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  1. Thanks to all that helped (about the install locations) - and especially to @ozboater. I think that's well and truly answered my question ... very reassuring! As a test, I made the MS Store location change and then added/installed an innocuous app (Spotify) from Microsoft Store. It went to the new location fine . So ... all good to go ... now to check my bank balance!!!
  2. A request for some more information (!!) If you're not allowed to say anything because of NDA restrictions, please say so! I'm going to buy FS2020 - and am considering pre-ordering. However - I'm fairly limited on my storage options, so need a little help/advice. I have two questions: 1) Default install location I've read all sorts of confusing posts about changing the default MS Store location. I like to keep my system/C drive as lean as possible, so is installing FS2020 to a different drive (other than C) feasible? Any "gotchas"? 2) Addon scenery location Any ideas as to whether addon scenery can be installed/used from outside the main sim location and symlinked to (as we can with P3D/Orbx)? Let's say FS2020 is on D (ie. not on C) and we store additional scenery on E. Possible, would you think? Adam.
  3. Thanks! Already seen, digested and drooled over!! I hope the sim-Gods throw in Milford Sound at some stage!! Adam.
  4. He's worried about posting a direct link to a page that may either break the terms of his NDA agreement with MS (if he has one) or worried that Orbx may have some sort of objection. Orbx (quite rightly) aren't too happy about people posting links here to scenery products from competitors. Some of the scenery for MS2020 isn't default to the "basic" package, so could be construed as competing (I guess). I think he's implying that there may be an incentive to pre-ordering MS2020 by way of some free/bonus material being unlocked when the sim is finally released ... but precisely what content may be unlocked is unclear - or it will simply be a surprise (on the day). That's good marketing and good news - as I always wondered what the advantage to pre-ordering was - as there didn't seem to be any. Adam.
  5. Just ActiveSky beta. Not a total solution just yet (as it's still in beta). If you're not using live weather, then the textures often visibly repeat. Live sessions seem to fare much better! Don't worry - I can just about cope with a Ukelele! I've worked out a fairly simple/elegant solution, which I'll post on NZFsim. Renault and I will shepherd you through it!
  6. I only know half as much as @renault - who's been the one encouraging my XP tweaking with his extensive LUT knowledge! The more I play with the beta the more I like it. Converesely, the more I [have to] fiddle with P3Dv5 the more I wish I'd stuck to 4.5!! Thanks for all the nice comments, folks! Adam.
  7. Nah!!! I don't think there's any discount offered for pre-ordering (is there?) so I'll wait for MS 2020 HF3 !!! Anyway - unless I buy another SSD, there's no more room left on my system for *three* sims. I suspect P3D might just get the boot! Thanks for all the nice comments, folks! Adam.
  8. Just messing around with the freeware Hawker Sea Fury. XP11.50b15 and Orbx TEGBS: Adam.
  9. I'm really enjoying the new beta (XP11.50b15). Vulkan seems to be able to cope well with a variety of weather and lighting conditions. The following pics were all taken over my usual test area (when not in NZ!!): Gloucestershire - Orbx TEGB (South). The first aircraft I ever flew in: Aiming for the Severn Estuary: En-route to the Channel Islands: The lighting for these pics was set up using Reshade and LUT tables - many thanks to @renault for all his help and patience . For anyone interested in the procedure, I've started documenting my experiments here: https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/xp11-shader-tweaks/ Adam.
  10. I hate choppers () ... but it's hard not to love that last shot in particular!
  11. At the risk of derailing my own thread, I'll have to chime in and say I like what I see in b15. It easily outperforms my P3Dv5 (and looks much better, IMHO)! I too wouldn't be surprised if the beta cycle comes to an end shortly. Does Laminar do Release Candidates - or do they just roll out the update? Adam.
  12. Monthly here ... and I don't seem to get the phone authentication prompt. Maybe I've never enabled that option <?> ... I didn't even know it was there ;-) However - the months seem to fly by (no pun intended LOL) all too quickly and I keep forgetting my password as well. Yes ... I have to look it up each time, so I just pasted it into the name of the Orbx Central desktop shortcut - and lasso/copy/paste it each time. Totally insecure and all that, but... Adam.
  13. From what I could gather, I think there were some bugs with VR which I don't use) ... but there may have been something else ...
  14. Too early to say ... I haven't even read the changelog yet!!! I've not had any problems with either b13 or b14 ... and no problems so far with b15. Looks gorgeous! Adam.
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