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  1. Great! Don't forget to post a pic or two on the A2A forums as well Adam.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement, chaps! It's a fabulous add-on - great fun to fly and very photogenic! Adam.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments, folks - I may have to post some more of this particular freebie! Adam.
  4. Great shots of a sweet repaint! Is it available to download anywhere? I'd love to have it! Adam.
  5. Another wonderful freeware contribution - and such a handsome DH aircraft! This one's near RAF Kemble - ORBX TEGB South. That's it for my freeware blitz (for the time being at least!!). Adam.
  6. Another great freeware aircraft - the Dornier Do328 at Edinburgh, ORBX TEGB North. Yes - Edinburgh has PBR! Edinburgh and Arthur's Seat in the background: Adam.
  7. The EE Lightning deserves a post of its own! XP11 freeware - around RAF Lossiemouth, ORBX TEGB North. Adam.
  8. More fabulous XP11 freeware aircraft - around RAF Lossiemouth, ORBX TEGB North. Adam.
  9. I'm trawling through some of my latest freeware aircraft for XP11 (there's some great stuff out there!). Here's the first thing I ever flew in. The Chipmunk is fully aerobatic (as I was soon to learn in my first flight!!) This last one for Jack! All pics taken around RAF Lossiemouth - ORBX TEGB North. Adam.
  10. Six more AH Hurricane shots - this over/near ORBX Popham (EGHP): ... and finally ... Adam.
  11. Token resistance before the wallet came out . This is the newly released Hurricane from Aeroplane Heaven - seen here over RAF Kemble, ORBX ENG: PBR wonderfulness: Adam.
  12. Thanks for all the great comments! I expect we'll see Jack in one soon! That is, if he can get over his aversion to tail draggers ! I love all the old De Havilland aircraft - the Puss Moth, Rapide, Heron, Dove, Chipmunk - Mosquito! Adam.
  13. Super shots - and I love that livery!! I'm grabbing it now!!! I installed the pilot a few days ago - but only took shots of the default yellow ZS-BCN. G-AOJK will be a welcome addition! Adam.
  14. The freeware Tiger Moth for XP11 was lacking a pilot, but some kind soul created a "pimped up" mod that added one - plus a few reflections tweaks. All these were taken around RAF Kemble, Gloucestershire: What an amazing little aircraft. We're so lucky to have such good renditions of it in XP11 and P3D. Adam.
  15. Justflight announced a raft of updates recently, so I thought I'd better test them out - all taken near RAF Valley, ORBX WALES (not TE): Adam.
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