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  1. Lots of freeware helipads popping up now for MSFS, looks like the H135 has started the demand for this. Technically it's clearly possible, it would be great if Orbx could add a bit of helipad love to their scenery packs.
  2. Looking good for a v0.1, can't wait to have proper helicopter support in the sim, all that fancy scenery is wasted at 30000'
  3. Just tested the updated landmarks pack and I think they've done a very good job blending the default scenery with the custom stuff. There are still some photogrammetry skyscrapers that stick out, but on the whole it's pretty seamless between Orbx and the Asobo stuff. I'd say one of the biggest problems are photogrammetry cranes, of which there are plenty in London, they translate really clumsily into the scenery. I don't know how hard it would be to delete these and replace with a 3D model, but it would make a big difference. Overall, a great addon to the sim that makes a significan
  4. There's nothing to touch photogrammetry when it comes to giving real living atmosphere to a city, but in every city I've flown in the sim the hero buildings all look the worse for it compared to the general city sprawl. Sometimes the custom buildings stick out clumsily such as St Paul's cathedral. The holy grail would be a seamless mix of photogrammetry and custom where the custom blends invisibly. That would improve performance too as the photo buildings clearly have far too many unnecessary polygons, hence the melted look. The default shard building blends pretty well I think, and I rea
  5. Absolutely top tip - I was struggling with the Seattle scenery; Orbx Central had updated the pack but it was still terrible with distortion and objects missing. I tried this and it fixed my issues.
  6. I've just done a delete of the rolling cache, turned photogrammetry off and on again and reloaded default London, which now looks significantly better than it did 24hrs ago. It still looks a bit shabby and dirty (hey, it's London) but the post nuclear holocaust look is very much improved. There is talk on the MSFS forums about getting poor quality photogrammetry data due to overloaded servers, which is then cached on your own PC so it keeps looking bad, and this seems to have some truth to it.
  7. I can't find the exact figure, but aren't there something like 1500 custom 3D POIs in the three TE GB sceneries? That would make a nice add on pack, no need for ground textures or autogen, just all those nice towers, castles and cathedrals and wotnot. That would make a lot of UK flyers very happy I'm sure.
  8. Out of interest, is the new Barton Airport in this update using some of the Orbx version? The basic airport looks quite similar to my X-Plane version, but much of the surrounding scenery that was in the Orbx XP11 Barton is missing.
  9. Default London with photogrammetry looks like the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust to me, just looks like crumbling concrete as far as the eye can see. I think it was far better before the update just using Orbx London. Photogrammetry (at least Bing's version) isn't quite ready for this sort of use yet. Looking forward to getting the London scenery pack back in my sim.
  10. London city is currently 30% off in the ingame store (along with the other UK Orbx stuff), so Asobo aren't intending to kill it off just yet. I'm sure it will be edited to give a 'best of both worlds' package
  11. As of today London city causes a crash for me, as does Leeds, but Seattle and London landmarks are ok. Came here looking for answers and fortunately found them
  12. It's a good scenery pack - default Sidney is just a jumble of generic autogen with an opera house dumped in the middle. Orbx Sidney is a living city full of interesting character, well worth the money
  13. I like that answer, it's very much like 'it depends', which is pretty much always the right answer. Interesting discussion, enjoying reading these replies
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