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  1. What's the big round yellow thing in the sky ? Not a common sight in these parts Beautiful shots though, you chaps are getting the hang of this PBR malarkey
  2. I think you did an excellent job with Leeds city centre with the patch 1.1 version, nobody expects every last building to be modelled but it's a very good representation of the city and OrbX went way beyond just what was posted in the feedback thread. Glad to see we're getting the Lancaster bomber factory in there too. Better crank up the crosswind speed in XP11.
  3. Have they included the drop off area that costs three quid for five minutes? That would be too realistic. Anyway, really pleased to see this one incoming, we have been short of a proper pro version of this airport, you've just made my day
  4. As one of the 0.28%, I've bought every OrbX AFS2 product. I fly mostly helicopters and the quality of the AFS2 physics is right up there with XP11 and DCS. Flying the R22 round any one of the OrbX sceneries is to me one of the great joys of flight simming and I genuinely don't understand people who choose not to use it because of what it doesn't do rather than enjoying the heck out of it for what it does do amazingly well.
  5. Can anyone give a quick comparison between the AFS2 version and the XP11 version? Are they broadly the same or has this version had more love applied over the AFS2 one? Once the 40% discount goes, it will be a more considered decision for sceneries like this, but it does look great in those shots.
  6. As I fly mostly helicopters, I'm also one of those who spend 99% of my time below 2000'. My main reason for using OrbX scenery is because of how good it looks low down. I'd prefer the better detail version.
  7. The sharpen filter in photoshop sharpens the whole image, creating many artifacts as it goes, but the unsharp mask just sharpens the edges between changes in colour or tone and leaves smoother areas alone. It enhances detail without spoiling the more subtle parts of the image.
  8. Those images do look good. What were reflections set to for those screenshots I wonder? I'd be curious to see what the framerate in XP was when those shots were captured.
  9. Is there a time limit on editing posts in this forum? Anyway, just to update the above, I went back to XP11 today and it is running better for no discernible reason, mid 30s in VR with objects on max and effects on medium. Actually fairly pleasant experience where last night it was choppy and uncomfortable. So there is performance in there to unlock. Obviously mid 30s in VR ain't great, but it's doable and it does look very nice out the window.
  10. I don't use P3D, but XP11 is struggling. With every slider on minimum I was getting 35ish fps in the Reverb, increasing the settings to generally medium, it goes to 20fps. Now with the rift this was just about acceptable, as ASW made it bearable. I have the WMR motion smoothing on, but I'm not sure how well it works at such low framerates. It's a shame as XP11 is my overall favourite, but these older game engines are being left behind; I get 30% cpu usage , 30% gpu and 20 fps. The software just can't make the most of the potential of current hardware. I need to do some more testing as I might be able to tweak it for acceptable performance, but I'd say oculus software/ASW has the edge in the old game engines. On the Reverb DCS does ok, IL2 is fine, so is Project CARS 2.
  11. Just spent Saturday evening with my new Reverb and I can confirm this is 100% accurate. Framerate is smooth, detail is much better both in the cockpit and in the landscape. Even things like the figures OrbX put in the airport scenery look better. All that detail has been in the scenery all along, but we are just now able to appreciate it with the new gen headsets this year. I don't know if there is any possibility of a deal with OrbX down the line, but the Flyinside Flight Sim is also excellent on the Reverb, but its biggest drawback is scenery at this early stage. What they need is someone who is really good at making add on scenery...
  12. I've just got my hands on a Reverb, and TE Netherlands in AFS2 is stunning. You can finally see the quality of the modelling and textures. TE GB for AFS2 is going to be a landmark release in fight simming history with the Rift S and the Reverb in the wild, and all the others coming out this year with the higher res panels. TEGB+VR in X-Plane is still very much a struggle in comparison, but in AFS2 it's running smooth as you like with TE.
  13. Just had my first opportunity to have a look at the new version of TE Central, and I just wanted to say what an excellent job the team have done. Leeds in particular has been totally transformed into something that looks like, well, Leeds. The work the team have done on this is very much appreciated and will bring much enjoyment to many people I'm sure, so thanks once again and keep up the amazing work
  14. It will be great to appreciate TE South at a decent framerate, really looking forward to this one. Is it possible/practical to port the OrbX airports to FS2 like you have for XP11 or would that not yet be a good return on the time involved?
  15. Once all the newer VR headsets are out it should be a boost for AFS2 as it will probably be the only one with decent framerates. Hold your nerve OrbX
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