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  1. Taxi edge lights in the paths of some high speed turnoffs in YBBN v2
  2. I think some night lights are missing, how would I reset it all?
  3. Posting a reminder to myself after work in 6 hrs I'll upload mine
  4. Can you add a code for parking 99 to prevent other AI from loading into that gate? I think 01L making primary does fix the 1L coming up in my EFB The look of Ai turning into the gate is less important than preventing gsx from looking bad attempting to push planes back but that is my preference I could change myself. Thank you
  5. does it happen if you disable the YBBN bgl files in FTX Australia?
  6. big red x is sode issue missing models or sode not loading
  7. I looked through the files and I see no 1L I wonder why the PMDG EFB is picking up 1L not 01L My thought is because the AFCAD has the new runway set as Primary 19R and the east runway is primary 01R?
  8. PMDG EFB is reading 1L from somewhere. I re-scanned the scenery but your scenery is right setting 01L. Disregard the vehicles/fuel in my list I can't edit the post anymore Ramp Parking 99 is a parking space not linked to a node There are 2 Parking 24 spots Why connect every gate with multiple nodes instead of direct to the taxi line? This will confuse pushback from GSX.
  9. 1. Runway 1L does not line up with navigation data the airport bgl file change to 01L 2. taxiway markings on Y and Z disappear no center and edge lines on ground 3. taxing over bridge on Y and Z the plane falls through ground 4. parking spots coded fuel is for airplanes that will get fuel change parking spot type to vehicle 5. Orbx Central not disabling YBBN Australia v2 BGL files Thank you for releasing the airport update and nice pricing for existing owners.
  10. The first Blue Street Lights is always blanked out after I save, apply, and quit. Then start again. Why?
  11. Do you have to hijack this topic to talk about something else? And every airport you listed has scenery already for it.
  12. inibuilds had a patch to add gsx but it disappeared
  13. Reinstall KSJC after installing another airport like L35
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