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  1. Wow! You certainly are churning out some incredible shots these days - and this little bunch is no exception!! #1 and #3 get the "extra special" vote from me! Adam.
  2. Great to see Narvik featured again ... and that #2 shot is especially gorgeous! Adam.
  3. Super way of convalescing!!! Welcome back! Adam.
  4. Another worthy beauty to add to the superb catalogue of winners! Adam.
  5. Sorry to hear you've been unwell - but great to hear you're on the mend, Iain - and take it easy!!! Adam.
  6. Superb shots! Reminds me... I really must revisit Kern Valley! Adam.
  7. I'll get in there quick, before O&D does .... I made the same mistake on the F-100 ... it's a Super Sabre. You (and I) were probably thinking of the F-105 Thunderchief <??>. Unless, of course, you mean the aerobatic team "Thunderbirds"! In any case - it's a great plane - and some fine shots of it!! Adam.
  8. You're quite right of course. Well spotted, Batman! The F-100 is a bit of an oddball - I think I prefer all the others in the F-xxx range! Thanks for all the great comments, folks! Adam.
  9. A trick of the light - the canopy was closed but it appears invisible for some reason! I should have opened it, though - it was bloomin' hot! I must admit I prefer the MkV or MkIX to the early Spits. The spinners look better as well. Thanks for all the nice comments, folks! Adam.
  10. The Milviz F-100D (Thunderchief) in P3D and ORBX SCA. Adam.
  11. I grabbed the ORBX freeware Monument Valley (for P3D and XP11) and gave the Silver Spitfire a reprise: Here's the A2A MkIIa version in P3D: Over to XP11 and a freeware Spit + livery: and finally ... the Flying Iron (payware) version: The "real" Silver" ... Hey, Kemosabe ... I put super-glue on your saddle! Adam.
  12. Just a few oddballs as I work my way through tweaking a new set of Tomatoshade presets (hopefully imminent) for P3D: YMUI (in winter, would you believe!): Now some *real* winter at Lake Tahoe: Meanwhile - back down in San Diego, winter looks like this: Adam.
  13. Hahaha! We forget just how ugly "default/native" still is in some parts of the world. When MSFS first came out, I don't think anyone at Microsoft even knew where New Zealand was! Anyway ... here a couple more in my 777 re-visit! Southern Alps (but in New Zealand!): Adam.
  14. But wait ... ORBX has only been going 8 years!!! Sorry ... my idea of a joke! Well done, Iain - think of all the pleasure you've given us over 11 years with all those wonderful pics! Adam.
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