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  1. Tried it and get same screen, try to uninstall and it just keeps looping. I have 2 folders under app data, ORBX and Orbx systems. Should I delete orbx systems which is dated 2017?
  2. After I installed new ORBX Central FTX will not delete. It just keeps spinning in a loop. What files do I delete to totally delete it manually? Thanks
  3. How about New York City? Will the Freedom Tower be properly represented? East coast cities could use some help with accuracy. Thanks.
  4. The only reason I stated I had the problem is that on other forums (milviz and JustFlight) I had a problem and they gave the excuse there were no other posts on the forum with my problem so did not want to be bothered trying to help me. Just wanted to be sure you knew it was not an isolated problem. You do have much better support. Thanks
  5. I am getting the same problem with Nantucket and Plum Island also. Thanks
  6. Same problem here. I do prefer to leave crash detection on and I am hoping for an update. Thanks
  7. Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking that. It was not positive. Thanks again
  8. Why is Control Panel greyed out for certain sceneries. Is this normal? Pacific Northwest is greyed out. All FTX Global Range Control Panel is greyed out except Vector. In North America Pacific Northwest Control Panel is greyed out while Northern and southern California and Southern Alaska are good. Thanks
  9. Thanks but I think I'll leave it. Too many problems in the last month with my FSX being finicky loading flights or just starting. Too many things running at once such as SkyNext, SPAD, ORBX add ons and not going to mess with the directory. Thanks anyway.
  10. I just installed Pacific Northwest region. I know have Northern and Southern California as well as Southern Alaska. In FTX Central every region except Pacific Northwest has a "Configure" option> Is this normal. Looks like it is missing to me. Thanks. Cant upload a screenshot. It is way smaller that 2.7 MB but still won't let me upload.
  11. Mine is the folder but the icon is whited out. Any idea why. This happened several times and sometimes it reappears on my desktop normally then suddenly the icon is whited out but it still works. Thanks
  12. This may help to clear things up. It is a post I made to Dovetail games so I guess it is not your product causing the problem but Im open to any ideas. Thank You. This is a post I made to Dovetail games in February in regards to same issue I am having now. Me: Can't think of any changes I made but FSX Steam has had to be started and restarted up to three times to get running the last two days. When I end a flight the program closes instead of just ending flight. I did clean install and still get same problem and a new one. At startup it is asking for a disk in a drive? Di
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