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  1. This the one? A fine shot indeed! I just pasted the link itself (from my email notification) then hit return. The actual URL is below. https://i.imgur.com/lZOKgoL.jpg Adam.
  2. Just a couple from my last XP11.50 session! Can't get enough of the Tornado ... A bit of an oddity this one. I got a glimpse of a restored P-39 here in Auckland but don't remember it looking quite so "dumpy"! Adam.
  3. Yes - I agree. I think it's the eyepoint adaptation thing that's overdone. Full-blown sunshine is good, as are morning/evening or hazy shots - but sometimes these daylight hours appear over-contrasty (and way too blue). However - the Reshade functions in Geforce Experience give you a way of correcting that on the fly. I's not quite as functional as full/standalone Reshade (in other sims) but basic colour and contrast correction can be done. Milford Sound in MSFS is a total disaster. It was the first location I checked! Hint, hint ... Orbx!!! My HD crapped out
  4. Here are my first shots of a recently acquired LOWI for MSFS: No apologies for the rego! Adam.
  5. I'm delighted to report that the update has activated the ground services. Well done, team!
  6. Hahaha! Very good! I'm with you on "Oh Well". I saw Peter Green a few times when he was with the original Fleetwood Mac (and also with John Mayall) ... there really was no-one then (and since) that had his touch. His gentle understated riffs seem to echo his personality. If you've never heard it before, check out his beautiful background solo on John Mayall's "First Time Alone". Adam.
  7. For the utter clarity of detail (and lighting) ... it has to be renault's #3
  8. Thanks! I'm running with every slider maxed out (as per usual LOL!). To be honest, I don't even monitor the framerates. I suspect it's around 30 around the airports, but it's all pretty smooth. I sometimes dive into developer mode to see what's going on, but I'm not really that bothered if the sim performs well. BTW: my specs are in my signature.
  9. I must admit the seasonal effects are amazing! Full marks for doing the correct response! ! Thanks to all for the nice comments! Adam.
  10. I must admit it's all too easy too easy to flout this rule. There's so much new stuff in MSFS that it's impossible to keep hitting the screen-save key. There wasn't that much Orbx scenery for MSFS 2020 at first, but that's quickly been rectified now ... there's even some Orbx freeware out there! No excuse, chaps!
  11. Hehe ... thanks ... now I'm off back to XP11-land, if you know what I mean! Adam.
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