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  1. Definitely some shader tweaks! I use Yuri's (payware) xVision then throw FlyAGI (freeware) at it - which gives me better haze control. Adam.
  2. Har har ...'cos I deleted it ... along with all the choppers ("in" joke, folks - sorry)! Adam.
  3. I think I've probably ploughed through every BoB book out there, but "Wing Leader" was probably my first - and is still one of my favourites. I may have to dig it out again ... if I can find it!!! Adam.
  4. ... and it's a real beauty! ... https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/24652/x-plane-11-stearman-spirit-of-artemis-v10/
  5. I might just have to drop in (gotta grass strip or a big lawn?)! You sure do live in a great part of the world! Thanks for the nice comments, chaps! Adam.
  6. [Cue FX Mungo Jerry] ... Well ... it's winter here in NZ and it's pretty yuk at the moment, so I have to keep zapping over to the UK for a sunshine fix! The freeware XP11 Stearman over Gloucestershire - TEGB South: Adam.
  7. Hard to believe this is from a sim!!! Flying Iron Spitfire MkIX over Kent - TEGB South. Adam.
  8. On its record-breaking round-the-world tour, the Silver Spitfire drops by Mt Rainier ... Adam.
  9. I may be a bit late to the party, but having finished re-jigging my SSD drives, I finally managed to free up the required 207Gb to install TE Washington. Wow - it was worth the effort!! ORBX really have pulled out the stops on this one - it's a massive piece of work, with so much to enjoy. 91,875 square miles to explore - here's just a start: Congratulations to the team - it's a work of art! Adam.
  10. Absolutely stunning - your pics just get better and better! Adam,
  11. Thanks for the nice comments, chaps!!! Adam.
  12. Hey - that pic looks just like my studio (most days)!! Har, har! I'm looking forward to more ORBX AU stuff for XP11! Thanks for the nice comments, folks! Adam.
  13. Thanks for the compliments, chaps! Scotland certainly is a treat! Adam.
  14. The hauntingly beautiful Avro Vulcan over Scotland - XP11 TEGB: I should just leave it at that, but there were so many photo opportunities not to be missed! Taken whilst working on a new XVision preset: Adam XV 126_01.  Adam.
  15. Not much to choose from in Oceania for XP, but YBRM looks good! Taken whilst working on a new XVision preset: Adam XV 126_01.  Adam.
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