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  1. I realise i'm a little late to the party on this one, but these shots are absolutely exceptional!! The lighting and atmosphere are as good as I have seen. Added bonus that this is where I live. I can actually see the neighbourhood where i live and the building I work in. Superb. Cheers, Calum
  2. Very impressive set of shots. Cheers, Calum
  3. Very nice indeed. Cheers, Calum
  4. Very nice shots indeed. Cheers, Calum
  5. Really nice set of shots. Cheers, Calum
  6. Very nice indeed Sir. Cheers, Calum
  7. Tremendous!! Cheers, Calum
  8. Completely agree Sir! Cheers, Calum
  9. Great shot Jack. I love the definition in those mountains. Cheers, Calum
  10. Great shots TTM. I love the old silver AA liveries. Cheers, Calum
  11. Superb capture. Cheers, Calum
  12. Great shots. These are making me want to explore this part of the world. Cheers, Calum
  13. Great shots Martyn. Cheers, Calum
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