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  1. Gasp! Are there no Hunters in XP (freeware or payware)? Such a classic! Thank for all the nice comments, chaps! Adam.
  2. Three generations of Hawker aircraft - all over TEGB South (P3Dv4): Adam.
  3. Lovely!!! Can't wait to see this appear in your D/L list! Adam.
  4. Wow! Excellent shots of an excellent repaint!! Is this for the Vertigo Studios model? Adam.
  5. +1 .... congratulations, Iain! Adam.
  6. Woweee!!!! And it's Polish too!!! Yay! Thanks for the heads-up! Adam.
  7. I think the new/current liveries actually look more dated than this BOAC beauty! Thanks for the nice comments, folks! Adam.
  8. Out of memory (ding, ding, ding!!) ... slideshow frame-rates and then CTD on arrival!!! I have a slow/ancient system - that can just about cope with TEGB with some careful tweaking - so I thought I'd go for broke and load up the most resources hungry aircraft I have! I didn't get an OOM, but did get a CTD when I approached Cardiff - not helped, I think by frequently toggling between VC and exterior views (a known no-no) to take pics Adam.
  9. Amazingly, I managed to get this mega PMDG add-on to work in TEGB/P3Dv4 ... with a little help from Simstarter (!). Adam.
  10. Another old classic! Great shots too! Adam.
  11. I spent nearly 20 yrs in a little Gloucestershire valley - with all the bonuses that small communities have. Unusually (for "Brits") people there were extremely unreserved and oh-so-talkative. People talked on the buses, on the train, in the street, all the way through films in cinemas - and performers at live music gigs would often stop and tell the audience to SHADDAP! . I loved it. New Zealand is a gorgeous place, but I've been stuck in Auckland ... a *city* ... and have been itching to experience the "wops" for ages! As to the Avro 621 - it deserves a freeware Oscar: it really is one of the very best. Adam.
  12. I know that feeling!! It nearly had me ditching P3D (and all the add-ons I have) in favour of XP11. I blame Iain for that ... posting all his amazing shots! I wish I could tell you exactly where they were - I was too busy staring out of the cockpit to look at a map! It was sort of half-way up Wales and a bit towards the coast. Just look for the odd "hilly bits" . Thanks for the nice feedback, folks! Adam.
  13. I have a relatively ancient and hugely underpowered system (just like me!!) so the larger cities (especially London) are a bit of a no-no for me. In the countryside, however, you can ramp the settings back up and feast your eyes. All of these are around Wales: I ended up buying the commercial version of Simstarter so I could easily flip between TEGB and non-TEGB sessions - as P3Dv4 (in its current incarnation) really struggles with the sheer load of autogen, so sliders have to be notched back a little. I don't think it's a fault of TEGB per-se - more a limitation of legacy coding in P3D. With a properly optimised system plus some prudent settings (and If you steer clear of the major cities) there really is a LOT to enjoy! Adam.
  14. Before leaving for NZ (nearly 20 yrs ago now!), this beautiful valley was my home: just east of Stroud, Gloucestershire ... called "The Golden Valley" due to its stunning autumn colouring. Chalford is almost alpine in nature and as steep as many villages in the south of France. Aston Down, where I used to go gliding, is now (finally!) modelled in P3D - thanks to TEGB ... It's a shame TEGB does neither Cotswold stone nor autumn - but at least it's summer all the year round, which is how I like to remember it! Adam.
  15. TIF files can't be displayed in browsers - so the only option users have is to download the image then view it in whatever desktop app they have. BMP files work in browsers and are uncompressed/full quality, so they can end up fairly large and take a while to preview. I find the best solution to take a TIF file at the largest resolution you can then use a desktop app to scale the image down and save as JPG, keeping an eye on compression ration/quality. Adam.
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