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  1. Bump. Taxi signs are backwards in many areas. The signs say you are on the wrong taxiway and the wrong upcoming taxiway is ahead. it is flipped the one you are on is the one the sign says is coming up ahead.
  2. You can play with the autogen radius in prepar3d.cfg but I see the same thing
  3. And it helps if you use GSX I set PAKT and surrounding sea plane bases' codes in the appdata virtuali folder couatlAddons.ini disable_on_airports = PAKT etc
  4. Running Vector's AEC Scan Tool is best done with Lorby's Addon Organizer opened, select backup/restore tab and export library for external tool. Press 1 to export the scenery cfg and open Vector tool exe in p3d\orbx\ftx_vector then run the scan. After its done press OK close and press 3 to restore Addon Organizers export file and close!
  5. I asked when AUSv2 released and was told I did not have to check the Australia Vector option?
  6. I had TopoSim Mesh enabled that I forgot about. Lower in priority than Orbx regions but it was the cause of those elevation problems! FreemeshX plays well with Orbx the TopoSim Hawaii/Alaska package did not
  7. This is the only terrain problem with my edit
  8. I do have Northern California installed.... my first post I said I disabled the NCA afcad and cvx files to try to find a solution and the only solution found is creating my own cvx file for krdd
  9. I update each nav cycle https://www.aero.sors.fr/index.html Their files could have a different elevation that will conflict with your scenery unless your scenery has a CVX , elevation and flatten, file.
  10. I added a CVX file compiling from the KRDD afcad (and removed ADEX_FTX_NCA_O85_Benton_CVX.bgl ) ground back to normal.
  11. Yes I do. I activated KRDD cvx from Northern California scenery that did not help. I think the scenery needs a cvx file?
  12. Library order incorrect. Move Africa above Orbx Vector entries Orbx Vector entries layering order: OBJ FixedAPT APT CVX EXX
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