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  1. My vote goes to EagleSkinner and his Wycombe Park winter antics!
  2. ... and my vote goes to ydelta's London City lightning flash! Adam.
  3. Thanks, Iain - I didn't think it was the MB as it was missing its usual wingtip tanks LOL! Hmmm ... (checks account balance online ...).
  4. I'm going to make you work hard for your "thank yous" LOL ... but they *are* stunning shots!!! Always a delight ... you have "the eye"! BTW - I can't place that aircraft (gorgeous as it is) ... what is it? I'm hoping it's freeware but I'll bet it isn't. Adam.
  5. Hahaha - I take that as a challenge LOL!!!! I might add that I've been entering the comp fairly religiously for around 10yrs (I think) - I've been using Orbx since they started up - and only won the comp once. There's some pretty stiff competition out there - and it's always a treat to view the entries. I may be a bit "old school" in my compositions, so I'm always delighted to see some new "tricks". I particularly enjoy the "how the hell did he do that?" feeling!! Thanks to all for the encouragement. This daft old fart needs all he can get! Adam.
  6. I suddenly realised it was nearly the end of the month - and I hadn't organised a screencomp shot yet! After a mad flurry, I came up with one - and the usual "rejects" - usually because they show precious little Orbx scenery. All taken at EGNM in MSFS 2020. And my favourite (inadmissible) shot: Adam.
  7. Here's mine (you've got mail!) ... a misty winter's morning at Leeds/Bradford in MSFS 2020: Adam.
  8. After a long lay-off, I dusted off/updated my X-Plane to 11.51. I still think XP11 can give MSFS a good run for its money! Here's a sample trio over Gloucestershire - TEGB South: Adam.
  9. My vote goes to flsm (Frank) - and his Zlin over London Adam.
  10. I've had a bit of a long layoff ... but glad to be back!!! I always liked the CS B757 in FSX/P3D and enjoyed doing an RNZAF livery for it - so I thought I'd create a fictional version of it for the A320neo in MSFS. Here it is on a "mercy" mission, picking up much-needed vaccines from LOWI. Once again, but with the snow machine turned on! If anyone wants the livery, it's here: RNZAF A320neo for MSFS Adam.
  11. Here's mine (I'm b-a-c-k!!!) ... A winter's evening at LOWI (MSFS) - an RNZAF A320 picking up an urgent shipment of vaccines. Adam.
  12. Hi folks!!! I'm genuinely touched by your concern! Yes - I'm alive and well - and grateful to be in this beautiful little country [NZ] when there so much tragedy out there in the wider world. However - RL has been taking over my virtual world lately - and I haven't had the opportunity to do too much in all the sim forums either. It's really very unlike me to pass on so many Orbx screencomps! Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!!! :-) Adam.
  13. This the one? A fine shot indeed! I just pasted the link itself (from my email notification) then hit return. The actual URL is below. https://i.imgur.com/lZOKgoL.jpg Adam.
  14. Just a couple from my last XP11.50 session! Can't get enough of the Tornado ... A bit of an oddity this one. I got a glimpse of a restored P-39 here in Auckland but don't remember it looking quite so "dumpy"! Adam.
  15. Yes - I agree. I think it's the eyepoint adaptation thing that's overdone. Full-blown sunshine is good, as are morning/evening or hazy shots - but sometimes these daylight hours appear over-contrasty (and way too blue). However - the Reshade functions in Geforce Experience give you a way of correcting that on the fly. I's not quite as functional as full/standalone Reshade (in other sims) but basic colour and contrast correction can be done. Milford Sound in MSFS is a total disaster. It was the first location I checked! Hint, hint ... Orbx!!! My HD crapped out
  16. Here are my first shots of a recently acquired LOWI for MSFS: No apologies for the rego! Adam.
  17. I'm delighted to report that the update has activated the ground services. Well done, team!
  18. Hahaha! Very good! I'm with you on "Oh Well". I saw Peter Green a few times when he was with the original Fleetwood Mac (and also with John Mayall) ... there really was no-one then (and since) that had his touch. His gentle understated riffs seem to echo his personality. If you've never heard it before, check out his beautiful background solo on John Mayall's "First Time Alone". Adam.
  19. For the utter clarity of detail (and lighting) ... it has to be renault's #3
  20. Thanks! I'm running with every slider maxed out (as per usual LOL!). To be honest, I don't even monitor the framerates. I suspect it's around 30 around the airports, but it's all pretty smooth. I sometimes dive into developer mode to see what's going on, but I'm not really that bothered if the sim performs well. BTW: my specs are in my signature.
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