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  1. Of course. I also fly a Cessna 182 for VFR. First add on aircraft I tried in SoCal. The problem is even at 80-120 knots the scenery and textures do not load fully making the everything look worse than default. I've never had this problem with Global and all of my add ons.
  2. For GA i fly the A2A 182 and its pretty choppy. Same problem with scenery loading. Trying to fly the PMDG 73 is almost impossible.
  3. Since I do own both SoCal and Global, any chance I can find the original freeware pack with those airports included? Unfortunately I cannot run SoCal right now with any reasonable performance.
  4. Stewart, ohhh is that why? I noticed today some of the SoCal airports like KVNY, KOXR weren't showing up but if i go say, to another state they work. Well thats a shame. Uninstalled SoCal so I was hoping to have just Global with the freeware airports. Bummer.
  5. Yeah its not so much the fps as it is the "lack of" textures/scenery you are able to see. Makes sense though. For now I'm going to uninstall and just have global. I fly the PMDG 737 quite a bit so if that cannot work well with SoCal then its a bust for me.
  6. i7, 16gb ram ,nvidia 750 2gb, 512 ssd. FTX Global, some add on planes, WOAI for traffic, rex 4 and soft clouds, ASN to name a few.
  7. Didn't notice any difference as far as texture/scenerey loading.
  8. UPDATE: Upon searching in the ORBX scenery folder I noticed there are many airports missing. Specifically KVNY and KBUR. According to the airport list those should be there.
  9. I installed the freeware NA Airport pack (running FTX Global as well) but the new airports wont appear. I already have the latest libraries, updates etc. installed as well.
  10. Really regret purchasing SoCal scenery thus far. I have everything installed on my main SSD. Apart from FSX crashing when flying into any part of the SoCal scenery, I cannot get the textures to load fast enough for me to see them which defeats the whole purpose. My settings arn't maxed out by any means. I have every box unchecked in the configurator as well. Autogen is set to dense, Scenery Complexity is set to Normal. Also using FTX Global as well if that helps.
  11. Btw this only happens in the SoCal region. Vector highway lights are normal outside of that area.
  12. Having FTX Global already installed, I went ahead and also installed the SoCal scenery. After installing with all the updates, the vector main highway lights are no longer there. There also seems to be less lighting compared to when I only had Global. And yes Vector Road Lights box is checked.
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