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  1. Nice!!! And your #2 is way better than mine! Adam.
  2. #2 for a screencomp entry ... errrm ... hold that thought Adam.
  3. I always enjoy your formation shots (and your repaints of course!!) ... as my system is too old to run any formations. Great stuff! Adam.
  4. Great to see you posting here again! I hope you're keeping safe and well. Adam.
  5. I'll need to go find them, but someone else here posted some of these first ("tight fit" ... familiar?). It wasn't until I had a startup at Barton that I realised that was the location. Amazing, the detail of some of these (often undiscovered) interiors! Thanks for the nice comments, folks! Adam.
  6. I'd totally forgotten that XP has a really useful AI function. The Stinson gave me quite a surprise when I was stooging around doing a photo op! All pics around and about Duxford. Adam.
  7. Early morning at Manchester Barton (EGCB) - XP11 with the freeware Khamsin T-6: Adam.
  8. Thankee kindly, Sir! I listened to the [classic] novel in audiobook format a while ago. Beautifully written - and very moving. I dug out an old B&W film version of it, but it was very stilted by comparison. Though I grew up in Leeds, many of my early holidays were in North Wales. Hearing the Welsh accent even today still tugs at my heartstrings. From my 30's onwards, I lived in a stunning (green) valley in Gloucestershire after which I moved here to NZ - which appears to stay green all the year round (no frosts up here in Auckland) ... so you can see why all my screenshots end up on the green side LOL! I hardly need to add which political party I subscribe to!
  9. I grew up near Leeds-Bradford airport (Yeadon, then) and was taken to air displays there from a very young age. They always had a fair few military aircraft (Lightnings, Hunters, Vulcans etc.) doing pretty spectacular stuff - as things were quite unregulated back then. After that, I was quite active in the school Air Cadets, in the days when lots of money was lavished on the spotty kids (in case they might *just* want to join the RAF). Almost nobody did, but we sure had a great time. I got a free gliding course+certificate out of it, two of my friends got full PPLs. There was no obligation to actually sign up. Long story short ... I got to see (and fly in) many RAF aircraft - long before I ever set foot in a commercial plane. In fact, the very first flight of my life was in a D.H. Chipmunk! Aaah ... those were the days! Adam.
  10. Most certainly! Sadly available for free for a mere 24 hrs :-(( You have to admire what the devs can do with photoreal and clever mapping/blending. It's a joy to fly over. Green it is!!! Mind you, I tend to restrict all my TE flying to the summer months - so everything ought to be fairly lush! Not like in NZ, where it can get quite brown! Thanks for the comments, folks! Adam.
  11. Here's the G91 again - on a miltary exercise from RAF Valley (Orbx Wales): North Wales is stunning! Adam.
  12. Yes - I grabbed it pretty quickly [luckily] - but I didn't realise it was a 24-hr limit. I presumed it was like the A2A offering. Check your PMs! The liveries (and the PBR versions) may still available from their website - in the "support" section, I think. Adam.
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