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  1. Is this a livery for the new PBR model? It looks like it might be - but it may just be some clever stuff from you! Adam.
  2. Cracking shots, Jack!!! How does the new 737 compare with the old NGX? As to your skies ... you might be able to improve things (without PTA etc.) by simply installing a different sky theme in ActiveSky (or whatever you use). Adam.
  3. Hi Martyn - you might want to grab this: It's my repaint of the one still flying in NZ - and what a beauty it is too!!! https://www.nzfsim.org/liveries-repaints/military/ ... or a direct link: https://www.nzfsim.org/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=928 Adam.
  4. As ever, Nick has beaten me to it! Just to confirm that his suggestion works perfectly Adam.
  5. +1 ...superb!!! Great lighting and colouring. Adam.
  6. Back to XP11 and ORBX Courchevel ... tieman68 has added a pilot to his super little Bellanca Crusair (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/55924-bellanca-cruisair-senior-14-13-2/). Adam.
  7. I just left it at default, as there appears to be a bit of a debate as to whether it does anything [at all] in P3D or XP11. Maybe I'll test it with some extreme values and see what happens. Adam.
  8. I took advantage of the A2A Thanksgiving sale to catch up/update a couple of my old FSX aircraft to P3Dv4. Also, I revised my nVidia sharpening settings: 0.56. but I may take it back to 0.50 (or even lower) as these images still look a tiny bit over-sharpened to me. Where better to experiment but ORBX NZNI/NZWR? That's Great Barrier Island in the background: Coming in to NZWR: I'm not a great fan of the P-51D but the A2A model is superb: I hope the mods will allow a little leeway here. I couldn't resist seeing how the sharpening affected water (as it's the last one in the series, I can always remove it): Adam.
  9. They look more like miniature Do-228s to me LOL! Adam.
  10. Just some leftovers from my previous posts: The Do-228 near the river Severn. It's a quirky little plane, but I like it! I have a sneaky suspicion I've already posted this one (daft old fart that I am)! ATR near Leeds: Back to Gloucestershire in a PA-34 Seneca: WUPS! I've mis-filed this Washington one! Adam.
  11. Yes - I *do* occasionally fly jetliners! Here we are testing out xVision over the stunning TE Washington: Up, up and away ... My favourite: Adam.
  12. Just messing with my old xVision preset after the XP 11.40 update, I came across this little curiosity. First of all - one of the most bizarre Cold War bombers produced: the Handley Page Victor - seen here over the green and pleasant land that is TEGB: Sat on the runway, just going through the checklists, I happened to look up ... and .... ... now that's what I call a bird strike!!! Must be the radiation ... or Russky-trained seagulls! Adam.
  13. That first shot is a corker! I totally agree. I also occasionally stumble across old screenshots of mine and realise that we haven't actually got that much further down the road. No question about XP11, but I sometimes think even P3D struggles to maintain the quality of FSX. XP11 has such superb lighting. If only that could fix that water!!!! Adam.
  14. I think you're right. My Win7 was the Pro version and my Win10 system ended up being Pro as well. I'd consider calling mine an "update" whereas yours would be an "upgrade". Having said that - it's possible that you could update to Win10 Home and then upgrade it from Home to Pro. It may be a cheaper option, but I wonder if it leaves your Windows in a bit of a hybrid state. As the OS i the basis for anything and everything you do on a system, I'd want to be confident that it's all as it should be - with as little legacy junk as possible.
  15. I spent an hour Googling and trying to "fix" the invisible pilot. Some sources indicated that it may be a problem with X-Camera ... but no ... I think the pilot is missing in the model. Other than that - it's a great piece of work. The VC and exterior look pretty good. Adam.
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