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  1. trying to buy TE EU balearic Is. and your site is not letting me. also pay pal is not working help pls.
  2. Thx. all for the help. KFHR is installed and all is well... Bryson
  3. Ver. 1.0 of KFHR unzipped and ready to install, however before I do so do I need to uninstall Ver. 110 of KFHR and if so how do I go about this task ? I tried to uninstall using FTX Central 2 but no joy. I have never uninstalled ORBX SW before and don't want to mess it up. appreciate any help. Thx. bryson
  4. Ok thanks every one. I'll see about getting the original version then see what happens. Thanks. Bryson
  5. Hello Nick I have this file in my DL DIR. As orbxFTXKFHR110 (3) and at the time I DL the file I understood it to be freeware. Is this incorrect?
  6. OK thanks for you input/help Penzoil3 So it is comparable w/P3D v3. Now to find out why i can't get it to configure??
  7. I'm trying to install KFHR in P3D v3.2 and when I try to configure I get this big banner in RED under "Manage Friday Harbor Airport Complexity Settings" that states 1. Error setting Use default boat traffic to on . 2 .Both onPath and offpath don't exist for file: Scenery\World\Scenery\TrafficBoats_KFHR.bgl.KFHR Scenery\world\Scenery\TrafficBoats_KFHR.bgl. Then in KFHR P3D user guide under "Product Requirements" it states designed to work in the following Sims. FSX P3D v1 and v2 but nothing about P3d v3.2 could this be an issue? And yes I Have PNW and FTXG installed . Any help t
  8. Hawaii would be awesome that's my Home I would deff. Buy it.
  9. Thanks again will keep that Tip in mind also...
  10. OK Thanks @Stewart that fixed it... going to fly out of KSAN SD see how this works out.
  11. No I did not do that. I went by the quick inst. guid that came with the the product. thx. for the quick come back. will go back and give it a try as you suggest.
  12. I'm trying to install FTXNASCA all goes well till the install starts then it keeps asking for disk 2 I don't have a disk 2 I DL the program from FSS last night. Can some one tell me how I get around this, and if there is a answer to this question in a another location Can you Please Point me in that direction Thanks.( Installing to P3D V3.2) Bryson
  13. Being the new guy here and having been gone from FS for a few years this ref. has helped a lot. well written easy to understand. Recommend any one new or getting back in to FS read and understand this guid/ref. before you buy... MHO
  14. Spud and Sue I was able to get KHQM working just fine. KFHR is still got some issues so i'l have to do some reading here before I start asking questions. Thanks. For the head up on the FSS order # Spud . Off to get some dinner now. Ciao. Bryson
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