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  1. well with the correct add-ons, P3D/FSX can look so good...as we can see on your screenshots, good flight. As for P3D 4, among all the news around it, the number one i'm eagerly waiting for is the dynamic lightning....finally, we'll get rid of textured lights on our planes and we ll have also our aviator torch for a real corld & dark experience ! like someone-else-i-know-of. peace
  2. Hi, you'r probably too close of a fuel station. Try to elsewhere and try again. It's a known FSX bug
  3. ok, i still have a few days to buy more Regions, somehow this news make me want to buy more of them
  4. i'v bought it and spent almost 4 hours on it, trying everything i can. At first, i hated it : It's FSX at it's core but the FSX we all discovered in 2006 when no computers were capable of running it correctly, and without any addons to give him some eye candy. Performance were execrable, until i crashed and switched to windowed mode...and voila all my fps got back again. so already a first fatal performance flaw that will with any doubt make most ppl run away from the game. Then, i started to like it...no, it's not as pretty as my FSX pimped with Orbx, A2A and ASN, but it show promise, obviously there's a lot of work to do : missing functionnality, better control of the game options, bugs everywhere and probably the feeling that we'r playing something new, work in progress. And you know what ? it's exactly what EA means. So basically what we have here is a revamped FSX core, with some little nice graphical touches but a lot of work to be done inside it....i feel it could become another step in the FS family, but a step who can show a lot of promise if DTG do his job seriously and with the help of 3rd parties. I'll play it, report bugs, ask for added functionalities as much as i can...i'm really decided to give it his chance. And now, i'll open the fsw.cfg and start tweaking it...hoping it won't never be necessary with the final product.
  5. at first i was..sceptic, at best, now i'm curious and will definitely get it, why ? because, at his worst, it's an upgraded FSX and since i'm still using it as my main sim, it'll be always a better option...hey, even FSX-SE is better than the boxed version and they just made only very small fixes. At best, well i don't expect too much. obviously, it's still the good ol MS ESP core...nothing radically different like, well, x-plane. it's not a revolution, but an evolution..
  6. Thanks...bought 2 regions this morning..and maybe going for a third later.
  7. Thanks you for all these news, that's really what i wanted to hear. i'll definitely stay a proud customer.
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