo, which I came to understand that it suddenly slipped off from V5 compatibility. Something I had no idea had happened. It was placed into V5 naturally with other addons that were made compatible with V5 when it first launched. It was only friends of mine remarked that I was using the Iceland Demo in V5 without issue and that it wasnt V5 compatible... I checked the website and strangely yes, i
  2. As seen in the pictures, various Orbx products are demonstrating certain model textures that are not compatible with P3D5.1 and stand out from the weather and lighting. These simobjects are causing CTDs in the sim when they come across in some cases. It can be just some one random building or a few trees or more buildings. I think it affects all Orbx products although Im still testing ... there are not many of them but when it does happen, its a major immersion kill and the CTDs are very disrupting. Please oh Please dont be like other developers and say we arent changing the models and we want
  3. Thank you for the clarification...... I have mine in a library as well so I think it will be good to go, Im just wondering if there are any issues with the Global products, you say they all seem fine? I was told that FsGlobal Weather works with 5.1
  4. thanks Nick, does that mean Orbx are waiting on the community to report back with findings or Orbx are actively testing now in order to produce a list and confirm what is working without issue?
  5. Brilliant, now anything with a V4 installer will go into V5. Doesnt mean tho it is compatible 100%, even more so with the 5.1 patch.
  6. Hiya Nick, I havent installed it yet, I, trying to find out what works with it first before I do. Is there no list of compatible products for 5.1 yet or are they all assumed to work with it?
  7. Nick referred to something in that guide that was confusing cuz he didnt actually state the name and I wanna make sure I dont nuke the sim, he said " 2. Then uninstall the content and then the scenery and finally the top P3D v5 entry in the Windows control panel." The top one in the list says P3D Academic and is 68g in size. is it this one he talks about?
  8. Have you ever installed P3Dv4 on the pc? 01 open up your registry editor and navigate to here: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 If it is there then go to step 04. 02 If you still have it, reinstall it. 03 Clear out all the files in the folders and leave the folder structure behind in Program Files, Program data, Appdata/roaming and local. Just delete all the files EXCEPT THE EXE FILE 04 Then head here in the registry editor: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4, double click APP PATH and change t
  9. thats it really, what works and what doesnt? Is there a list for 5.1 at the moment please or a procedure we need to do in order for Orbx to work in v5.1?
  10. FIXED Not sure if this was the fix for it or not, but it does sync now with the sim. All I did was to download the Java Environment Runtime 15 and install and update the Java 8 update to the latest one and viola.
  11. I have had a slew of errors in the P3D, it started when chaseplane would keep crashing, then I updated it. It was fine then I was getting a GSX error, looked it up, uninstalled it and now I get a kernalbase.dll error. Found out my Windows Updates were not going through. So I went through every possible fix for it, even getting Windows Repair Tool from tweaking.com and nothing seemed to sort it. Eventually I did sort it although the kernalbase.dll error still stands. Now when i go to sync the simulator using Orbx, it comes up error. I have included the log file. Can you help with why Orbx
  12. It is now working properly ..... I would say tho if anyone has an issue with Chaseplane to see if a process of it or the bridge part is still running and end them. Then VERIFY the files within Orbx Central and restart Chaseplane separate from the sim loading. Once satisfied it loads properly on its own, exit and restart sim.
  13. Ok so it did not close down properly when I had restarted it. So I ended it in the taskbar and now I can verify the files correctly. It seems it had an update to do whilst I was using it...
  14. when I open Orbx Central to verify the files it shows this error. It was working this morning. it was working 5 minutes ago.
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