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  1. Where can that be found, please? In the freeware NA Global Airport pack it lists KAVX in italics ("not installed by this version’s installer as the airport is now available as a separate payware release or part of a Region pack"). Is it part of the North or South California region now?
  2. Errrrr... what "map outlining the regions" is this? I must have missed it with my search, and it's not part of the product map linked from Orbx' main site.
  3. KMGG Maple Lake, MN, roughly 2000' AGL, looking South-Southeast towards KFCM (Flying Cloud).
  4. I'm late to the party (and a search didn't produce an answer), but.... is this an open Beta in which we can participate?
  5. Tried to search but wasn't sure of the right search terms....On your main page, there are a few listings for airports. Are there any...... well..... operational or other differences, between ones listed as "FTX Global Airports" (e.g. KSEZ) and ones listed under "North American Airports" (e.g KJAC)? They're priced similarly and I don't see any glaring differences in their description pages. Are they identical in functions (i.e. has a config menu) and use of the other enhancements in the products I already have? (Base, Vector, LC, several regions in NW USA) Hope that was clear. Thanks in advance.
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