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  1. Happy New Year!!! I think I saw the answer for this question somewhere but can't find it so I will ask. Running FSX Steam edition. Lately I have been having OOM events, usually toward the end of a 2-3 hour flight. I know that lowering my settings will help this but before I do that I have read that one of the major consumers of VAS is photoscenery, specifically when all scenery regions available are loaded on startup, as opposed to just the regions associated with my flight path. So there's the question: Do all my Orbx regions load or just the ones required based on my flight path. If all regions load, what's you opinion on some 3rd party software out there that allows you to select regions before its loaded. Thanks, Bill B.
  2. Thanks Nick, when I opened FTX Central this morning, the Alaska/Canada version was gone, so All Good!
  3. I've searched the forum for this and not found a clear answer. I have installed openLC North America. Should I now uninstall the Alaska/Canada version since it has been superseded? Thanks, Bill B.
  4. Thanks Nick. The AEC config scanner found quite a few airports that it auto disabled the AEC, including KSEA. Looks great now. Have a great day! Bill B.
  5. Wow, this is weird. I have the same problem as was just now going to report it. I fly out of KSEA as my home airport and it is all screwed up as you say. roadways and runways are elevated above the tarmac. Parked aircraft and buildings are floating in air. Completely unusable. this happens in both the Global Base, order # FSS0469883, and the NA Reigion PNW, order # FSS0470087. So far all other airports are normal. Thanks, Bill
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