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  1. Hi, the terrible Framerate drops at KBUR still exist also after MSFS2020 Patch2 on my systems. Hopefully you find the reason and we get a fix for it. KBUR is still unflyable to sad for this nice airport. Rainer
  2. Hi Thanks for the help, now the world looks better :). The link to this Post solved my Problem now the Scenery works. Now I can start my work to transfer the scenery to the v5 Version. Thanks for the fast solution. EDDM Airport with Orbx + Traffic2Gate Scenery lg Rainer
  3. Hi, Installed Orbx OpenLC Europe, Germany North and South I get a complete broken Scenery. Also when I deactivate Orbx OpenLC Europe, same happening. It Thinks something is wrong with Germany North and South. Here some Screenshots1 EDDM Based on Default Scenery with the Orbx Scenery: here From EDDF Here from EDDH the Scenery is mixed like night and day textures also Water where doesn't exist. etc. Any Idea how to fix this? lg Rainer
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