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  1. ADE_FTX_CRM_KPDT_Oreg_regl_At_Pendleton.BGL ADE_FTX_CRM_KPDT_Eastern_Oreg_Regl_At_Pendleton.BGL Duplicates both files are Afcad files for KPDT
  2. I have Buildings HD, Trees HD and Tera Flora v2. What happened to the smaller lights and road red lights, and trees? Prepar3D v4.5 HF3 New install of Orbx products in a separate library folder
  3. Outside of Orbx OpenLC and Orbx Regions, I see few night lights and trees. Trees and night lights only show on big roads. I have set my light config tool in the Orbx Global config. As examples here is day and night looking east from ZBAA I used to see trees and more night lights. Trees show in small areas that are forest. Cities are just buildings and some night lights on main roads.
  4. The desert in the southwest of America is not a red tinted color using no shaders or shaders. It looks better in the Socal region addon. Can the color tint of desert tiles in the southwest of OpenLC be made more red?
  5. Is it a conflict with other Autogen addons running like Justsim and Gayasim?
  6. ADE_FTX_ENG_EGTD_.bgl ADE_FTX_ENG_EGTD.bgl Same files
  7. EGNR same thing. EGNR and EGNR_Wales.bgl
  9. The files I found are cvx_FTX_CRM_water_1515_Yakima_winter.bgl and cvx_FTX_CRM_water_1515_Yakima_winter_agn-excl.bgl the update placed files back and not deleting the .OFF variants and some other files with duplicates, one .bgl and one .OFF for the winter file names in other regions. What files do I delete for Pacific Fjords? I have no option in the config and I see no .OFF files
  10. The Freeware KBUR at FSDeveloper has the same pause arriving and departing 15 I have Southern California enabled what can cause this, in the distance KSMO or KLAX just coming into the loading radius?
  11. The regions updated but surfaces in winter files I had disabled before were not turned off again and now I have duplicate disabled frozen surface files and need to remove them before being able to select open water in winter again.
  12. Thank you. I am wondering about 2 files are they the same or different? In the same SCA scenery folder FTX_SCA_POI_objects_SanDiego_CBD.BGL.disabled-by-ksan FTX_SCA_POI_objects_SanDiego_CBD-df.BGL
  13. Disable the KBUR files in True Earth or Orbx socal if you have one. Have Central set library insertion point the first drop box to an addon scenery loest in the scenery layer list, and the second drop box set to "Orbx Products and regions"
  14. This is the airport file: ADE_FTX_GEN_ES90.bgl This is an airport file not an objects file FTX_GEN_ES90_objects.bgl
  15. EDDB_ADEX_NH_CVC.bgl ADE_FTX_GEN_EDDB.bgl Both are airport files for the same airport?
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