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  1. Small non issue really but after updating LWSK I have 2 gsx ini files in the LWSK scenery folder lwsk-gsx.ini lwsk-el8yyx.ini
  2. The bug is the airport files are not compiled and updated for prepar3d 5 and no excludes set. Can you update all the PNG scenery for p3d 5 thank you Orbx because it is not updated for new p3d even though your Central says it is.
  3. AYWK floating buildings,taxi signs floating, large bump taxing on runway invisible an elevation problem.
  4. check if you have sode errors with missing turbulent design sode objects in SODE.log I did because I installed L35 airport AFTER* KSJC and it overwrote files
  5. same to you read my above post. disable files for addon airports and unhceck bathemetry
  6. invisible objects is an issue for many developers and no solution except turn off crash detection.
  7. what setting do I change for this? Thanks I would like to change many myself but what number and format do I use for altitude? Thanks
  8. remove EDDF bgls in Orbx Germany South and all other addon airports with scenery uncheck bathemetry p3d option
  9. ERROR SODE.FSLOOP : EDP dependent SimObject [Gaya_Vienna_Schwechat:windsock34] will not be injected because EDP does not exist/or SimObject is not defined in ClientList!
  10. can you compare the folder sode_turbulent that each scenery KSJC and L35 both use? sim.cfg modified 25/06/2020 the sim.cfg L35 places is dated 14th of June 2017 If I install L35 after KSJC it replaces the sim.cfg in programdata\12bpilot\sode\simobjects\sode_turbulent and I lose fltsim entries 7-14
  11. Conflicting I think here... between KSJC and L35 both use the same simobjects (sode_turbulent) but L35 will overwrite and you lose the Wsock02 files? Yes KSJC has newer sim.cfg in sode_turbulent folder
  12. (Not L35, airport is KSJC) SODE_KSJC_Jetways_VDGS.xml The models Wsock02... are not in the simobject models The errors in SODE.log [05:36:41.967] WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitle 'TRB_SODE_Wsock02_none': 'UNDEFINED.MDL' does NOT exist! [05:36:41.967] WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitle 'TRB_SODE_Wsock02_low1': 'UNDEFINED.MDL' does NOT exist! [05:36:41.967] WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitle 'TRB_SODE_Wsock02_low2': 'UNDEFINED.MDL' does NOT exist! [05:36:41.967] WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitl
  13. P3D v5. Config tool says check box for parking spaces in P3D but box must be unchecked for parking spaces to be available in the sim.
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