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  1. Hi Folks, Well - that's absolutely fantastic news - I'm not sure I'm sold on the photoreal "TE" scenery yet - I do know I love the traditional ORBX regions - and this one will be right up my alley... I hope it does encompass what was posted above... Made my day... Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Jeff, I couldn't agree more - I'm just plumb West Coast played out... I like what I have but I think I'll be skipping the new Washington/Oregon TE series... Even with the somewhat limited offerings and owning most of the West Coast Regions with many of their respective airports - I spend the bulk of my time flying the East Coast of the US... As hard as Neil was hitting New England with his freeware airports a few years back - I truly thought this was a precursor to a New England region... Thank god for Alex and Bill... My number one regional choice would probably be a Florida/Bahamas - followed second by New England... Anything East of the Mississippi would be most welcome... It's time for change... Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Scott, Much obliged - appreciate the answer - been a fan of your work since you first shared that quality tree texture sheet as freeware in FS9 - LOL - got a lot of mileage our of that one... Keep up the good work ! Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Folks, I spend a great deal of time flying Alaska - the one thing that's always bothered me is we didn't have the traditional bright colors and housing types used in many of the native villages in the region... Just curious - since Buildings HD has local regional building types - have they improved Alaska at all ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Larry, Thanks for the response and your continued efforts - I've been down for a bit and just finished a new build - I'll make sure I get April and take a gander... Regards, Scott
  6. Hi Mike, We're all creatures of habit - but I only buy Western Digital HDD's and Samsung SSD's... I think both respective brands seem to be those preferred by most of us... Best of luck... Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Folks, DOH - disregard - I forgot it was a "support" forum... Regards, Scott
  8. Hi Folks, Just curious - I know Neil was a massive contributor to the Freeware Packs - but the respective forums seem to be missing now... Are the freeware airport packs still active and are they discussed somewhere ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Ken, Funny you should mention that - my last approach was in a Lear 35A from Centennial - I knew we had bad weather coming in from the west but I was racing the storm with the Lear... The storm won - flew it to minimums - had to go missed and divert - exciting flight though... Went back to Pocatello to wait it out... Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Brad, I forget which ones in particular - there are beautiful WIP pictures in JV's 2018 road map thread - only time I saw them posted... They were well outside the covered ORBX regions on Alaska's western and northern coasts... We chatted about possibly adding Unakleet for the "Flying Wild Alaska" fans - at the time - which I'd still love to see... I believe Markus who posted above is the developer... Regards, Scott
  11. Hi Folks, Impressive to say the least and a bone for just about everyone... I'd hate to even attempt to calculate the man hours required for such a vast endeavor... Go ORBX... Just a couple questions from 2018 road map - KGEG and the Alaskan Airports are now officially DOA ? Beautiful shots - thanks for taking the time... Regards, Scott
  12. Hi Russel, Too funny - I just mentioned your KSUN project like an hour ago in another post here - and poof - here it is... Coincidence ? Looks absolutely stunning and I've been flying into the ORBX Freeware (Unsung Heroes) version for years... I was wondering when someone was going to this this resort destination... For me - I find resort locations - and the immersion it brings thinking about going to them - brings more to the sim... Please consider something East if the Mississippi for a future project... I know you did Saginaw - but it's a pretty obscure airport to compare sales figures with major resort destinations out west... I'm in on KSUN... Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Folks, I don't think any ATC program is "terrain aware" so they need some help in mountainous areas... Regards, Scott
  14. Hi Folks, Hmm - the little red dot I'm familiar with has nothing to do with aviation... Beautiful picture though ! Regards, Scott
  15. Hi Folks, What a superb set - looks great - and THAT's a long way from the ocean... I don't know what the sound set on the "Hoover" is like - but in the RW it's the oddest sounding jet I've ever heard - when the pilot backs off the throttle they make this "Whoooooooop - Whoooooooop" sound that is very distinctive and you know it's a Viking without even looking up... Regards, Scott
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