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  1. Absolute stunner of a shot ... well done! Adam.
  2. Hmmm ...skies seem too blue to me - and still way too much magenta (which creates the purple effect). I'm wondering whether the develop has his monitor set up correctly <?>. Thanks for posting, though - let's hope they get there in the end!!! Adam.
  3. Nice pics!!! I must take a look at that JARS Airbus! Adam.
  4. Great pics indeed! It's going cheap at the moment, folks - check the VS website!
  5. I must admit I had to do a bit of a double-take myself! Away from built up areas (where I think autogen and POIs give the game away) these photoreal areas really do look convincing. There are so many "snappable" areas to look at and enjoy! Thanks for the comments, chaps!
  6. I couldn't "fly" without pedals. Not that they help me *that* much. I still can't take off in the DCS Spitfire (or A2A Mustang in P3D, for that matter)! Thanks for the complimentary comments, folks!
  7. I see you caught upon my other posts! Yes - it's the old Aerosoft XP10 ATR72. It never really was a study sim, apparently - and many of the click spots or switches in the VC don't do anything - but it flies well and looks damn' good from the outside, so I'm happy with it. It's such an elegant aircraft IMHO and I much prefer it to the Dash-8.
  8. I know I've blitzed this forum with New Zealand, but TEGB Wales never disappoints ... it really is superb! Adam.
  9. Ah but Grasshopper .. you get such amazing views without that wing in the way! TEGB Wales (WOW!!) ... Adam.
  10. Here you go, Jack - made with a mixture of ASCA, REX/TD and REX/EF. All around the ORBX NZWR area: Adam.
  11. One of my favourite aircraft in FSX was the Flight1 ATR. I tried hard to persuade it to work in P3Dv4 but gave up. Carenado have just released the ATR42 for P3D, but I think I'm going more down the XP11 route, so I'm trying not to invest in new add-ons for P3D. After a little research, I decided that the old Aerosoft ATR72 for XP10 may work in XP11 - worth a try anyway! As luck would have it, it more or less works - with oddities happening in the VC (semi-functional FMS etc.) but the external model looks quite good - and it appears to fly well. So ... here are some pics from a test flight around Goodwood to Southampton - TEGB South: Adam.
  12. I'll do you some sky shots, Jack. I don't use ENVTEX, but I do use the old REX/TD and ASCA. Thanks for the nice comments, chaps! Adam.
  13. I've absolutely no idea!!! Makes no sense to me at all! Thanks for the nice comments, folks - glad you liked the pics! Adam.
  14. Here's the final set from my TomatoShade preset tests. WACO near KSAN (NCA): QW BAe146 over Scotland FTX ENG: And finally ... the Carenado Saab 350 over Rangitoto, NZNI: For the TomatoShade tweakers out there, the preset can be found here: Adam TS 29_01 Adam.
  15. Just testing a new TomatoShade preset (29_01). Here's the ATS/Sibwings Antonov, near Picton, NZSI: The TomatoShade preset can be found here: Adam TS 29_01 Adam.
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