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  1. How long will the upgrade discount last? Do we still need to check the "I have Orbx Australia" in the Vector Configuration Tool? Thank you
  2. Carlyle Sharpe has this and other great airports for free in the avsim library
  3. The roadmap post talks about OpenLC South America... now we are spoiled in the Americas, and Europe, with OpenLC. When will Africa and Asia get the OpenLC treatment?? In 2018?
  4. Progress looks great thank you. This one picture could use some sharpening of the car shadows on the ground. They are pixelated close to the camera.
  5. Hop in the PMDG 737 or 777, FsLabs, and come back comparing vas. Your airplane takes up little vas so you of course are not going to see problems flying in that almost default aircraft.
  6. The NZAA link is broken. And the authors email bounces back. If someone can get in touch with the author of these sceneries and get the NZAA link up again that'd be great thank you.
  7. Next year Qantas is flying 787's nonstop Perth-London. A payware YPPH (and NZAA too I'd love to have) is a good fit for release this year. *crosses fingers*
  8. Try this the FSX/P3D Navaids and also the fixes. http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html http://www.aero.sors.fr/navint.html
  9. Yup OpenLC is more accurate than default Base and should blend in well with both Innsbruck and FTX Germany.
  10. Aerosoft are working on a new LOWI, Justsim released a new LOWI yesterday, and now Orbx. It's a popular destination!
  11. What does that mean? You are okay flying into a single asphalt runway texture and turning the sim off after? The graphics on approach and landing are important for flying a flightsim.
  12. Beautiful, I am flying over the Alps and with OpenLC they do not look as good as they should. I hope in the future an entire Alps package, minus airports, will be released. That would be something great to have.
  13. But many of us use fsx, not p3d. so if possible the orbx team including compatibility would be nice for the German Airports series.
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