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  1. Aloha

    Hi Paul, Beautiful shots in a favorite place to fly - spent a lot of time in FS9 with the old Tin Mouse flying for Aloha... The FSDT Hawaiian Airports also improve that part of the world quite well... I wish the boys from McPhat were still around - the TDFI 717 always looks a bit too clean in all the shots I've seen - in need of a quick trip to the weathering dept... Regards, Scott
  2. KSAN in a new ride.

    Hi Ian, Beautiful shots of that old plane - used to fly the wings off of Bob Scott and co - Tin Mouse - back in FS9... Been afraid to try either of the new ones thinking I'd be disappointed... Side Note: I flew out of Honolulu a couple days after that Aloha flight blew its top - which we could see on departure... Regards, Scott
  3. New toy - DHC-3 Otter

    Hi Adam, That plane looks like a beast and a half - superb... Yeah - while I have no real world experience - the MilViz Beaver doesn't even feel like a tail dragger - the back end seems likes it's on rails as opposed to having a pivoting tail wheel... Even the massive DC3 swings it's rear end around - again - the Beaver model might be prototypical - but just doesn't feel right... Regards, Scott
  4. New forum software

    Hi Folks, Really need some Tapatalk - please... Thanks... Regards, Scott
  5. Gracias Amigo !!! Regards, Scott
  6. Hi Nick, Thanks for the response.... LOL - I've always considered myself as having a fairly large vocabulary - "bespoke" - I had to look that one up... bespoke = custom ? So the LC does include some custom textures specific to the region ? Thanks for your patience... Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Folks, Looking good... Do the landclass products contain any new textures - or are these all just from the global package ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  8. Business as usual!

    Stunning... Regards, Scott
  9. Proper flying attire

    Hi Folks, Cool personified: Somehow - with my TrackIR hat and headphones on - I fall short... Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Ray, Thanks - I'll poke around again and see if I can find them... Regards, Scott
  11. Concord

    Hi Bermuda, If you're not from the area and want some local advice on your way through - just ping me... Have a good day as well... Regards, Scott
  12. Hi... Thanks... Yeah - I had looked when I purchased the P3D version - I couldn't seem to find any plates anywhere... Anyone have a source of old plates archived somewhere ? Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Folks, Did Meigs have procedures or was it VFR only ? Regards, Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Concord

    Hi Bermuda, Beautiful set - and that food looks incredible - sold - added to my RW flight destinations... Always looking for good chow near airports... Regards, Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hi Folks, Yeah - Global might be the exception as it does replace default textures - but the airports and regions I would think would be manageable... As it stands now on a fresh install of P3D - all the airports and regions can be saved and easily copied back in - Global still needs to be downloaded and installed... Personally - I think LockMart has a good idea and the more stuff we can remove from the P3D directories - the better... Thanks for the responses... Regards, Scott