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  1. Just a little request for the tennis fans if this might be considered for an update at some point. In TEGB, the 'All England Lawn Tennis Club', i.e. Wimbledon, is quite carefully modelled. Here it is in XP11, but in MSFS, it hasn't had much love, so it looks like this in the second and third shots. As it is already modelled, I would like to request that it is added to the London City pack at some point in the future, thanks.
  2. I flew over London this morning in the sim and it was breath-taking, the Orbx objects elevate the scenery to an impressive level, much nicer IMO than the photogrammetry cities. One thing I noticed was that the Wimbledon Tennis area was all flat ortho with a tiny bit of autogen for the centre court stadium. I'm sure in XP11 with TEGB South we had the whole Wimbledon complex modelled, so I'm wondering if there might be plans to include it in an update. I know it's coming out of London a bit, and you have to draw the line somewhere, but I would class Wimbledon as a London landmark.
  3. I'm on the flight path a few miles south east of the airport, on Saturday we were having that bizarre English weather when one minute it's sunny, the next there's a massive black cloud. Round about noon yesterday there were several massive downpours that came out of nowhere and the skies went black just like your screenshot. Uncanny
  4. Honestly the pack is well worth the money. Just remember everyone on the internet has been locked up for five months and has gone insane. Don't listen to them
  5. I can assure you that at midday today that's exactly what it was like out of the window. That is honestly quite amazing.
  6. Do you honestly think that overall, default London looks better than adding the city pack to the sim?
  7. Great feedback from OP, nice one. I'd agree about the cars on the area by the main entrance, I must have my traffic set a bit higher than the OP, his shots #3 & 4 above show some random cars, but mine is much more like a used car lot. Is there a screenshot function in MSFS at all?
  8. If Orbx could sort out the extortionate parking fees, dirty toilets and the depressing Arrivals area that would be very much appreciated, thanks
  9. I think the best first fix would be to remove the parts that are already in the sim, such as Tower Bridge, the Shard and the Houses of Parliament. They are perfectly fine and don't even need replacing.
  10. Most people on these forums have been here a while, and perhaps aren't so worried about the scenery, because Orbx have a decent reputation for patching and improving things with service packs etc. I guess one issue will be, that for a whole new bunch of people, this will be the first time they have come across Orbx, so as much as anything, it's a great opportunity to make a good first impression with a whole new customer base. Default London in MSFS is pretty limited, so I'm pleased that they are here to step in, and it's very kind of them to release my local airport first, so I'm pleased
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