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  1. KSAN Newies from me.

    Hi, Do the gates move like the ones provided by DreamTeam or FlightBeam? Bill Clark
  2. Open LC USA Two more.

    John, Does that include Alaska? Bill Clark
  3. I would like to see KSAN (San Diego) and the surrounding area like Balboa Park, San Diego Bay and North Island Airstation. Bill Clark
  4. Hi, I know Las Vegas is included in this scenery, how about Phoenix (KPHX)? Bill Clark
  5. Hi, Does this scenery include Catalina Island....................I could see Orbx developing a detailed airport for KAVX? There is a severe drop off at each end of the runway. Bill Clark
  6. SBSL's

    What are SBSL's...do I need to download them? Bill Clark
  7. A sneak peek ..

    I hope so.....my favorite flight with the PMDG 737 NGX is from Boise to Jackson Hole. This airport is a little more challenging than most as you need to manage your speed. Bill Clark
  8. skeleton and Iain, I already do research as you suggested, but I would still like to see more shots of the runways....that's where we will be landing and taking off from, unless of course, you are flying a chopper.
  9. I love these airport scenery add-ons (and will take advantage of the 33% discount sale), however, one of the key items I base my purchase decision on is the length and configuration of the runways. On many add-on products, there are sometimes only cropped photos that don't clearly show the runways and taxiways. Because I like to fly a number of different aircraft with varying performance capability, it would be good to know more about what the airfield will look like to the approaching pilot and if the runways are long or wide enough to accomodate a particular plane. I enjoy looking at the surrounding scenery too, but don't forget to include clear views of the runways! Bill Clark
  10. What Happened?

    I had to upload the photo again and put into my Avatar slot. Thanks, Bill
  11. What Happened?

    With the change over to the new forum.....my photo has disappeared What happened? Bill
  12. Jay, I agree you should be cautious. Is it possible to link and display an HTML file (converted an Excel spreadsheet) along with some text describing an issue? Bill Clark
  13. I don't understand why a link from another source wouldn't work, unless they restrict it? There has to be a better way to place a table into a thread. Bill Clark
  14. Wolter, Sorry, it didn't work. Bill Clark
  15. Hi, It appears you can insert a table or email into a forum thread, except I'm not sure how top do it? I use Excel as my tool for this. Bill Clark