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  1. I think I may need to somehow disable the Asobo objects for EGNT. Would this be an easy thing for me to do?
  2. This sometimes occurs with new releases. This is with the latest EGNT release and a fully up-to-date MSFS. Windsocks at both ends of the runway are affected (efault MSFS shows only one at each). I hope it's an easy fix! Adam.
  3. Here are some shots of EGNT that I promised. Many thanks to Orbx for the generous prize - and, of course, to all the voters that gave me the chance to own this great airport These are all MSFS 2020: Lastly ... on my way to Leeds/Bradford ... my other northern Orbx airport! Thanks once again to all! Adam.
  4. Thanks for all the thanks, folks!!! Ed has kindly enabled EGNT (Newcastle Airport) for me - so look out for some Geordie eye candy very soon!!! Adam.
  5. Wow!!! Thanks to Iain for the leg-work, to everyone that entered and to all that voted for me. Screenshots (either taking them or viewing them) is my favourite pastime on any sim, so this is great news. Looking forward to posting more!
  6. My vote goes to EagleSkinner and his Wycombe Park winter antics!
  7. ... and my vote goes to ydelta's London City lightning flash! Adam.
  8. Thanks, Iain - I didn't think it was the MB as it was missing its usual wingtip tanks LOL! Hmmm ... (checks account balance online ...).
  9. I'm going to make you work hard for your "thank yous" LOL ... but they *are* stunning shots!!! Always a delight ... you have "the eye"! BTW - I can't place that aircraft (gorgeous as it is) ... what is it? I'm hoping it's freeware but I'll bet it isn't. Adam.
  10. Hahaha - I take that as a challenge LOL!!!! I might add that I've been entering the comp fairly religiously for around 10yrs (I think) - I've been using Orbx since they started up - and only won the comp once. There's some pretty stiff competition out there - and it's always a treat to view the entries. I may be a bit "old school" in my compositions, so I'm always delighted to see some new "tricks". I particularly enjoy the "how the hell did he do that?" feeling!! Thanks to all for the encouragement. This daft old fart needs all he can get! Adam.
  11. I suddenly realised it was nearly the end of the month - and I hadn't organised a screencomp shot yet! After a mad flurry, I came up with one - and the usual "rejects" - usually because they show precious little Orbx scenery. All taken at EGNM in MSFS 2020. And my favourite (inadmissible) shot: Adam.
  12. Here's mine (you've got mail!) ... a misty winter's morning at Leeds/Bradford in MSFS 2020: Adam.
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