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  1. I have Meigs installed as well as Drzeweicki Chicago city and airports X. DD downtown buildings keep disappearing. I had them this am. Tonight I updated Orbx and now they are gone again
  2. The simulator in lighting only show P3D v4. Is there one for v5?
  3. I just updated to 4.038 and the desktop app is now gone from my desktop. I have to reinstall every time to get to central.
  4. While flying the plane moves then hesitates slightly then moves and hesitates. I get this with Honolulu as well. I have most of ORBX. I don’t get this anywhere else. Is there something that changed in design? I run an Alienware 9500 intel I-7 with a 1080 NVIDIA card 32 gb memory. Frame rates not an issue.
  5. Trees are being placed on highway’s and roads. Objects are set at max.
  6. I’m getting good frames; however I get a slight pause every second or so. Anyone else see this?
  7. After installing this; P3dv4 CTD after the flight loads. What’s the correct library order? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  8. I get trees all over the runways,taxiways and ramps. How do I fix this?
  9. Is there supposed to be moving traffic? All I see are photo images.
  10. I have Taxi2gate KMCO. Whet should be checked and unchecked?
  11. I have Taxi2gate KMCO. Whet should be checked and unchecked?
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