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  1. It will be interesting to see how the azure AI deals with the more obscure areas that we might fly over. I'm thinking about the level of detail and sheer amount of work that OrbX put into TEGB, so that all those hundreds of points of interest got the hand made treatment. That makes a tremendous difference to how recognisable city centres or landmarks are. Lots of us gave feedback on this forum about POIs in TEGB, and OrbX did a really good job with the patches that they released. Leeds for instance went from an unrecognisable generic area of autogen into a really faithful depiction of all the major buildings. Add that to the Leeds Bradford airport pack, and we are really well catered for in an area that doesn't have the global glamour of Seattle/San Francisco/NYC etc It seems a big leap of the imagination to see those less well known areas getting sufficient level of detail just through the AI/satellite imagery process. I don't know how clever robots are these days to do all this stuff. MSFS2020 looks like a really impressive project, and god knows it's about time flight sims made proper use of our hardware, but I see it living alongside the other sims and I still see plenty of life in the XP11-OrbX world for some time to come.
  2. Quick question, is there anywhere to land a helicopter in Seattle? I just installed TE Washington after removing the DD Seattle city scenery, which I think had a couple of helipads in the city, but I can't find anything to land on. Anything that looks vaguely flat on the tops of the buildings is the usual X-Plane 'made from air' structures and I sink straight through. Thanks for any insight chaps.
  3. I don't know how many here have used Google Earth in VR, but those artefacts/blocky trees are how those kind of shapes are rendered by the AI that processes the 3D shapes. You see them all over if you go down to street level and I guess the new AI algorithms in FS20 will start to recognise where the trees are and adjust the image accordingly. Flying around in Google Earth in VR at anything 500' or higher is more striking than any of the current flight sims in my opinion: the level of detail far exceeds the best of what last generation tech can achieve. The only thing missing is flight physics, which takes a lot less processing power than a lot of people think compared to the overall burden of presenting the environment and the graphical detail in current sims. I can't see how FS20 will be anything other than a shot in the arm for flight sims because if the user base is broadened that puts more cash into the business and you can do better things. I can see that we will have the usual simX is more realistic than simY wars, just like iRacing vs Assetto Corsa vs rFactor vs Project CARS etc just because that's how the internet is. However if flight simming can be brought out of its current niche then many people and companies stand to benefit. In my opinion. There is clearly a lot of interest from more mainstream gamers and people who are interested in simulation gaming, so bring it on and welcome the renewed interest in our hobby.
  4. I agree that it looks amazing, but to me all we're seeing is a modern graphics engine finally applied to the job of running a flight sim. All the CPU and GPU power we have in our PCs is just not used efficiently in the majority of current sims because they are all using very old code at the heart. The Flyinside sim has got streaming scenery working already from a tiny dev team and have produced impressive results. Just think what a giant like MS are capable of once they put their minds to it.
  5. Nice one, we're on the flightpath to the south of the airport, all the Jet2 flights come in over our house. The OrbX team very kindly put our house in just the right spot in TE Central, which was nice
  6. Downloaded and installed this last night and had a quick 20min flight in the new Huey. Very well done scenery this one, it really feels alive. The PBR lighting effects on the runway really add to the atmosphere and there is plenty of movement in the airport and surrounding environment. Very happy with EGNM, good job chaps.
  7. What's the big round yellow thing in the sky ? Not a common sight in these parts Beautiful shots though, you chaps are getting the hang of this PBR malarkey
  8. I think you did an excellent job with Leeds city centre with the patch 1.1 version, nobody expects every last building to be modelled but it's a very good representation of the city and OrbX went way beyond just what was posted in the feedback thread. Glad to see we're getting the Lancaster bomber factory in there too. Better crank up the crosswind speed in XP11.
  9. Have they included the drop off area that costs three quid for five minutes? That would be too realistic. Anyway, really pleased to see this one incoming, we have been short of a proper pro version of this airport, you've just made my day
  10. As one of the 0.28%, I've bought every OrbX AFS2 product. I fly mostly helicopters and the quality of the AFS2 physics is right up there with XP11 and DCS. Flying the R22 round any one of the OrbX sceneries is to me one of the great joys of flight simming and I genuinely don't understand people who choose not to use it because of what it doesn't do rather than enjoying the heck out of it for what it does do amazingly well.
  11. Can anyone give a quick comparison between the AFS2 version and the XP11 version? Are they broadly the same or has this version had more love applied over the AFS2 one? Once the 40% discount goes, it will be a more considered decision for sceneries like this, but it does look great in those shots.
  12. As I fly mostly helicopters, I'm also one of those who spend 99% of my time below 2000'. My main reason for using OrbX scenery is because of how good it looks low down. I'd prefer the better detail version.
  13. The sharpen filter in photoshop sharpens the whole image, creating many artifacts as it goes, but the unsharp mask just sharpens the edges between changes in colour or tone and leaves smoother areas alone. It enhances detail without spoiling the more subtle parts of the image.
  14. Can anyone tell me which files or folders need to be deleted/disabled to get the Seattle airport playing nicely with TE Washington please? Or is it a question of just editing the scenery file?
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